Against the Grain: The New Criterion on Art and Intellect at the End of the Twentieth Century

Hilton Kramer, Roger Kimball
I.R. Dee, 1995 - 463页
Since its founding in 1982, The New Criterion has emerged as the foremost voice of critical dissent in the culture wars now raging throughout American society. This book brings together an abundant selection of the magazine's most incisive essays, sparkling examples of wit, clarity, and fierce independence that have made The New Criterion one of our most respected sources of critical opinion.
Challenging the radical orthodoxies that have disfigured contemporary intellectual debate, the essays in Against the Grain cover a wide range of controversial subjects, from the philosophy of Michel Foucault to the apocalyptic kitsch of Anselm Kiefer, from the scandals of political correctness and multiculturalism to the state of Latin American literature and politics. Samuel Lipman writes on the future of classical music; Hilton Kramer on the plight of the art museum today; Joseph Epstein on the poet C. P. Cavafy; Roger Kimball on the treason of the intellectuals; and Harvey Mansfield on the continuing significance of the original debate over the Constitution.


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AGAINST THE GRAIN: The New Criterion on Art and Intellect at the End of the Twentieth Century

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This collection of essays and reviews from the New Criterion's last six years represents both the best and the worst that ideologically charged criticism has to offer. For 12 years now, the New ... 阅读完整评价

Against the grain: The new criterion on art and intellect at the end of the twentieth century

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This second collection of essays (1989-94), culled from the pages of the New Criterion (after The New Criterion Reader: The First Five Years, Free Pr., 1987), covers a wide range of topics touching on ... 阅读完整评价


The Treason of the Intellectuals
The Culture of Classical Music Today
Has Success Spoiled the Art Museum?

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