An Essay in a Course of Lectures on Abstracts of Title: To Facilitate the Study, and the Application of the First Principles, and General Rules of the Laws of Property; Stating in Detail, the Duty of Solicitors in Preparing, &c., and of Counsel Advising, on Abstacts of Title, 第 2 卷

W. Clarke, 1818

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第 175 頁 - That no person or persons shall, after the passing of this Act, by any deed or deeds, surrender or surrenders, will, codicil or otherwise howsoever, settle or dispose of any real or personal property, so and in such manner that the rents, issues, profits or produce thereof shall be wholly or partially accumulated...
第 248 頁 - For instance, suppose a feoffment had been made to A. and his heirs, to the use of B. and his heirs, to the use of C. and his heirs ; the doctrine was that the use to C.
第 381 頁 - But it is said, that Courts of Equity are not within the Statutes of Limitations. This is true in one respect. They are not within the words of the statutes, because the words apply to particular legal remedies ; but they are within the spirit and meaning of the statutes, and have been always so considered.
第 248 頁 - B and his heirs, by one entire clause, or to B and his heirs, to the use of B and his heirs...
第 424 頁 - The lineal descendants, in infinitum, of any person deceased shall represent their ancestor; that is, shall .stand in the same place as the person himself would have done had he been living.
第 176 頁 - ... the rents, issues, profits and produce of such property so directed to be accumulated, shall, so long as the same shall be directed to be accumulated contrary to the provisions of this Act, go to and be received by such person or persons as would have been entitled thereto if such accumulation had not been directed.
第 200 頁 - But having regard to strangers, who were not parties or privies thereunto, lest by a voluntary surrender they may receive prejudice touching any right or interest they had before the surrender, the estate surrendered hath in consideration of law a continuance (1).
第 176 頁 - Settler, or Devisor, or any Child or Children of any Person taking any Interest under any such Conveyance, Settlement, or Devise, or to any Direction touching the Produce of Timber or Wood upon any Lands or Tenements, but that all such Provisions and Directions shall and may be made and given as if this Act had not passed.
第 369 頁 - There are certain principles on which courts of equity act, which are very well settled. The cases which occur are various, but they are decided on fixed principles ; courts of equity have, in this respect, no more discretionary power than courts of law. They decide new cases as they arise, by the principles on which former cases have been decided, and may thus illustrate or enlarge the operation of those principles ; but the principles are as fixed and certain as the principles on which the courts...
第 152 頁 - It is an established rule that an executory devise is good, if it must necessarily happen within a life or lives in being, and twenty-one years, and the fraction of another year, allowing for the time of gestation.