Biographical Notices of the Portraits at Hinchingbrook

Victoria Press, 1876 - 275 頁


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第 42 頁 - I have entirely resigned you for this seven years, and according as you employ that time, you are to be happy or unhappy for ever; but I have so good an opinion of you, that I am glad to think you will never deceive me ; dear child, learn your book and be obedient, and you shall see what a father I will be to you. You shall want no pleasure while you are good, and that you may be so are my constant prayers.
第 112 頁 - Vous disiez, autrefois, que je ne mourrais que de réflexions : je tâche à n'en plus faire et à oublier, le lendemain, le jour que je vis aujourd'hui. Tout le monde me dit que j'ai moins à me plaindre du temps qu'un autre. De quelque sorte que cela soit, qui m'aurait proposé une telle vie, je me serais pendue.
第 38 頁 - If God be yet pleased to spare me longer in this world, I hope in your conversation to be exalted to that degree of piety, that the world may see how much I abhor what I so long loved, and how much I glory in repentance and in God's service. Bestow your prayers upon me, that...
第 81 頁 - Insulting rival ! never boast Thy conquest lately won ; No wonder if her heart was lost, Her senses first were gone. " From one that's under Bedlam's laws, What glory can be had ? For love of thee was not the cause, It proves that she was mad.
第 42 頁 - I hope, Charles, when you receive this, and know that I have sent this gentleman to be your...
第 39 頁 - Will) to shew a true Repentance and Amendment of life for the time to come: or else, if the Lord pleaseth to put an end to my worldly being now, that He would mercifully accept of my Death-Bed Repentance, and perform that Promise...