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I BLESS God, my soul; thou, LORD, alone

Possessest empire without bounds,
With honor thou art crown'd, thy throne

Eternal majesty surrounds,
2 With light thou dost thyself enrobe,

And glory for a garment take;
Heaven's curtains stretch beyond the globe,

Thy canopy of state to make.
3 God builds on liquid air, and forms

His palace chambers in the skies;
The clouds his chariots are, and storms

The swift-wing'd steeds with which he flies.
4 As bright as flame, as swift as wind,

His ministers heaven's palace fill;
They have their sundry tasks assign'd,

All prompt to do their sovereign's will.
5 In praising God while he prolongs

My breath, I will that breath employ;
And join devotion to my songs,
Sincere, as in him is my joy.

1 How various, LORD, thy works are found,

For which thy wisdom we adore!
The earth is with thy treasure crown'd,

'Till nature's hand can grasp no more,
2 All creatures, both of sea and land,

In sense of common want agree;
All wait on thy dispensing hand,

And have their daily alms from thee,
3 They gather what thy stores disperse,

Without their trouble to provide ;
Thou op'st thy hand, the universe,

The craving world, is all supplied.
4 Thou for a moment hid'st thy face,

The num'rous ranks of creatures mourn ;
Thou tak’st their breath, all nature's race

Decay, and to their dust return.

L. M.

5 Again thou send'st thy spirit forth,

Inspiring vital energies;
Nature's restored; replenish'd earth,

Joyous, her new creation sees.
6 Thus through successive ages stands

Firm fix'd thy providential care;
Pleased with the work of thine own hands,
Thou dost the waste of time repair.

PSALM 84. II. 3.

From the civ. Psalm of David. 1 HOW manifold thy works, O LORD,

In wisdom, power, and goodness wrought!
The earth is with thy riches stored,

And ocean with thy wonders fraught:
Unfathom'd caves beneath the deep

For thee their hidden treasures keep. 2 By thee alone the living live,

Hide but thy face, their comforts fly;
They gather what thy seasons give,

Take thou away their breath, they die;
But send again thy spirit forth,

And life renews the gladden'd earth. 3 Joy in his works JEHOVAH takes,

Yet to destruction they return;
He looks upon the earth, it quakes,

Touches the mountains, and they burn:
But God for ever is the same;
Glory to his eternal Name!

PSALM 85. C. M.

From the cv. Psalm of David.
1 O RENDER thanks, and bless the Lord,

Invoke his sacred Name;
Acquaint the nations with his deeds,

His matchless deeds proclaim. 2 Sing to his praise in lofty hymns,

His wondrous works rehearse;
Make them the theme of your discourse,

And subject of your verse.
3 Rejoice in his almighty Name,

Alone to be adored ;
And let their hearts o'erflow with joy

That humbly seek the LORD.
4 Seek ye the LORD, his saving strength

Devoutly still implore;
And, where he's ever present, seek

His face for ever more.
5 The wonders that his hands have wrought

Keep thankfully in mind;
The righteous statutes of his mouth,

And laws to us assign'd,

PSALM 86. L. M.

From the cvi. Psalm of David.
1 O RENDER thanks to God above,

The fountain of eternal love;
Whose mercy firm through ages past

Has stood, and shall for ever last.
2 Who can his mighty deeds express,

Not only vast, but numberless ?
What mortal eloquence can raise

His tribute of immortal praise ? 3 Happy are they, and only they,

Who from thy judgments never stray ;
Who know what 's right; nor only so,

But always practise what they know. 4 Extend to me that favor, LORD,

Thou to thy chosen dost afford ;
When thou return'st to set them free,

Let thy salvation visit me.
5 O may I worthy prove to see

Thy saints in full prosperity;
That I the joyful choir may join,

And count thy people's triumph mine. 6 Let Israel's God be ever bless'd,

His Name eternally confessid ;
Let all his saints, with full accord,
Sing loud Amens-praise ye the LORD!

From the cvii. Psalm of David.

PART I. III. 1. 1 MAGNIFY Jehovah's Name;

For his mercies ever sure,
From eternity the same,

To eternity endure.
2 Let his ransom'd flock rejoice,

Gather'd out of every land,
As the people of his choice,

Pluck'd from the destroyer's hand. 3 In the wilderness astray,

In the lonely waste, they roam,
Hungry, fainting by the way,

Far from refuge, shelter, home:4 To the LORD their God they cry;

He inclines a gracious ear,
Sends deliv'rance from on high,

Rescues them from all their fear : 5 Them to pleasant lands he brings,

Where the vine and olive grow; Where, from verdant hills, the springs

Through luxuriant vallies flow.


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1 Tay wondrous power, Almighty LORD,

That rules the boist'rous sea,
The bold adventurers record,

Who tempt that dang’rous way. 2 At thy command the winds arise,

And swell the tow'ring waves; While they astonish'd mount the skies,

And sink in gaping graves. 3 Dismay'd they climb the wat'ry hills,

Dismay'd they plunge again;
Each like a tott'ring drunkard reels,

And finds his courage vain. 4 Then to the LORD they raise their cries,

He hears their loud request,
He calms the fierce tempestuous skies,

And lays the floods to rest.
5 Rejoicing, they forget their fears,

They see the storm allay'd :
The wish'd-for haven now appears ;

There, let their vows be paid !
6 ó that the sons of men would praise

The goodness of the LORD!
And those who see his wondrous ways

His wondrous love record !

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i O GOD, my heart is fully bent

To magnify thy Name;
My tongue with cheerful songs of praise

Shall celebrate thy fame.
2 Awake, my lute; nor thou, my harp,

Thy warbling notes delay;
Whilst I with early hymns of joy

Prevent the dawni ay.
3 To all the list’ning tribes, O LORD,

Thy wonders I will tell,
And to those nations sing thy praise

That round about us dwell;
4 Because thy mercy's boundless height

The highest heaven transcends, And far beyond th' aspiring clouds Thy faithful truth extends.

5 Be thou, O God, exalted high

Above the starry frame;
And let the world, with one consent,
Confess thy glorious Name.

PSALM 89. II. 2.

From the cx. Psalm of David.

1 THE LORD unto my Lord thus spake :
“ 'Till I thy foes thy footstool make,

Sit thou in state at my right hand:
Supreme in Sion thou shalt be,
And all thy proud opposers see

Subjected to thy just command. 2 “Thee, in thy power's triumphant day, The willing people shall obey;

And, when thy rising beams they view, Shall all, (redeem'd from error's night) Appear more numerous and bright

Than crystal drops of morning dew." 3 The LORD hath sworn, nor sworn in vain, That, like Melchisedec's, thy reign

And priesthood shall no period see: Anointed Prince! thou, bending low, Shalt drink where darkest torrents flow, Then raise thy head in victory!

PSALM 90. L. M.

From the exi. Psalm of David.

1 PRAISE ye the LORD! our God to praise

My soul her utmost power shall raise ;
With private friends, and in the throng

Of saints, his praise shall be my song. 2 His works, for greatness though renown'd,

His wondrous works with ease are found
By those who seek for them aright,

And in the pious search delight.
3 His works are all of matchless fame,

And universal glory claim;
His truth, confirm'd through ages past,

Shall to eternal ages last.
4 By precepts he hath us enjoin'd

To keep his wondrous works in mind;
And to posterity record

That good and gracious is our LORD. 5 His bounty, like a flowing tide,

Has all his servants' wants supplied ;
And he will ever keep in mind

His cov'nant with our fathers sign'd. 6 Just are the dealings of his hands,

Immutable are his commands,
By truth and equity sustain'd,
And for eternal rules ordain'd.

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