The New American Cyclopaedia: A Popular Dictionary of General Knowledge, 第 4 卷

George Ripley, Charles Anderson Dana
D. Appleton, 1858

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第 364 頁 - Strength and other Properties of Metals : Reports of Experiments on the Strength and other Properties of Metals for Cannon. With a Description of the Machines for testing Metals, and of the Classification of Cannon in service. By Officers of the Ordnance Department US Army. By authority of the Secretary of War. Illustrated by 25 large steel plates. In one volume, 4to. . $10.00 SULLIVAN.— Protection to Native Industry. By Sir EDWARD SULLIVAN, Baronet, author of " Ten Chapters on Social Reforms.
第 280 頁 - PROVINCE, or of the greater Part of them, or of their Delegates or Deputies...
第 280 頁 - That no person or persons whatsoever within this province, or the islands, ports, harbors, creeks, or havens thereunto belonging, professing to believe in Jesus Christ, shall from henceforth be any ways troubled, molested or discountenanced for or in respect of his or her religion nor in the free exercise thereof within this province or the islands thereunto belonging nor any way compelled to the belief or exercise of any other religion against his or her consent...
第 136 頁 - Yet read the names that know not death ; Few nobler ones than Burns are there ; And few have won a greener wreath Than that which binds his hair.
第 280 頁 - A court baron was held at the manor of St. Gabriel, on the 7th of March, 1656, by the steward of the lady of the manor, when one Martin Kirke took of the lady of the manor in full court, by delivery of the said steward, by the rod, according to the custom of the said manor, one messuage, &c., lying in the said manor, by the yearly rent of, Sec., and so the said Kirke, having done his fealty to the lady, was thereof admitted tenant.
第 130 頁 - Rochester ;" which the critic ought to read for its elegance, the philosopher for its arguments, and the saint for its piety.
第 371 頁 - CANON, a person who possesses a prebend or revenue allotted for the performance of divine service in a cathedral or collegiate church. Canons...
第 278 頁 - God, and who enjoy their lives and liberties under me, will not only be recusants themselves but infect and draw others after them. As I have said in Parliament House, I can love the person of a Papist being otherwise a good man and honestly bred, never having known any other religion ; but the person of an apostate Papist I hate.
第 404 頁 - A physical principle has been put-forth" by Prof. Draper,' which seems quite adequate to explain these phenomena. — It appears fully capable of proof, that " if two liquids communicate with one another in a capillary tube, or in a porous or parenchymatous structure, and have for that tube or structure different chemical affinities, movement will ensue ; that liquid which has the most energetic affinity will move with the greatest velocity, and may even drive the other liquid before it.
第 240 頁 - I would therefore call the special attention of Congress to the subject, and respectfully suggest the propriety of passing such a law as will prohibit, under severe penalties, the circulation in the Southern States, through the mail, of incendiary publications intended to instigate the slaves to insurrection.