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Void, repeat their unwearied circuits; that, to the uttermost bounds of the Universe, they may proclaim Thee the Source of the Justest order and unabating harmony. This Earth rolls round the various seasons of the year, that, in all her changes and appearances, she may speak Thee the original of all beauty; and every other creature that lives thereon, (Man, foolish man, excepted), seems to rejoice in its state and be happy, that it may pronounce Thee the Parent of all wisdom and goodness!

Shall I then, who am favoured above them all, with reason and voice articulate, mar the grand Chorus? Shall I be the only peevish string in the tuneful instrument?-Oh no!-save me, Thou Sovereign Power! Thou Universal Good! save me from such a perverse ungrateful conduct. Let not Me, Me alone, who am here so highly endowed, wander as if deaf, blind and dumb, in the midst of Thy applauding works; but may I walk forth with the morning Sun, and under the evening Sky, while my feeling Soul attends, and my consenting Heart beats unison, to the voice of Nature; for the same is Thy voice, sounding aloud in the ears of the wise.

I go on my way through life, corresponding with the general harmony, and praising Thee for all things—Praising Thee for my reasonable being, for my preservation; and above all for the light of Thy Gospel, and my Redemption through Christ Jesus. This is that astonishing plan, by which Thou hast reconciled Justice with Mercy; and while all Superior Beings, inhabiting wide through nature, make every sphere vocal in praises

Thus may

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to Thee for this act of Love, let not me, for whom the wonderful work was wrought, be the only reasonable creature that is silent about it, and that perceives nothing grand or august in it. Sooner let me forget to breathe, than forget to extol Thee for it. May I mingle in frequent worship with the hosts of Heaven, and swell their universal Anthem, adoring its depth, adoring its sublimity, adoring its riches! Often may my raptured heart break forth to Thee in strains like these

“ Bless Jehovah, O my Soul, and all that is within me bless His Holy Name! Bless Jehovah, O my “ Soul, and forget not all His benefits, who forgives “ all thine inquities, and heals all thine infirmities; “ who redeems thy life from destruction, and crowns “ thee with loving kindness and tender mercies.-" Forever bless Jehovah, O my Soul; His Name is “ excellent in all the Earth; His glory is far above " the Heavens. He, only He, is worthy to be cele “ brated with eternal praises!"

3. With regard to others, teach me an unbounded Love and Benignity of heart. Save me from that

meanest of all vices, a selfish unfeeling for the practice Soul, coiled up within its own narrow Duties respect. orb. May I consider myself as related ing others.

to that universal republic of being, whose common Parent Thou art; and, in a particular manner, feel for all my own species; weeping the lovely tear of sympathy with those that weep; and mingling the generous joys of congratulation with those that joy!

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3. Petitions

of the Social


May I consider each individual in this world as having his infirmities and wants; and let this dispose nie tenderly to bear with all, and be ever ready to alleviate the burdens of my fellow-exiles, in our common journey to the land of promise. May it be ever present in my thoughts, how many, more deserving than me, mourn around in “ deep retired distress," and drink the bitter draught of misery, while I abound and am glad ; and may this consideration induce me to do good and communicate to the utmost of my power, lest in the day of final retribution they should be comforted, while I am doomed to sorrow in my turn.

But, when I have done all in my power to relieve others, let me not think that I bave acquitted myself of all my duty towards them. May I also assist them with my advice, and intercede for them in my prayers, that thou wouldst grant them resignation and patience, till, (consistent with the just purposes of Thy moral government), Thou shalt be pleased to put an end to their troubles.

May it be the chief triumph of my Soul to see the world holy as well as happy; and especially to see the Society, to which I more immediately belong, a holy and happy one; established upon the everlasting foundations of Truth, Righteousness and Peace. For this cause, having first warmed my own heart with Thy Love, and satisfied myself of Thy eternal goodness, as I trust I have done, and that the impres. sion thereof shall never wear away, may ny benevolence prompt me to lead as many of my fellow creatures, as I can, to the same temper; striving to make

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Thee more adored, and them more in love with one
another. But may no misguided zeal, or difference
of sentiment, induce me to the least breach of
Charity, much less to the persecution of others;
especially those who profess the same general Faith,
and with whom I should live as with brethren, heirs
of the same common Salvation,

In general, save me, O my God, from all Vio-
lence, Cruelty, Hard-heartedness, Slander, Covetous-
ness, Deceit, Infidelity, Moroseness, Disobedience,
and every unsocial disposition. May the sovereign
Love of Justice, my Country, and Mankind, regulate
all my Social Conduct, and inspire me with all no-
ble sentiments and heroic virtues. Let me give
every man his due, and do to him, as I wish to be
done to by others. To my inferiors, let me be con-
descending, affable and kind; to my equals, respect-
ful, mild and engaging; to my superiors, submissive,
Jutiful and obedient; to my enemies, forbearing,
placable and forgiving; to my friends, affectionate,
sincere and faithful; and, in a word, to all mankind,
humane, just and amiably courteous, from that in-
ward sweetness and benignity of Soul, which are
the elder-born of Charity.

And now, my God! grant for Christ's sake, that I at least may spend my time in the faithful discharge of all these my duties, and whatever else may be so. And having thus done all the Good in my power, throughout the whole course of my continuance in this world; having endeavoured to improve my better part in all virtuous habits and useful knowlege in this life, to capacitate myself for happiness in the


next, may I calmly and decently take my departure from this present stage; nor let me, when I have endeavoured to act up to my character in every former scene, flag under the last.

Let me rather, O God! confront the king of terrors with Christian resolution, in the hopes of being placed with the Righteous at Thy Son's Right-hand, in that terrible Day, when He shall come in all His glory to judge the world; and in the hopes of return. ing with Him through the gates of the New Jerusalem, amidst the shouts and congratulations of all the hosts of heaven, with them to celebrate the praises of the Godhead in that endless state of unmixed Joy, which is to be the consummation of virtue and happiness!

That this may be my blessed state, I beg through the merits and mediation of the same Jesus Christ, who has taught me to aid my imperfect Petitions, by saying :

Our Father, &c.

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