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Virgil's Works; translated, adorned with sculptures, and illustrated with annotations, by John Ogilby. Large folio. Brilliant impressions of the plates by Hollar and Lombard, and of the portrait by Faithorne. London, 1654.

Virgil's Works, translated into English verse by John Dryden. (Works, Vols. XIII. XIV. and XV.)

Virgil. The XIII. Bukes of Eneados of the famose Poete Virgill; translated out of Latyne verses into Scottish metir, bi Mayster Gawin Douglas, Bishop of Dunkel, and unkil to the Erle of Angus : every buke having hys perticular prologe. Black letter, 4to. Imprinted at London [by W. Copland], 1553.

The first English metrical version of a classic, the Scottish and English languages at this time being very similar.

Virgil, Eneis; avec une traduction en vers Français, et des remarques, par Jacques Delille. 4 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1804.

Virgilii Georgica et Bucolica; with an English translation, notes, [and life of Virgil], by John Martyn. 2 vols. 4to. London, 1741-9. Vitruvius de Architecturâ. (Architecture.)

Vopiscus Flavius. (Hist. Aug. Scriptores.)

Xenophontis Opera quæ extant, Gr. et Lat., operâ J. Leunclavii; accesserunt notæ, &c. Em. et Fr. Porti. Folio. Parisiis, 1625. Xenophontis de Socrate Commentarii; item, Socratis Apologia, Græcè. 4to. Glasguæ, Foulis, 1761.

Xenophon's Cyropædia; or, the Institution of Cyrus, translated by M. Ashley. 8vo. London, 1811.

Xenophon's Anabasis; or, the Expedition of Cyrus into Persia, and the Retreat of the Ten Thousand Greeks: with critical and historical notes by Henry Spelman. 2 vols. 8vo. Cambridge, 1776.

Xenophon's Hellenics; or, the History of the affairs of Greece, translated by W. Smith. 8vo. London, 1812.

Xenophon's Minor Works; viz. Memoires of Socrates, the Banquet, Hiero, and Economics; translated by Fielding, Welwood, Graves, and Bradley. 8vo. 8vo. London, 1813.


Brief Diary of Events, from A.D. 1221 to 1440; with a List of the Lords Mayor, continued to the 8th of Elizabeth, and of the Convents, Monasteries, Priories, and Chapelries, in London. 4to.

On vellum: the diary is in the hand of Henry the Sixth's time, and contains much curious information of minor circumstances occurring in London, not noticed by historians. On the last leaf of the diary, which is misplaced at the end of the volume, is, "Iste liber constat Rico Hedley, Clerico Come Guyhalde Civitate Londinj."

A MS. Volume, of the time of Edward IV. or Richard III., on paper, in small 4to; containing :

The Travels of Sir John Mandeville, which concludes at p. 99 thus: "I John Mandewylle, Knyt, went out of my cuntrie and passyd ye se in ye zere of of Lord M.III.C.XXX. and II., and hav passyd thorow many landys, cuntreys, and ilys, and now cum to rest me in ye zere of or Lord M.III.C. sixty and syx, or ye XXXIII. zere after my departyng from my cuntrie; for I was in travell XXXIII. zere.'


The Invencion of ye glorious Confessor Seynt Antony, the whiche Seynt Jerome, the noble doctor, compownyd, and translate owt of Grec into Latten, and out of Latten into Englysch; the whyche invencion was made by the holy Bysschop Teophile, in the tyme of Constantyne. (Pp. 100 to 118.)

Hou an Erle was brought yn thral, thorou treason and wyckednys; and other poetical tales. (Pp. 119 to 130.)

A Lamentable of Kyng Edward ye IIII.; by the Chroniciler Fabyan. (See Warton's English Poetry, Vol. III. p. 26.) This occupies pp. 131 and 2.

On the fly-leaf, in a hand of Charles the First's time, is a list of the contents, and also "out of the collect. of Lord Somers, sum E. Umfreville 1738." From Mich. Tutet's collection.

The Correspondence of Thomas Lord Dacre, Warden of the East and Middle Marches from June 3d, 1523, to August 4th, 1524; including original letters of the Earl of Surrey, Cardinal Wolsey, Earl of Northumberland, Maud Lady Parr, Sir W. Parr, Lord Compton, Earl of Shrewsbury, Sir Wm. and Sir John Heron, Sir W. Ellerker, Sir John Bulmer, Margaret Queen of Scotland, Duke of Albany, Earl of Angus, Lord Maxwell, &c. &c. and also Lord Dacre's copies of his own letters, forming together 334 curious original documents, illustrative of Border History. Contained in a case bound as a book.

From this collection, which belonged to R. Richardson, Esq. of Bierley, Hearne extracted the letters which were appended to his Chronicles of Otterburne and Wethamstede; and those there published are so marked on a chronological list contained in the case.

A Breffe Description of the Royall Citie of London, capital citie of this realme of England, wrytten by me William Smythe, citizen and haberdasher of London, 1575. A small 4to. volume of 85 leaves.

This contains a list of the Bishops of London continued to 1611; of the mayors and sheriffs, which is interspersed with remarkable occurrences, to 1633; and of the aldermen living in 1599, 1602, 5, 11, and 16; with the arms of the various corporations emblazoned, and those of the trading companies and lords mayor tricked. In Moule's Bib. Heraldica, No. 121, are noticed two MSS. of a similar description, one by an author of the same name: "Wm. Smith, Rouge Dragon, 1605."

The XII. Worshipful Companies or Misteries of London; with the armes of all of them that have bin Lord Maiors for the space of almost 300 yeares, of every company particularly also, most part of the Sheriffs and Aldermen. Anno 1605. A vol. in sm. 4to. of 50 leaves, with additions and continuations, in some places, to 1616.

Dugdale (Sir W.)-Visitation of the County of Yorke, begun anno Domini 1665 and finished 1666, by William Dugdale, Esq., Norroy King at Armes. A stout volume in folio.

Apparently the original of this Visitation, written by H. Johnston, and illustrated with the arms in trick. By the inscription on the fly-leaf preceding the title, it appears to have been intended by Sir William as a bequest to Henry St. George, his immediate successor as Norroy, and to all others holding the same office. From Sir M. M. Sykes's collection.

THE HOPKINSON MSS. In 41 vols. folio and 4to.

John Hopkinson, Esq. of Lofthouse, near Leeds, attended Sir W. Dugdale in his visitation of the county of York as his secretary. His MSS. contain many transcripts of Sir William's, with additions; and they are still farther enlarged by Mr. Thomas Wilson of Leeds, a relative of Thoresby the antiquary; and in Thoresby's Diary they are more than once alluded to. The following extract is from the MS. correspondence of Mr. Wilson to Mr. Richardson of Bierley, dated June 1753:-" I have sent you your ancestor Hopkinson's MSS. Out of respect to Mr. Hopkinson, I took a walk to Rothwell; and in the church choir, on the left hand of the door, pretty high on the wall, is a neat white marble monument, with a Latin inscription, being an encomium of his learning in history, antiquities, and heraldry."


Vol. I.-Nomina Nobilium qui seisit fuerunt de Terris et Tenementis in West Riding Comitat. Ebor. A fol. vol. of nearly 500 pages. Vol. II.—A Miscellanye, or Collection of old Evidences and other Antiquities, as Records, Decrees, Inquisitions, &c. with some other observances; with 2 indexes. J. H. 1660. A folio volume of nearly 800 pages.

Vol. III.-Collections of Arms, by Robert Glover, Somerset Herald; with additions by Mr. Hopkinson. A folio volume of upwards of 500 pages.

Vol. IV.A Collection of Coate Armors belonging to several Familyes in England, putt into alphabett. John Hopkinson, 1654. A folio of nearly 400 pages.


Vol. V. Legis Anglicanæ Epitome, methodicè digesta.
Jn. Hop-
kinson hospicii Lincoln. A folio of 1137 closely written pages.
Vol. VI.-A Collection of some Antiquityes, with several Pedigrees;
written 1660 and 61, by J. H. A folio of nearly 600 pages.
Vol. VII.-Lists of Shires and Counties in England and Wales; of
Bishopricks and their Dioceses; Justicers itinerants their circuits;
Revenues of the Principalitye of Wales, Dukedome of Corn-
wall, Earldom of Chester, and Dutchye of Lancaster; Benefices
and Spiritual Livings, and the Forests, Chases, and Parks, in
the Dutchye of Lancaster; Fees to Officers and Ministers of
Justice in England, and at Court, in King James's raigne;
Townes of Warr, Castles, and Bulwarkes, &c.; Keepers of Castles,
Houses, Forests, Chases, &c. and a Collection of Auncient Fees,
due and usually taken by the several officers of the countye of
Yorke; with a Treatise of Weights and Measures; by J. H. 1663.
A folio of upwards of 500 pages.

Vol. VIII.-Collections touching the Kings and Princes as have raigned and governed in Englande; of the Nobilitye of England since the Conquest;-Claim of Peregrine Bertie for the Stile and the Barronyes of Willoughbye and Eresbye, with the answers thereto, temp. Eliz. ;-the Quartering of Armes of the Nobilitye of England. A folio volume of about 400 pages.

Vol. IX.-A Collection of the Descents of severall of the Nobilitye and Gentrye of the Counties of Cumberland and Westmoreland; with Memorialls of some other Antiquities: transcribed out of Mr. Dugdale his last visitation in 1664 and 5, and out of other MSS. belonging Mr. Christopher Townley, and of his owne, in the yeare 1669, by J. H. of L., in Yorkshire. A folio volume of upwards of 600 pages.

Vol. X.-Genealogical Collections relative to the Nobility of England, Scotland, and Ireland. In Mr. H.'s hand. A folio volume of upwards of 500 pages.

Vol. XI.-A Collection of the Descents of severall Northerne Familyes who have beene active against the Scotts; with other Memorialls relating to them, and an Alphabetical Table of their Names. 1668. A folio volume of more than 700 pages. This contains a great deal of curious matter relative to the Border transactions, the various expeditions into Scotland, &c., including "the Accompte for the Garrison at Barwicke-upon-Tweed, for 1606," and "severall moderne battells fought betwixt the English and the Scotts, and inroads made by the English into Scotland."

Vol. XII.-Pedigrees of the Northern Gentry, by Mr. H. A folio volume of upwards of 500 pages.

Vol. XIII.-The Discipline of Warr, both of Horse and Foote, used in his Majesty's Army in the north, 1643, under the command of his Excellencye William, Earle and Marquesse of Newcastle, and Prince Regent; with the order and manner of marchinge, exercising, &c. including also Armes assessed in England from Henry II.'s time. A folio of 220 pages.

Vol. XIV. Collections relative to the Local Divisions, Degrees of States (Titles), Laws, Courts of England, Scotland, Ireland, France, the Low Countries, Spain, and Portugal, &c. That of England includes the K. Matie's offices and fees, and those of keepers of castles, &c. &c. A folio, upwards of 200 pages. Vol. XV.-Of Duells and Combates; with the proceedings therein in the Earle Marshall's Court of England: with some observations relating to appeales; written anno 1664, by J. H. A folio of 200 pages.

Vol. XVI.-Collections relative to the Titles of Lord Willoughby of Eresby, Latimer of Danby, Latimer of Brooke, Powis Baronye claimed by H. Vernon; of Barons by Tenure, Writ, and Patent; of the Revenues of Nobility; Precedence of Nobility; Nobility in reputation; Honors conferred by foreign Princes; Degrees of Gentry; Division of Lands amongst Sonnes, &c., by J. H., 1652. A folio of 500 pages.

Vol. XVII.-A Transcript or Collection of severall passages in the latter end of the raigne of Queen Elizabeth, of famous memorye, and Kynge James his raigne, out of the papers and memorialls of the late Right Hon. John Lord Saville, Baron of Pontefract,

and Edward Taylor, formerly of Furnival's Inne, Holborne, London, and my late father, all of them deceased many years since; with some others in the raigne of the late King Charles I. Collected and transcribed in 1674, by J. H. of L.; with a Defense and Vindication of Titles by Edward Bagshaw, Esq. 1646. A folio of about 600 pages.

Vol. XVIII.-Speeches in Parliament, and other Speeches, with severall Letters of concernment, being of great antiquitie; and some other Speeches and Letters relating to these late distracted tymes. Collected and written oute by J. H., anno 1660.

Among the letters are several from Roger Ascham, Queen Elizabeth, the
Duke of Norfolk, Bp. Hall, Bp. Sanderson, &c.

Vol. XIX.-Transcripts of Letters from Henry VIII., his Queens, Edward VI., Lady Jane Grey, Queen Elizabeth, Mary Queen of Scots, King James, Charles I., Pope Pius, Abps. Grindall, Whitgift, Sir W. Raleigh, Sir T. Saville, Sir R. Sadler, &c. 15131666; in Mr. H.'s hand. A folio of 300 pages.

Vol. XX.-Transcripts of Letters in the reigns of Henry VIII., Edward VI., and Queen Mary, relating more particularly to Border and local matters. Transcribed, 1677, by J. H. Α folio of 270 pages.

Vol. XXI.-Letters of Lords, and other persons of great qualitie, found in Sheffield Castle, county of Yorke, in the year 1676, and relating to the great and then flourishing familye of the Lords Talbot, Earles of Shrewsbury, 1550-1606. Transcribed out of the originalls in 1677, by J. H. A folio of 120 pages.

The letters forming the three preceding volumes appear to be unpublished, and those in the last are not contained in Mr. Lodge's selections from the Talbot Papers.

Vol. XXII.-A Collection of the Coates of Armes and Descents of severall familyes of nobilitie and gentrye of the East Rideing of Yorkshire, collected and transcribed in the yeare 1672, by J. H., of L. A folio of nearly 500 pages.

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Vol. XXIII. A similar Collection for the North Riding; collected and transcribed 1672, by J. H. A folio of nearly 600 pages. Vol. XXIV.-A Catalogue or Abstracte of the Pedigrees of severall Families of Gentrye in the counties of York, Durham, and Lincolne; with tables to find out their names, 1652, by J. Hopkinson. A folio of nearly 500 pages.

Vol. XXV.-A Collection of the Pedigrees of severall Familyes of Nobilitye and Gentrye of the countyes of Yorke, Lancaster, Lincolne, &c. 1657. J. H. A folio of nearly 600 pages.

Vol. XXVI.-An Abstracte of the Ancient Coynes, Monies, Measures, Years, &c. of the Hebrews, Grecians, and Romanes, collected of Mr. H. Bunting his Itinerary, Godwin's Jewish Antiquities, Burton's Leicestershire: and of those more moderne out of Leigh's Diatribe, Chamberlayne's Angliæ Notitia. Transcribed 1671, for my own private use. J. H. A folio of nearly 200 pages. Vol. XXVII.-A Collection of Poems; consisting of epigrams, odes, epitaphs, &c. chiefly relative to parties or transactions of the times of Elizabeth, James, and Charles I., in Mr. H.'s hand. A folio of nearly 700 pages.

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