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7 We by thine anger are consumed,

And by thy wrath dismay'd;
Our public crimes and secret sins

Before thy sight are laid.
8 Beneath thine anger's sad effects

Our drooping days we spend;
Our unregarded years break off,

Like tales that quickly end.
9 Our term of time is seventy years,

An age that few survive:
But if, with more than common strength,

To eighty we arrive-
10 Yet then our boasted strength decays,

To sorrow turr'd and pain:
So soon the slender thread is cut,

And we no more remain.


C. M
1 But who thine anger's dread effects

Does, as he ought, revere?
And yet thy wrath does fall or rise,

As more or less we fear.
2 So teach us, LORD, th' uncertain sum

Of our short days to mind,
That to true wisdom all our hearts

May ever be inclined.
3 O to thy servants, LORD, return,

And speedily relent!
As we of our misdeeds, do thou

Of our just doom repent.
4 To satisfy and cheer our souls,

Thy early mercy send ;
That we may all our days to come

In joy and comfort spend.
5 To all thy servants, LORD, let this

Thy wondrous work be known;
And to our offspring yet unborn,

Thy glorious power be shown.
6 Let thy bright rays upon us shine,

Give thou our work success;
The glorious work we have in hand
Do thou vouchsafe to bless.

From the xci. Psalm of David.


II. 2.

1 HE that has God his guardian made,
Shall under the ALMIGHTY's shade

Secure and undisturb'd abide;
Thus to my soul of him I 'll say,
He is my fortress and my stay,

My God, in whom I will confide.


2 His tender love and watchful care
Shall free thee from the fowler's snare,

And from the noisome pestilence;
He over thee his wings shall spread,
And cover thy unguarded head;

His truth shall be thy strong defence.
3 No terrors that surprise by night
Shall thy undaunted courage fright,

Nor deadly shafts that fly by day,
Nor plague, of unknow rise, that kills
In darkness, nor infectious ills

That in the burning noon-tide slay.
4 Because, with well-placed confidence,
Thou mak'st the LORD thy sure defence,

Thy refuge, even God most high;
Therefore no ill on thee shall come,
Nor to thy heaven-protected home
Shall overwhelming plagues draw nigh.

I God shall charge his angel legions

Watch and ward o'er thee to keep;
Though thou walk through hostile regions,

Though in desert wilds thou sleep. 2 On the lion vainly roaring,

On his young, thy foot shall tread;
And, the dragon's den exploring,

Thou shalt bruise the serpent's head. 3 Since, with pure and firm affection,

Thou on God hast set thy love,
With the wings of his protection

He will shield thee from above. 4 Thou shalt call on him in trouble,

He will hearken, he will save; Here for grief reward thee double,

Crown with life beyond the grave.

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4 For through thy wondrous works, O LORD,

Thou mak'st my heart rejoice;
The thoughts of them shall make me glad,

And shout with cheerful voice.
5 How wondrous are thy works, O LORD!

How deep are thy decrees !
Whose winding tracks, in secret laid,

No careless sinner sees.
6 He little thinks, when wicked men,

Like grass, look fresh and gay,
How soon their short-lived splendor must

For ever pass away.
7 But thou, my God, art still most high;

And all thy lofty foes,
Who thought they might securely sin,

Shall be o’erwhelm'd with woes.
8 But righteous men, like rising palms,

Shall grow and flourish stiil;
Thy flock shall spread, like cedars choice

On Lebanon's high hill.
9 These, planted in the house of God,

Within his courts shall thrive;
Their vigor and their lustre both

Shall in old age revive.
10 Thus will the LORD his justice show;

And God, my strong defence,
Shall due rewards to all the world

Impartially dispense.

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1 WITH glory clad, with strength array'd,

The LORD, that o'er all nature reigns,
The world's foundation strongly laid,

And the vast fabric still sustains.
2 How surely stablish'd is thy throne!

Which shall no change or period see;
For thou, O LORD, and thou alone,

Art God from all eternity.
3 The floods, O LORD, lift up their voice,

And toss the troubled waves on high;
But God above can still their noise,

And make the angry sea comply. 4 Thy promise, LoRv, is ever sure,

And they that in thy house would dwell, That happy station to secure,

Must still in holiness excel.

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1 Bless'p is the man whom thou, O LORD,

In kindness dost chastise,
And by thy sacred rules to walk

Dost lovingly advise.
2 This man shall rest and safety find,

In seasons of distress :
Whilst God prepares a pit for those

That stubbornly transgress.
3 For God will never from his saints

His favor wholly take;
His own possession and his lot

He will not quite forsake.
4 The world shall yet confess thee just

In all that thou hast done:
And those that choose thy upright ways

Shall in those paths go on.
5 Long since had I in silence slept,

But that the LORD was near,
To stay me when I slipp'd; when sad,

My troubled heart to cheer.
6 My soul's defence is firmly placed

In God, the LORD most high: He is my rock, to which I may

For refuge always fly.

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2 Into his presence let us haste,

To thank him for his favors past;
To him address, in joyful songs,

The praise that to his Name belongs : 3 For God the LORD, enthroned in state,

Is, with unrivall'd glory, great ;
A King superior far to all

Whom gods the Heathen falsely call,
4 The depths of earth are in his hand,

Her secret wealth at his command;
The strength of hills that reach the skies

Subjected to his empire lies.
5 The rolling ocean's vast abyss

By the same sovereign right is his;
'Twas made by his almighty hand,

That form'd and fix'd the solid land.
6 O let us to his courts repair,

And bow with adoration there;
Down on our knees devoutly all

Before the LORD, our Maker, fall.
7 For he's our God, our shepherd he,

His flock and pasture-sheep are we:
O then, ye faithful flock, to-day
His warning hear, his voice obey.

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1 SING to the LORD a new-made song;
Let earth, in one assembled throng,

Her common patron's praise resound:
Sing to the LORD, and bless his name,
From day to day his praise proclaim,

Who us has with salvation crown'd: To heathen lands his fame rehearse,

His wonders to the universe.
2 He's great, and greatly to be praised;
In majesty and glory raised

Above all other deities;
For pageantry and idols all
Are they whom gods the Heathen call;

He only rules who made the skies:
With majesty and honor crown'd,

Glory and strength his throne surround.
3 Be glory then to him restored
By all who have false gods adored :

Ascribe due honor to his Name,
Peace-off'rings on his altar lay,
Before his throne your homage pay,

Which he, and he alone can claim:
To worship at his sacred court,
Let all the trembling world resort.


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