The Works of Edmund Spenser, 第 1 卷

F. C. & J. Rivington, 1805

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第 163 頁 - Cuddie, the prayse is better, then the price, The glory eke much greater then the gayne : 20 O what an honor is it, to restraine The lust of lawlesse youth with good advice : Or pricke them forth with pleasaunce of thy vaine, Whereto thou list their trayned willes entice. Soone as thou gynst to sette thy notes in frame...
第 clxiii 頁 - There is something in Spenser that pleases one as strongly in old age as it did in one's youth. I read the Faerie Queene, when I was about twelve, with infinite delight; and I think it gave me as much, when I read it over about a year or two ago."— Spence's Anecdotes.
第 xxxi 頁 - The Hexamiter verse I graunt to be a Gentleman of an auncient house (so is many an english begger) , yet this Clyme of ours hee cannot thriue in; our speech is too craggy for him to set his plough in, hee goes twitching and hopping in our language like a man running vpon...
第 clxviii 頁 - And, I have also this truth to say of the author, that he was in his time a man generally known, and as well beloved ; for he was humble, and obliging in his behaviour ; a gentleman, a schola'r, very innocent and prudent ; and indeed his whole life was useful, quiet, and virtuous.
第 clxiv 頁 - Spenser wanted only to have read the rules of Bossu; for no man was ever born with a greater genius, or had more knowledge to support it.
第 179 頁 - The sonne of all the world is dimme and darke: The earth now lacks her wonted light, And all we dwell in deadly night: O heavie herse!
第 clxxxvii 頁 - ... heavenly touch Upon the lute doth ravish human sense ; Spenser to me, whose deep conceit is such, As passing all conceit needs no defence. Thou lov'st to hear the sweet melodious sound That Phoebus...
第 lxxiii 頁 - The nobility of the Spencers has been illustrated and enriched by the trophies of Marlborough ; but I exhort them to consider the Fairy Queen* as the most precious jewel of their coronet.
第 vi 頁 - I ever fancied mofte, and in a 4 5 o maner admired onelye in Lucian, Petrarche, Aretine, Pafquill, and all the moft delicate and fine conceited Grecians and Italians...
第 cxix 頁 - He sung th' heroic knights of Faiery-land In lines so elegant, of such command, That had the Thracian played but half so well, He had not left Eurydice in Hell. But ere he ended his melodious song An host of angels flew the clouds among, And rapt this swan from his attentive mates, To make him one of their associates In...