The Maryland Medical Recorder, 第 3 卷

Horatio Gates Jameson
W. & J. Neal., 1832

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第 124 頁 - Organization, sensation, spontaneous motion, and life, exist only at the surface of the earth, and in places exposed to light. We might affirm the flame of Prometheus's torch was the expression of a philosophical truth that did not escape the ancients. Without light, nature was lifeless, inanimate, and dead. A benevolent God, by producing
第 31 頁 - the gall ducts sometimes contracted, at other times not; the appearance of the pancreas, spleen, and kidneys was various, frequently differing but little from their natural state, in other cases rather surcharged with blood; the urinary bladder almost always collapsed and empty, the uterus generally natural.
第 101 頁 - fevers, differ so extremely, that the same method which cures in the middle of the year, may possibly prove destructive at the conclusion of it; and when I had once happily fallen upon a genuine method of treating any species of
第 238 頁 - that in seven out of eight women who suckle for as long a period as the working classes in this country are in the habit of doing, there will elapse an interval of fifteen months from parturition to the commencement of the subsequent pregnancy.
第 101 頁 - till that species became extinct, and a new one arose: when I was again doubtful how to proceed, and, notwithstanding the utmost caution, could scarce ever preserve one or two of my first patients from danger, till I had thoroughly investigated the nature of the distemper, and then I proceeded in a direct and safer way to the cure.
第 196 頁 - from the Himalaya!) mountains on the north, to Cape Comorin on the south; and from Bombay and Surat on the west, to Sylhet on the east. In 1819 it broke out in the kingdom of Arracan on the east; Penang and Java on the
第 30 頁 - blood, which, when extended on a white surface, resembled the color of the darkest cherry, was found in the arch of the aorta, and in other arteries. "The appearances in' the dead bodies were not uniform, and varied according to the duration of the disease, and the
第 30 頁 - The state of the abdominal organs varied considerably.— The stomach and different parts of the intestines were frequently found to be partially, but considerably contracted; the internal surface of the stomach seemed to be little affected. A whitish or yellow fluid matter, resembling the evacuations, was
第 238 頁 - Third, That lactation has an influence on the generative function; that up to a late period in suckling, probably in this country about fifteen months, conception does not in general occur; and that hence we are warranted in regarding the secretion of milk as the CAUSE which regulates the periods of conception in mankind, as instinct operates to the same
第 374 頁 - Section 1. Be it enacted and ordained by the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore, That there shall be appointed in the same manner as other city officers are appointed,