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Birth of Christ. Chap: ii. Wise men of the east. from Abraham to David, are ed from sleep, did as the angel fourteen generations; and from of the Lord had bidden him, David until the carrying away and took unto him his wife; into Babylon, are fourteen gen 25 And knew her not till erations; and from the carry. she had brought forth her firsting away into Babylon unto born son; and he called his Christ, are fourteen genera- name JESUS. tions. 18 | Now, the birth of Jesus

CHAP. II. Christ was on this wise; When 1 The wise men, coming to as his mother Mary was es Christ, 11 worship him, and poused d to Joseph, before they offer their presents. 14 Jocame together, she was found seph fleeth into Egypt with with child of the Holy Ghost. Jesus and Mary.

19 Then Joseph her hus NOW, when Jesus was born band, being just man, and in Beth-lehema of Judea,b in not willing to make her a pub- the days of Herod c the king, lic example, was minded to behold, there came wise men de put her away privily. from the east to Jerusalem, e

20 But while he thought on these things, behold, the angel

a Beth-lebem, called also Ephrath, of the Lord appeared unto him

or Ephratah, was a city of Judah or in a dream, saying, Joseph, rusalem. It was called the city of

Judea, six or seven miles south of Jethou son of David, fear not to David, from his being born and edutake unto thee Mary thy wife; cated there. It was also the birth for that which is conceived in place of our Saviour, as was prediccher is of the Holy Ghost.

ed, Micah v. 2. 21 And she shall bring forth

6 Judeu, an extensive, rich couna son, and thou shalt eall his try, spreading along the eastern coast

of the Mediterranean sea. It has at name JESUS; for he shall

different times been called, the Land save his people from their sins. of Canaan, the Land of Israel, Judea,

22 (New all this was done, the Land of Promise, the Holy Land, that it might be fulfilled which &c., and by the Greeks and Romans

Palestine. was spoken of the Lord by the

c This Herod was called the Great, pronhet, saying,

there being several of this name. 23 Behold, a virgin shall

Augustus Cæsar, emperor of Rome, be with child, and shall bring made him king or governor of Judea, forth a son, and they shall which at this time was reduced to a call his name EMMANUEL; Roman province. Herod was cruel which, being interpreted, is, and jealous, lest the government Ged with us.)

should pass out of his hands.

d Wise men. Heathen or Gentile 24 Then Joseph, being rais- philosophers, probably from Persia d Espoused, not married, but be

or India. trothed or engaged to be married. e Jerusalem, the capital of Judea,

Wise men

S. Matthew. worship Jesus 2 Saying, Where is he that the land of Juda, art not the is born King of the Jews ? for least among the princesl of we have seen his star f in the Juda; for out of thee shall east, s

and are come to worship come a Governor, that shall him.

rule my people Israel. 3 When Herod the king had by Then Herod, when he had heard these things he was trou- privily called the wise men, bled, h and all Jerusalem with enquired of them diligently him.

what time the star appeared. 4 And, when he had gath, 8 And he sent them to Bethered all the chief priests i and lehem, and said, Go, and search scribesj of the people together, diligently for the young child; he demanded of them where and, when ye have found him, Christ should be born.

bring me word again, that I 5 And they said unto him, may come and worship him In Beth-lehem of Judea ; for also. thus it is written by the pro 9 When they had heard the phet, k

king they departed; and lo, 6 And thou Beth-lehem, in the star, which they saw in the

east, went before them, till it of Star. Probably a meteor or lu.

came and stood over where the minous vapour. g In the east. We in the east, &c. young


was. for the wise men came from the east

10 When they saw the star, to Judea, and must have seen the they rejoiced with exceeding star in the west.

great joy. b Was troubled, lest he should lose 11 T And when they were his kingdom, and the succession of it

come into the house they saw in his own family.

the young child with Mary his i The chief priests were the leaders of the 24 orders or classes of mother, and fell down and priests. There was strictly speaking worshipped him; and, when but one chief or bigbopriest ; though they had opened their treain case of sickness or other detention sures, they presented unto him from duty, the second in order offi- gifts; gold, and frankincense, ciated, and was then sometimes called

and myrrh. bigb-priest. į Scribes. Writers and expositors of

12 Ånd being warned of God the law of Moses, (see introduction in a dream that they should page 8.) They were a corrupt set not return to Herod, they deof men, who perverted the Scriptures, parted into their own country and extolled the traditions of the ele another way. ders or ancients, above them.

13 And, when they were dek Prophets, anciently called seers, because they foresaw or foretold

fué parted, behold, the angel of ture events. They also instructed the Lord appeareth to Joseph and admonished the people, and de- in a dream, saying, arise, and nounced the judgments of God. 1 Princes. That is, chief oities.

Herod's cruelty.

Chap. iii.

John's preaching. take the young child and his 21 And he arose, and took mother, and fee into Egypt, the young child and his mother, and be thou there until I bring and came into the land of Isthee word; for Herod will seek rael. the young child to destroy him. 22 But when he heard that

14 When he arose, he took Archelaus did reign in Judea in the young

child and his mother the room of his father Herod, by night, and departed into he was afraid to go thither; notEgypt;

withstanding, being warned of 15 And was there until the God in a dream, he turned death of Hered; that it might aside into the parts of Galilee; be fulfilled which was spoken 23 And he came and dwelt of the Lord by the prophet, in a city called Nazareth; that saying, Out of Egypt have I it might be fulfilled which was called my Son.

spoken by the prophets, He 16 | Then Herod, when he shall be called a Nazarene.o saw that he was mockedm of the wise men, was exceeding

CHAP. III. wroth, and sent forth and slew 1 John preacheth ; 4 his appaall the children that were in rel, meat, and baptism. T Beth-lehem, and in all the The

fruits of repentance. 13 coasts thereof, from two years Christ baptized by John in old and under, according to Jordan. the time which he had diligent IN those days came John ly enquired of the wise men. the baptist preaching in the

17 Then was fulfilled that wilderness of Judea, which was spoken by Jeremyn 2 And saying, repent ye: the prophet, saying,

for the kingdom of heaven is 18 In Rama was there a at hand. a voice heard, lamentation, and 3 For this is he that was weeping, and great mourning, spoken of by the prophet EsaiRachel weeping for her chil- as,b saying, The voice of one dren, and would not be com- crying in the wilderness, Preforted, because they are not.

19 | But when Herod was o Nazarene, one devoted to the dead, behold, an angel of the peculiar service of God; it was also Lord appeareth in a dream to

a term of reproach among the Jews,

who would not fail to fix it on our Joseph in Egypt,

Saviour. 20 Saying, Arise, and take the young child and his moth

a Kingdom of heaven, the kingdom of er, and go into the land of Is. God, & the Gospel of the kingdom, gene

rally mean the same thing, i. e. the rael; for they are dead which Gospel dispensation, or the Christian sought the young child's life. religion, which is a spiritual kingdom m Mocked, deluded or deceived.

in the hearts of men. * Jeremy, Jeremiah the prophet. 6 Esaias, Isaiah.

John baptizes many.

S. Matthew. Christ baptized. pare ye


way of the Lord,c therefore every tree which make his paths straight.d bringeth not forth good fruit is

4 And the same John had hewn down, and cast into the his raiment of camel's hair, e fire. and a leathern girdle about his 11 I indeed baptize you loins; and his meat was locusts with water unto repentance; and wild honey.

but he that cometh after me 5 Then went out to him Je. is mightier than I, whose shoes rusalem, and all Judea, and all I am not worthy to bear; he the region round about Jordan, shall baptize you with the

6 And were baptized of him Holy Ghost, and with fire : in Jordan, confessing their sins. 12 Whose fani is in his

7. But when he saw many hand, and he will thoroughly of the Pharisees and Saddu-e purgej his floor, and gather ceesf come to his baptism, he his wheat into the garner ;k said unto them, O generation of but he will burn up the chaff vipers ! who hath warned you with'unquenchable fire. to flee from the wrath to come? 13 [Then cometh Jesus

8 Bring forth, therefore, from Galilee to Jordan unto fruits meet for repentance. g John, to be baptized of him. 9 And think not to


with 14 But John forbade him, in yourselves, We have Abra- saying, I have need to be bapham to our father; for I say tized of thee, and comest thou

That God is able of to me ? these stones to raise up chil

15 And Jesus answering, dren unto Abraham.

said unto him, Suffer it to be so 10 And now also the axe is now; for thus it becometh us laid unto the root of the trees;h to fulfil all righteousness. I

Then he suffered him. « Lord.

In the Hebrew of the Old Testament Jehovah.

16 And Jesus, when he was d Make bis paths straight. In ancient baptized, went up straightway times, when princes and sovereigns out of the water; and, lo, the journeyed, pioneers or attendants, heavens were opened unto him, went before to level and straighten and he saw the Spirit of God the way for them; so John preached descending like a dove, and repentance and reformation to pre

lighting upon

him : pare the way for the Saviour of men. & Camel's bair, a coarse cloth.

i Fan, an instrument to winnow f Pbarisees and Sadducees ; see In- grain or corn. troduction, pages 6 and 7.

j Purge or cleanse his floor; will & Let your conduce prove your entirely separate the grain from the

chaff. Tepentance sincere.

b And now the axe, &c. The Gospel k Garner. Granary, or store-house. is the last dispensation of mercy we

| Fulfil all righteousness ; perform are ever to expect. They, who neglect all the duties and ordinances of God and disobey it, must suffer all the evils according to his appointment. it denounces upon the impenitent.

unto you,

Christ tempted ;

Chap. iv.

goes to Capernaum. 17 And, lo, a voice from these things will I give thee, heaven, saying, This is my If thou wilt fall down and worbeloved Son, in whom I am ship me. well pleased.

10 Then saith Jesus unto

him, Get thee hence, Satan ; CHAP. IV.

for it is written, Thou shalt 1 Christ fasteth, is tempted, worship the Lord thy God, and

and overcometh ; 17 begin- him only shalt thou serve. neth to preach, and calleth 11 Then the devil leaveth some to be his disciples. him; and, behold, angels came

THEN was Jesus led up of and ministereda unto him. the spirit into the wilderness, 12 Now, when Jesus had to be tempted of the devil. heard that John was cast into

2 And when he had fasted prison, he departed into Galiforty days and forty nights, he fee; 6 was afterward an hungered. 13 And, leaving Nazareth,c

3 And when the tempter he came and dwelt in Capercame to him, he said, If thou naum, d which is upon the seabe the Son of God, command a Ministered unto, waited upon. that these stones be made bread. 6 Galilee, a large fertile territory

4. But he answered, and said, in the northern parts of Canaan. It is written, Man shall not

Here our Saviour and most of his live by bread alone, but by ev. he taught and wrought most of his

disciples were educated; and here ery word that proceedeth out miracles. of the mouth of God.

c Nazareth, a small city of Galilee 5 Then the devil taketh him about 70 or 75 miles north of Jeruup into the boly city,and setteth salem, and a little west of mount Tahim on a pinnacle of the temple, bor. It was noted for the wickedness

6 And saith unto him, if of its inhabitants. In this obscure city thou be the Son of God, cast of the thirty first years of his life ;

our Saviour lived and laboured most thyself down; for it is written, but when he began to preach, the He shall give his angels charge people being offended, and attemptconcerning thee; and in their ing to destroy him, by throwing him hands they shall bear thee

from the brow of a hill, he escaped

up, lest at any time thou dash thy sided little in the place.

from their hands and afterwards refoot against a stone. ✓ Jesus said unto him, It is cities of Galilee at the north end of

d Capernaun, one of the principal written again, 'Thou shalt, not lake Gennesareth, where, after leav. tempt the Lord thy God. ing Nazareth, Jesus frequently resided 8 Again the devil taketh and taught; hence it was said to be

up into an exceeding high exalted to heaven ; but from its neglimountain, and sheweth him gence in improving the instructions

of Christ, he said it should be cast all the kingdoms of the world, down to bell. The sufferings of this and the glory of them

city from the Romans, soon after, 9 And saith unto him, All were excessive.


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