Charlemont: Or, The Pride of the Village. A Tale of Kentucky

Belford, Clarke, 1885 - 447 頁


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第 297 頁 - Their port was more than human as they stood: I took it for a faery vision Of some gay creatures of the element, That in the colors of the rainbow live, And play in the plighted clouds.
第 10 頁 - While others, relying on their own partial vision, are full of groundless terrors and alarms — —hesitating, faltering, staggering, bewildered — he is far in advance, and still making perceptible way; having but one only rule for his guidance : to turn neither to the right hand nor to the left, but to press «ver forwards towards the prize of his high calling in Christ Jesus.
第 270 頁 - Shame! shame! you bloody-minded man," she cried, "to slaughter your own son, your only son to come behind him and knock him down with a club as if he had been an inhuman ox! You are no husband of mine. He shan't own you for a father. If I had the pick, I'd choose a thousand fathers for him, from here to Massassippi, sooner than you.
第 337 頁 - Love! in such a wilderness as this, Where transport and security entwine, Here is the empire of thy perfect bliss, And here thou art a god indeed divine.
第 8 頁 - ... The reflections which will be most likely to arise from the perusal of such a history, lead us to a consideration of the social characteristics of the time and region, and to a consideration of the facility with which access to society is afforded by the manners and habits of our forest population. It is in all newly-settled countries, as among the rustic population of most nations, that the absence of the compensative resources of wealth leads to a singular and unreserved freedom among the people.
第 430 頁 - ... in Tennessee; for I watched with an hawk's eye for him. Now, our design, when we attempted to lure Col. Sharp to Retirement, was for Miss Cooke, with her own hand, to shoot him. I did not like that. But she was inflexible; and I had learned her to fire my pistols, she had practiced with them, till she could place a ball, with an accuracy, which, were it universally equaled, by our modern duelists, would render the practice of dueling, much more fatal than it is frequently seen to be of late....
第 242 頁 - ... distant plain, — much as I love these spots upon which our ancestors have been bred and born ; yet it shall not be said that I have been the cause of the ruin of our tribe. I am, therefore, for immediate departure: delay now would be dangerous. In two more days we shall be visited by the Pasha's troops, who will take from us hostages, and then here shall we be fixed, and here will ruin overwhelm us. Let us go, my children ; God is great and merciful.
第 292 頁 - ... to be our bane ; while the hardship and suffering, whose approach we deprecate in sackcloth and ashes, may come with healing on their wings, and afford us a dearer blessing than any ever yet depicted in the loom of a sanguine and brilliant imagination. We are, after all, humbling as this fact may be to our clamorous vanity, only so many agents and instruments, blind, and scuffling vainly in our blindness, in the perpetual law of progress. As a soul never dies, so it is never useless or unemployed....
第 11 頁 - strong-minded women," even more certainly than when the portrait was first taken, the identity of the sketch with its original will be sure of recognition. Her character and career will illustrate most .of the mistakes which are made by that ambitious class, among the gentler sex, who are now seeking so earnestly to pass out from that province of humiliation to which the sex has been circumscribed from the first moment of recorded history. What she will gain by the motion, if successful, might...