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4 Proclaim aloud, JEHOVAH reigns, Whose power the universe sustains,

And banish'd justice will restore: Let therefore heaven new joys confess, And heavenly mirth let earth express,

Its loud applause the ocean roar, Its mute inhabitants rejoice,

And for this triumph find a voice.
5 For joy let fertile valleys sing,
The cheerful groves their tribute bring,

And tuneful harmonies awake:
Behold! in truth and justice clad,
God comes to judge the world he made,

And to himself its throne to take:
He's come, to judge the world he's come,
With justice to reward and doom.


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1 JEHOVAH reigns, let all the earth

In his just government rejoice; Let all the lands, with sacred mirth,

In his applause unite their voice. 2 Darkness and clouds of awful shade

His dazzling glory shroud in state; Judgment and righteousness are made

The habitation of his seat, 3 For thou, O God, art seated high,

Above earth's potentates enthroned; Thou, LORD, unrivall’d in the sky,

Supreme by all the gods art own'd. 4 Ye who to serve this LORD aspire,

Abhor what's ill, and truth esteem; He'll keep his servants' souls entire,

And them from wicked hands redeem. 5 For seeds are sown of glorious light,

A future harvest for the just;
And gladness for the heart that's right,

To recompense its pious trust.
6 Rejoice, ye righteous, in the LORD;

Memorials of his holiness
Deep in your faithful breasts record,

And with your thankful tongues confess.

PSALM 77. C. M.

From the xcviil. Psalm of David.
I SING to the LORD a new-made song,

Who wondrous things has done;
With his right hand and holy arm,

The conquest he has won.

2 The Lord has through th' astonish'd world

Display'd his saving might,
And made his righteous acts appear

In all the Heathen's sight.
3 Of Israel's house his love and truth

Have ever mindful been;
Wide earth's remotest parts the power

Of Israel's God have seen,
4 Let therefore earth's inhabitants

Their cheerful voices raise, And all with universal joy

Resound their Maker's praise,
5 With harp and hymn's soft melody,

Into the concert bring
The trumpet and shrill cornet's sound

Before th' Almighty King.
6 Let the loud ocean roar her joy,

With all that seas contain; The earth and her inhabitants

Join concert with the main.
7 Let floods and torrents clap their hands,

With joy their homage pay;
Let echoing vales, from hill to hill,

Redoubled shouts convey: 8 To welcome down the world's great Judge,

Who does with justice come,
And with impartial equity,

Both to reward and doom.

PSALM 78. C. M.

From the xcix. Psalm of David.
1 JEHOVAH reigns; let therefore all

The guilty nations quake:
On cherubs' wings he sits enthroned ;

Let earth's foundations shake.
2 On Sion's hill he keeps his court,

His palace makes her towers;
And thence his sovereignty extends

Supreme o’er earthly powers.
3 Let therefore all with praise address

His great and dreadful Name;
And, with his unresisted might,

His holiness proclaim.
4 For truth and justice, in his reign,

Of strength and power take place;
His judgments are with righteousness

Dispensed to Jacob's race.
5 Therefore exalt the LORD our God,

Before his footstool fall;
And, with his unresisted might,

His holiness extol.

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1 WITH one consent let all the earth

To God their cheerful voices raise;
Glad homage pay with awful mirth,

And sing before him songs of praise; 2 Convinced that he is God alone,

From whom both we and all proceed; We whom he chooses for his own,

The flock that he vouchsafes to feed. 3 O enter then his temple gate,

Thence to his courts devoutly press; And still your grateful hymns repeat,

And still his Name with praises bless. 4 For he's the LORD, supremely good,

His mercy is for ever sure;
His truth, which always firmly stood,

To endless ages shall endure.

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1 WHEN I pour out my soul in prayer,

Do thou, O LORD, attend;
To thy eternal throne of grace

Let my sad cry ascend.
2 O hide not thou thy glorious face

In times of deep distress; Incline thine ear, and, when I call,

My sorrows soon redress.
3 My days, just hast'ning to their end,

Are like an evening shade;
My beauty does, like wither'd grass,

With waning lustre fade.
4 But thine eternal state, O LORD,

No length of time shall waste; The mem'ry of thy wondrous works

From age to age shall last.

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1 The strong foundations of the earth

Of old by thee were laid;
Thy hands, O LORD, the arch of heaven

With wondrous skill have made. 2 Whilst thou for ever shalt endure,

They soon shall pass away; And, like a garment often worn,

Shall tarnish and decay, 3 Like that, when thou ordain'st their change,

To thy command they bend; But thou continu'st still the same,

Nor have thy years an end.
4 Thou to the children of thy saints

Shalt lasting quiet give;
Whose happy race, securely fix'd,

Shall in thy presence live.

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1 MY soul, inspired with sacred love,

God's holy Name for ever bless; Of all his favors mindful prove,

And still thy grateful thanks express, 2 'Tis he that all thy sins forgives,

And after sickness makes thee sound; From danger he thy life retrieves,

By him with grace and mercy crown'd. 3 He with good things thy mouth supplies,

Thy vigor eagle-like restores; He to the suff'rer promptly flies,

Who, wrong'd, his righteous help implores. 4 The LORD abounds with tender love,

And unexampled acts of grace;
His waken'd wrath doth slowly move,

His willing mercy flies apaçe.

5 God will not always harshly chide,

But with his anger quickly part;
And loves his punishments to guide

More by his love than our desert.
6 As high as heaven its arch extends

Above this little spot of clay,
So much his boundless love transcends

The small respects that we can pay.
7 As far as 't is from east to west,

So far has he our sins removed ;
Who, with a father's tender breast

Has such as fear him always loved.
8 For God, who all our frame surveys,

Considers that we are but clay;
How fresh soe'er we seem, our days

Like grass or flowers must fade away,
9 Whilst they are nipp'd with sudden blasts,

Nor can we find their former place,
God's faithful mercy ever lasts

To those that fear him, and their race. 10 This shall attend on such as still

Proceed in his appointed way;
And who not only know his will,

But to it just obedience pay. 11 The LORD, the universal King,

In heaven has fix'd his lofty throne:
To him, ye angels, praises sing,

In whose great strength his power is shown. 12 Ye that his just commands obey,

And hear and do his sacred will,
Ye hosts of his, this tribute pay,

Who still what he ordains fulfil. 13 Let every creature jointly bless

The mighty LORD; and thou, my heart,
With grateful joy thy thanks express,

And in this concert bear thy part.

PSALM 82. S. M.

From the ciii. Psalm of David. 1 O BLESS the LORD, my soul,

His grace to thee proclaim; And all that is within me, join

To bless his holy Name. 2 O bless the LORD, my soul,

His mercies bear in mind; Forget not all his benefits,

Who is to thee so kind. 3 He pardons all thy sins,

Prolongs thy feeble breath; He healeth thine infirmities,

And ransoms thee from death,

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