The Sporting magazine; or Monthly calendar of the transactions of the turf, the chace, and every other diversion interesting to the man of pleasure and enterprize





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第 140 頁 - TO one who has been long in city pent, 'Tis very sweet to look into the fair And open face of heaven, — to breathe a prayer Full in the smile of the blue firmament. Who is more happy, when, with heart's content, Fatigued he sinks into some pleasant lair Of wavy grass, and reads a debonair And gentle tale of love and languishment ? Returning home at evening, with an ear Catching the notes of Philomel, — an eye Watching the sailing cloudlet's bright career, He mourns that day so soon has glided...
第 210 頁 - Though sluggards deem it but a foolish chase, And marvel men should quit their easy chair, The toilsome way, and long, long league to trace, Oh ! there is sweetness in the mountain air, And life, that bloated Ease can never hope to share.
第 21 頁 - That keep me from myself; and still delay Life's instant business to a future day: That task, which as we follow, or despise, The eldest is a fool, the youngest wise; Which done, the poorest can no wants...
第 280 頁 - In town let me live, then ; in town let me die ; For in truth I can't relish the country — not I. If one must have a villa in summer to dwell, Oh, give me the sweet shady side of Pall Mall.
第 439 頁 - ... at which the King and Queen were greatly delighted. The gentleman who assumed the character of Robin Hood then desired the King and Queen, with their retinue, to enter the green wood, where, in arbours made with boughs, intermixed with flowers, they were plentifully served with venison and wine, by Robin Hood and his men. About two years after, an event happened which occasioned the epithet of evil to be added to this day of rejoicing.
第 369 頁 - A birr ! a whirr ! a salmon's on, A goodly fish ! a thumper ! Bring up, bring up the ready gaff, And if we land him, we shall quaff Another glorious bumper ! Hark ! 'tis the music of the reel, The strong, the quick, the steady ; The line darts from the active wheel, Have all things right and ready. A...
第 30 頁 - It is about a mile in length, and a quarter of a mile in breadth, but contracts at both ends.
第 330 頁 - Thus then to man the voice of Nature spake : — % ' Go, from the creatures thy instructions take : Learn from the birds what food the thickets yield ; Learn from the beasts the physic of the field: Thy arts of building from the bee receive; Learn of the mole to plough, the worm to weave ; Learn of the little nautilus to sail ; Spread the thin oar, and catch the driving gale...
第 70 頁 - If any of you know cause, or just impediment, why these two persons should not be joined together in holy Matrimony, ye are to declare it.
第 17 頁 - If my life slioulil depend on the wager, I know not which brother I'd back ; The parson, the squire, or the major — The purple, the pink, or the black." But the clergyman was the member of the triumvirate that I should have chosen to stand upon, or to have " taken against the field." Mr. Elwes, before alluded to, rode blood horses, and rode them well : what gentleman should ever mount himself on a cocktail, the very emphatic for a quadruped snob?