Biographia Literaria (Annotated)

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Differentiated book- It has a historical context with research of the time-This book contains a historical context, where past events or the study and narration of these events are examined. The historical context refers to the circumstances and incidents surrounding an event. This context is formed by everything that, in some way, influences the event when it happens. A fact is always tied to its time: that is, to its characteristics. Therefore, when analyzing events that took place tens, hundreds or thousands of years ago, it is essential to know the historical context to understand them. Otherwise, we would be analyzing and judging what happened in a totally different era with a current perspective.The literary Biography of Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834). As is known, it is a kind of literary memories, in which criticism predominates, stylistic, metric reflections, the exposition of some Hartley ideas, the characteristics of imagination and fantasy and, above all, much around Wordsworth and his poetry, especially his Lyrical Ballads, where Coleridge's presence is notable. It is not a unitary book (in any of the two senses, although its author belonged to this belief in the first part of his life), but a kind of digression that, without doubt, is centered on poetry. The work was dictated, at least in part, to John Morgan, in 1815, and published in 1817.

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