Typographia: an Historical Sketch of the Origin and Progress of the Art of Printing: With Practical Directions for Conducting Every Department in an Office: with a Description of Stereotype and Lithography. Illustrated by Engravings, Biographical Notices, and Portraits

Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy, 1825 - 939 頁
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第 200 頁 - Thou hast most traitorously corrupted the youth of the realm in erecting a grammar school : and whereas, before, our forefathers had no other books but the score and the tally, thou hast caused printing to be used, and, contrary to the king, his crown and dignity, thou hast built a paper-mill.
第 479 頁 - Whoever thinks a faultless piece to see, Thinks what ne'er was, nor is, nor e'er shall be, In every work regard the writer's end, Since none can compass more than they intend; And if the means be just, the conduct true, Applause, in spite of trivial faults, is due.
第 239 頁 - ... all contemporary authors agree in ascribing to Mary the utmost beauty of countenance and elegance of shape of which the human form is capable. Her hair was black, though, according to the fashion of that age, she frequently wore borrowed locks, and of different colours.
第 922 頁 - Geo. 4. c. 9. s. 1. all pamphlets and papers containing any public news, intelligence, or occurrences, or any remarks or observations thereon, or upon any matter in church or state, printed in any part of the united kingdom for sale, and published periodically, or in parts or numbers, at intervals not exceeding twenty-six days between the publication of any two such pamphlets or papers, parts, or numbers...
第 179 頁 - Any statute, act, ordinance, provision, proclamation, or restraint, heretofore had, made, published, ordained, or provided, or any other thing, cause, or matter whatsoever, to the contrary thereof in any wise notwithstanding. In Witness whereof we have caused these our letters to be made patent : Witness Ourself, at Westminster, the fourth day of March, in the three and thirtieth year of our reign, Annoque Domini one thousand six hundred and eighty-one.
第 240 頁 - No man, says Brantome, ever beheld her person without admiration and love, or will read her history without sorrow.
第 921 頁 - Misdemeanours, or to be banished from the United Kingdom, and all other parts of his Majesty's Dominions, for such term of years as the Court in which such conviction shall take place shall order.
第 79 頁 - I have practysed and lerned at my grete charge and dispense to ordeyne this said book in prynte after the maner and forme as ye may here see, and is not wreton with penne and ynke, as other bokes ben...
第 920 頁 - Leaf of every Paper or Book which shall consist of more than One Leaf, in legible Characters, his or her Name and usual Place of Abode or...
第 240 頁 - I give to the master and keepers or wardens and commonalty of the mystery or art of a stationer of the city of London...