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to which the old man listened with great attention. When it was concluded-' Now -,' said she, what do you think of that?' 'Go on, jewel,' said the old man, I'll listen to a little more.' She then read the second chapter of the same Gospel, and appealed to him the second time for his opinion. 'You may read another, jewel,' said he, 'I'm not tired yet.' She then read the third chapter, and closing the book, asked him if he would advise her to stop teaching. In troth,said he, 'I would advise no such thing! but if you teach me, with God's blessing, I'll learn to read it myself.' From that day forward the old man came regularly to her house for instruction, and is now able to read a chapter himself, although when he began he knew not his letters, in his seventy-fifth year. A river lies between his house and -'s, over which the pupil has to pass, and sometimes the floods swell the river so much, and he being lame, when he comes to the edge he stands hallooing to her husband to come down and carry him across the river until he gets his lesson, which he hardly ever neglects."Quarterly Extracts Irish Society, No. 71.


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"I RETURNED from Dingle, &c. on Saturday last, and have been much gratified by all that I have seen in that district, accomplished through the instrumentality of the Irish Society. At Dingle I saw the Sunday School, consisting of about one hundred adults, I believe all of them converts, and about one hundred and forty children; the congregation in Church, about three hundred or more, and this in a place in which abont sixteen years ago, when I last visited it, there were not in all, as I then understood, above forty or fifty Protestants. There are in this place I hear about two hundred and fifty converts. Ventry I saw the congregation of converts assembled-there were about two hundred present, all of whom were originally Roman Catholics. The service was entirely in Irish-the sight was a most interesting one. The Sunday School after the


Church service, was very fully attended; I examined the head class in the Church Catechism, and although I found it difficult to make myself understood by them, in consequence of being obliged to speak principally through an interpreter, was much pleased with the answering. On Saturday we had a meeting of the teachers and Scripture readers; they were examined by the Rev. Mr. Jacob and myself on all points essential to salvation, and I was astonished at their understanding and answers; satisfied, moreover, by what passed on that occasion, that the work is not of man but of God. There are between Ventry and Donquin, the two congregations ministered to by the Rev. Mr. Moriarty, about three hundred and fifty converts. I saw the New School House at Donquin opened; it is a well planned and executed building, prepared for a School House on week-days, and a place of worship on Sundays. There were eighty converts present, only one of whom could speak any English. This is a most beautiful and interesting spot, and one in which the Lord has done much, and is doing much among the people. The new opening at Kilmelchedor is very promising. I saw the School House in progress of erection; it is on the same plan, I think, as Donquin. In one village here, consisting of sixteen houses, ten families have joined the Church of England, and I have heard that three more heads of families joined the congregation on the Lord's day that I was in the neighbourhood. I saw here also the School; twentysix children were in attendance, not one of whom spoke a word of English, but are now learning to read it. In this parish and the adjoining one, Dunurlin, there are about one hundred and fifty converts.

The openings in this district are very great, and it would appear that all that is wanted to produce a most extensive work of spiritual good in it, is instrumentality, I mean as to ministers and other teachers; the Lord seems to have prepared the minds and hearts of the people to receive his word with all readiness, and if he is pleased to raise up labourers, and send them into his vineyard, I expect to see a more wonderful manisfestation

of his grace and power amongst this interesting people. On my return home I visited Feale Bridge; there appears to be a great work going on in this place also among the people. The new School House and place of worship is well planned and executed. I examined about forty persons, converts, principally adults, in this place; the answering of some was very satisfactory, but in consequence of the difficulty of making myself understood, speaking in English, and being very much straitened as to time, I could not form a correct judgment as to the attainments of this people in knowledge of the Gospel. A residence for the minister is very much wanted in connexion with this important post. There are about one hundred converts in this place. You will lay this communication before the Committee as the result of my visit to Dingle."—Rev. Denis Browne, Santry Glebe, 29th August, 1842.



"DENMARK.--The 18th November, the Chapel of the new-built [ Roman] Catholic Church at Copenhagen caught fire. The altar with its precious ornaments, and many figures of silver and gold, [the Popish gods,] were consumed in the flames."-True Tablet, 10th December.

How degraded must the minds of these idolators be, who, like the poor ignorant Hottentots, worship that which cannot take care of itself.

"Rev. W. SIBTHORP.-The Secretary of the Colchester Tract Society, Mr. Stokes, at a meeting of that Society on the 5th instant, at Colchester, alluding to the conversion [ perversion] of Mr. Sibthorp, remarked, that the Rev. Gentleman had been his colleague as joint-secretary to that Society for some time; and told the meeting that he, (Mr. Stokes,) spoke advisedly, when he called Mr. Sibthorp an unhappy man, for he believed that HE HAD ACKNOWLEDGED HIMSELF TO BE SO."-17th December, (Correspondent.)

We do not doubt it;—and earnestly pray that GOD'S HOLY SPIRIT may bring him back to the Catholic Church, and deliver him from the bands of idolatry and superstition. Mr. S. knows too much of his BIBLE to be comfortable in the worship of a woman, the Virgin Mary.

WHOLESALE AWFUL IDOLATRY.-"On the first Sunday in Advent, a solemn mass was celebrated in the Sixtine Chapel, (Rome). After the conclusion thereof, the Holy Father, preceded by the Sacred College, carried in procession through the royal saloon to the Pauline Chapel, the blessed sacrament (a WHEATEN God) which was exposed therein to public Adoration."-Thus worshipping and adoring A PIECE OF PASTE!!!-17th December.

POPE PIUS VIII. IN PURGATORY.-" A solemn funeral service was celebrated in the Chapel of the Vatican, for the repose of the soul of Pius VIII., of glorious memory. His Holiness and his Cardinals assisted at the solemn requiem mass, which was celebrated in Pontificalibus, by Cardinal Fransoni."-Ibid.

A pretty Vicar of CHRIST to be in Purgatory!!! No doubt his sins and wickedness were exceedingly great.

POPISH MORALITY.-"The Univers is very justly indignant at the desecration of Sunday in French Churches by the workmen being kept at their work upon them during that day. In particular, it cites the Cathedral of Troyes, at which, by the orders of the municipality, and against the protest of the Bishop, the men are kept at work with trowel and mortar even to the last mass."-Ibid.

They have probably learned the Pope's Catechism, there the keeping holy the SABBATH is expunged from the Commandments.

IDOLATRY RENOUNCED. "In a recent number of the Newcastle Journal it is stated, that a hundred schoolmasters had lately abjured the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland during the last few days, and received the Sacrament according to the rites of the Church of England, at Kings-court, in Ireland."-True Tablet. 17th Dec. Popery never flourishes amongst the well-informed. It loves darkness and cannot bear the light.

ANOTHER IMPOSTOR.-" Departure of the Bishop of Gibraltar from Dublin; The right Rev. Dr. Hughes took his departure from this city last night by the mail packet, for London, with the intention of proceeding by the next packet to the Mediterranean for the scene of his Missionary labours at Gibraltar."-Freeman of Wednesday, Ibid.

The Right Rev. the Bishop of Gibraltar has reached his diocese long since. The above impostor should be taken into safe custody.

SEVEN FEMALES BURKED. "On the 11th inst. seven young women were received into the third order of St, Dominic, by the Rev. Mr. Burke, prior of the Convent in Drogheda. There are about twenty females belonging to the above order in that town."-Ibid. The police should look after this matter.

PRIESTLY SWINDLERS." The Brindle Will cause. Our readers will

recollect that a short time ago we gave extracts from a petition signed by one hundred and ninety-four members of the Roman Catholic congregation of Brindle, addressed to their bishop, requesting him to prevent confessors from MAKING THE WILLS of their penitents in their OWN FAVOUR, and to oblige the Rev. Thomas Sherburne to restore the Brindle property to the natural and legal heirs. This petition having met with no attention from the bishop, a copy of it we hear has been sent to the Pope, as the petitioners are determined to be heard."Preston Chronicle. Ibid.

We do not think the petitioners have any cause to complain, as they allow the priests to swindle them out of their SOULS. We think it very paltry to quarrel about the beggarly elements of this world.

SPECIMEN OF CATHOLIC UNITY, as it is falsely termed." Presentment of the Grand Jury at the Session of the Supreme Court of Gibraltar, held 6th December, 1842. We think it our duty to notice the deplorable state of agitation and hostility into which the Roman Catholic part of the community has been thrown for some time past, and still continues. Composed as the Grand Jury is, in part of persons not professing that religion, it is neither our province nor our desire to offer any opinion as to the merits of the case; but as our own experience carries us back to the recollection of a long period in which the greatest harmony and good-will invariably prevailed, at the same time that our daily observation enables us to perceive the great and growing evils arising from the dissensions which have lately sprung up, and which, though CONFINED to the [Roman] CATHOLIC inhabitants and their CLERGY, materially affect the peace of the whole community, we feel warranted in calling attention to the subject, in the hope that measures may be devised for the restoration of that perfect religious harmony, for which, until the commencement of these dissensions, this city was so eminently distinguished; thereby putting an end to a state of things which has already caused great mischief, and the WORSE CONSEQUENCES of which we greatly fear are yet to come."—Ibid.

POPISH ORATORIES." These oratories are a species of cupboards, with folding doors, furnished with a crucifix, pious images and pictures. They commonly surmount a chest of drawers, which latter, in case of emergency, might be used as an altar; the "Oratory" serving for what is commonly called the "Altar-piece."-Ibid.

Thus it appears that the Papists worship "Jack-in-a CUPBOARD" -("pious IMAGES and PICTURES.") Doubtless the Pope's next Pantomime will be "Religion in Sport, Adoration in Earnest”— -or the pious performance of "Jack-in-a BOX.”

THE PAPISTS ASHAMED OF THEIR RELIGION.-"One of the Hungarian Bishops, called by the Univers the Bishop of Cinq Eglises, has

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