Thorax, head and neck

Young J. Pentland, 1901

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第 657 頁 - Edited by Louis Starr, MD, Clinical Professor of Diseases of Children in the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania; Physician to the Children's Hospital, Philadelphia.
第 340 頁 - The inferior cervical ganglion is lodged in the interval between the transverse process of the seventh cervical vertebra and the neck of the first rib.
第 655 頁 - The Principles and Practice of Medicine, designed for the use of practitioners and students of medicine, by William Osler, MD, Fellow of the Royal Society ; Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, London; Professor of Medicine in the Johns Hopkins University and Physician-in-Chief...
第 229 頁 - The thoracic duct on the left side, and the right lymphatic duct on the right side.
第 658 頁 - THE PATHOLOGY and TREATMENT of VENEREAL DISEASES. By ROBERT W. TAYLOR, MD, Clinical Professor of Venereal Diseases at the College of Physicians and Surgeons (Columbia College) New York ; Surgeon to Bellevue Hospital ; and Consulting Surgeon to the City (Charity) Hospital, New York.
第 439 頁 - The larynx is placed in the upper and fore part of the neck, where it forms a marked projection. It lies below the hyoid bone and tongue, whilst inferiorly it is directly continuous with the trachea.
第 96 頁 - Column. immediately above also, as a rule, takes a considerable share in the formation of its socket. The articulations between the heads of the ribs and the bodies of the vertebrae are termed the capitular joints (articulationes capitulorum). But the vertebral extremities of the ribs present another series of articulations. The upper ten ribs, by means of their tubercles, rest upon and articulate with the extremities of the transverse processes of the corresponding dorsal vertebrae.
第 647 頁 - ATLAS of the DISEASES of the SKIN. By H. RADCLIFFE CROCKER, MD, FRCP, Physician to the Department for Diseases of the Skin, University College Hospital, London. In 16 Fasciculi, containing 96 plates, exhibiting 238 Figures in colours from Original Drawings specially prepared for the work, with Descriptive Letterpress. Price 21s. each nett. Or in Two large handsome Folio Volumes, Half Morocco, gilt tops. Price £18, 18s. nett. (1897.) »*» Subseribers' Names can be received for the Parts.
第 374 頁 - The rectus capitis anterior major arises from the anterior tubercles of the transverse processes of the third, fourth, fifth and sixth cervical vertebrae...
第 655 頁 - Treatise on Surgery. By American Authors. For Students and Practitioners of Surgery and Medicine. Edited by ROSWELL PARK, AM, MD, Professor of the Principles and Practice of Surgery...