Purity: A Middle English Poem

Robert James Menner
Yale University Press, 1920 - 234 頁


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第 76 頁 - In caelum conscendam, super astra Dei exaltabo solium meum, sedebo in monte testamenti in lateribus aquilonis; ascendam super altitudinem nubium, similis ero Altissimo.
第 231 頁 - Ph.D. $0.50. VIII. The Classical Mythology of Milton's English Poems. CHARLES GROSVENOR OSGOOD, Ph.D. $1.00. IX. A Guide to the Middle English Metrical Romances dealing with English and Germanic Legends, and with the Cycles of Charlemagne and of Arthur. ANNA HUNT BILLINGS, Ph.D. $1.50. X. The Earliest Lives of Dante, translated from the Italian of Giovanni Boccaccio and Lionardo Bruni Aretino. JAMES ROBINSON SMITH. $0.75. XI. A Study in Epic Development. IRENE T. MYERS, Ph.D. $1.00. XII. The Short...
第 96 頁 - And the land was not able to bear them, that they might dwell together : for their substance was great, so that they could not dwell together.
第 232 頁 - PADELFORD, Ph.D. $0.75. XVI. The Translations of Beowulf: A Critical Bibliography. CHAUNCEY B. TINKER, Ph.D. $0.75. XVII. The Alchemist, by Ben Jonson, edited with Introduction, Notes, and Glossary. CHARLES M. HATHAWAY, JR., Ph.D. $2.50. Cloth, $3.00.
第 232 頁 - The Cross in the Life and Literature of the Anglo-Saxons. WILLIAM O. STEVENS, Ph.D. $0.75. XXIV. An Index to the Old English Glosses of the Durham Hymnarium. HARVEY W. CHAPMAN. $0.75. XXV. Bartholomew Fair, by Ben Jonson, edited with Introduction, Notes, and Glossary. CARROLL STORRS ALDEN, Ph.D. $2.00. XXVI. Select Translations from Scaliger's Poetics. FREDERICK M. PADELFORD, Ph.D. $0.75. XXVII. Poetaster, by Ben Jonson, edited with Introduction, Notes, and Glossary. HERBERT S. MALLORY, Ph.D. $2.00....
第 iii 頁 - A PORTION of the expense of printing this thesis has been borne by the Modern Language Club of Yale University from funds placed at its disposal by the generosity of Mr. George E. Dimock, of Elizabeth, New Jersey, a graduate of Yale in the class of 1874.
第 230 頁 - Et ait dominus servo : Exi in vias et sepes, et compelle intrare, ut impleatur domus mea.
第 233 頁 - XLIII. A Study of Tindale's Genesis, compared with the Genesis of Coverdale and of the Authorized Version. ELIZABETH WHITTLESEY CLEAVELAND, Ph.D. $2.00. XLIV. The Presentation of Time in the Elizabethan Drama. MABLE BULAND, Ph.D. $1.50. XLV. Cynthia's Revels, or, the Fountain of Self-Love, by Ben Jonson, edited with Introduction, Notes, and Glossary.
第 231 頁 - Ph.D. $0.50. VI. A Glossary of the West Saxon Gospels, Latin-West Saxon and West Saxon-Latin. MATTIE ANSTICE HARRIS, Ph.D. $1.50. VII. Andreas: The Legend of St. Andrew, translated from the Old English, with an Introduction.
第 233 頁 - Glossary. AURELIA HENRY, Ph.D. $2.00. Cloth, $2.50. XXXII. The Syntax of the Temporal Clause in Old English Prose. ARTHUR ADAMS, Ph.D. $1.00.