Antiquities Explained: Being a Collection of Figured Gems Illustrated by Similar Descriptions Taken from the Classics, 第 1 卷

James Bettenham, 1737 - 188 頁
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第 16 頁 - Hermes obeys ; with golden pinions binds His flying feet, and mounts the western winds : And, whether o'er the seas or earth he flies, With rapid force they bear him down the skies. But first he grasps within his awful hand The mark of...
第 153 頁 - Nor plied the grass, nor bent the tender grain; And when along the level seas they flew, Scarce on the surface curl'd the briny dew. Such Erichthonius was: from him there came The sacred Tros, of whom the Trojan name.
第 106 頁 - No sooner landed, in his den they found The triple porter of the Stygian sound, Grim Cerberus, who soon began to rear His crested snakes, and arm'd his bristling hair.
第 176 頁 - Galon of Ale at our Buttrye. Item, at after Supper, a Chete loff and a Maunchet at our Panatrye barr ; a Gallon of Ale at our Buttrye barr; and half a Galon of Wyne at our Seller Barr.
第 182 頁 - In haftc they feiz'd him, and in hafte they bound ; Eager, for both had been deluded long With fruitlefs hope of his...
第 64 頁 - Sweet negligence ! by artful study wrought, A graceful error, and a lovely fault. The judgment of the glass is here unknown ; Here mirrors are supply'd by every stone.
第 154 頁 - So shall thy suppliant, strengthen'd from above, Fearless pursue the journey mark'd by Jove." Jove heard his prayer, and from the throne on high Despatch'd his bird, celestial augury! The swift^wing'd chaser of the feather'd game, And known to gods by Percnos
第 39 頁 - And am at laft by my own Arts betray'd. Erring like them, with Appetite deprav'd, This Hour, by thee, I have a Son conceiv'd ; Whom hid beneath my Zone, I muft conceal, 'Till Time his being and my Shame reveal.
第 150 頁 - Where, all his Hours are paft in circling Joy, Which Age can ne'er decay, nor Death deftroy. Now, when this Embafly the King receives, No more for abfent Ganymede he grieves; The pleafing News his aged Heart revives, And with Delight his Swift-heel'd Steeds he drives.