The Journal of political economy, 第 31 卷

University of Chicago Press, 1923

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第 270 頁 - States, the amount of any such taxes paid or accrued during the taxable year to any possession of the United States ; and (3) ALIEN RESIDENT OF UNITED STATES. — In the case of an alien resident of the United States, the amount of any such taxes paid or accrued during the taxable year...
第 65 頁 - Generally all Matters of a merely local or private Nature in the Province...
第 269 頁 - II of this title shall be credited with: (1) In the case of a citizen of the United States the amount of any income, war-profits and excess-profits taxes paid or accrued during the taxable year to any foreign country or to any possession of the United States...
第 382 頁 - All contracts and concessions made by former governments from and after the year 1876 which shall have resulted in the monopoly of lands, waters and natural resources of the Nation by a single individual or corporation, are declared subject to revision, -and the Executive is authorized to declare those null and void which seriously prejudice the public interest.
第 306 頁 - No conduct has such an absolute privilege as to justify all possible schemes of which it may be a part. The most innocent and constitutionally protected of acts and omissions may be made a step in a criminal plot, and if it is a step in a plot neither its innocence nor the Constitution is sufficient to prevent the punishment of the plot by law.
第 388 頁 - The conditions of the, loan seem to us to touch very nearly the administrative independence of China itself, and this administration does not feel that it ought, even by implication, to be a party to those conditions.
第 619 頁 - In a sense, knowledge is the only instrument of production that is not subject to diminishing returns.
第 22 頁 - In fixing minimum rates under this section, the agricultural wages board shall, so far as practicable, secure for able-bodied men wages which, in the opinion of the board, are adequate to promote efficiency and to enable a man in an ordinary case to maintain himself and his family in accordance with such standard of comfort as may be reasonable in relation to the nature of his occupation.
第 312 頁 - B, composed of persons who, at the time the papers are sent in, are undergraduates of any American college.
第 850 頁 - The feature of this statute which, perhaps more than any other, puts upon it the stamp of invalidity is that it exacts from the employer an arbitrary payment for a purpose and upon a basis having no causal connection with his business, or the contract or the work the employee engages to do.