Meade's Manual for students preparing for examination at Apothecaries' hall or other medical institutions


讀者評論 - 撰寫評論




第 500 頁 - In Pneumonia these sounds become changed ; there is dulness on percussion ; and in the first stage, by auscultation, minute crepitation may be heard, which has been compared to the sound produced by rubbing a lock of hair between the finger and thumb close to the ear. In the next stage the sound just described cannot be heard, for as the Inflammation proceeds, the soft and spongy character of the lung is lost...
第 135 頁 - ... of the jar. On placing the metallic rod in contact with the prime conductor of an excited electrical machine, while the outer coating communicates with the ground, the interior of the jar acquires a charge of positive electricity, and the exterior becomes as strongly negative.
第 494 頁 - The breathing is wheezing, interrupted, and laborious. The shoulders are raised, the elbows directed backwards, and every effort made to enlarge the thorax. Owing to the interrupted circulation through the lungs and heart, the countenance, which was at first pale and anxious, becomes, particularly in plethoric habits, red or bloated, and covered with perspiration. The eyes are prominent, and the conjunctiva injected. A considerable quantity of pale urine...
第 541 頁 - When the haemorrhagic discharge is so copious as to forbid the delay which this practice would occasion, the calomel should be followed in a short time by a full dose of oil of turpentine, given on the surface of milk or of some aromatic water, or of this medicine conjoined with castor oil. If this draught be thrown off the stomach, it should be repeated ; and it may be even again preceded by the calomel. Notwithstanding its usual nauseating effect, turpentine is generally retained in haematemesis,...
第 396 頁 - August, when fully ripe ; and the fruit, being freed from the shelly fragments, is placed in layers in a cask, and boiling syrup poured over it till the cask is filled : the syrup pervades every part quite down to the bottom ; and when cool the cask is headed for sale.
第 600 頁 - The second form assumes the character of a mild typhus, accompanied by intestinal irritation. It is ushered in by rigors, followed by a hot fit; and succeeded by nausea and vomiting or diarrhoea, with most offensive evacuations. The tongue, at first loaded and white, soon becomes preternaturally red, as in those affected by chronic dysentery. The skin is dry and hot, and of a dusky yellow hue ; the mind is unsettled, without being absolutely delirious ; the debility is extreme, and the limbs tremulous....
第 557 頁 - PERITONITIS. Chronic peritonitis is sometimes a sequel of the acute disease ; sometimes, on the contrary, it begins in a very obscure and insidious manner, and is attended in scrofulous subjects by a deposit of granules or tubercles external to the membrane.
第 31 頁 - The cardiac ganglion (plexus cardiacus, Haller) lies between the arch of the aorta and the bifurcation of the trachea, in close contact with the former, extending from the division of the pulmonary artery to the origin of the brachio-cephalic.
第 586 頁 - ... head symptoms, nor excessive general irritability. But on the other hand, it should not be given : 1, if the os uteri be hard and rigid ; 2, if the presentation be beyond reach ; 3, if there be a...
第 515 頁 - By imperfect pectoriloqvy is meant that form in which the voice does not seem to enter the stethoscope, but only to resound at the end. This sign cannot be relied upon when heard in the sternal half of the infraclavian and mammary regions, the axillae, and interscapular spaces. There is yet another class of sounds to be spoken of.