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Prefermeni. Net Value. County. Diocese. Patron.
Arnold, C. A. Lango, Blackburn £125 Lanc. Chester Vicar of Blackburn
Bagge, J.

94 Glouc. Glouc. Christ Ch. Oxford Bellairs,

St. Thomas, Stockport 100 Chester Chester Rector of Stockport Birchall, J. Kirk in Whalley

S Trustees of Huline's Lanc.

Exhibition Brewster, W.. Widdington

67 Northam. Durham Lord Vernon Collyer, R. Giblebam


Suffolk Norwich The Queen Coffee, T. T.. St. Mary, Lambeth 170 Surrey Winchest. Rector of Lambeth Demainbray, F.. Bracheston

200 Warwick Warwick Bp. of Worcester Ovington with Freeland, H.. Chapel Albright, 412 Norfolk Norwich Cambridge Univ. Silbury

Sir R. Price, Bart. Freer, R. L.. Mansel Lacy

162 Hereford Heref.

of Foxby Haddon, T.C. Tunsall

48 Norfolk Norwich Bp. of Norwich Hewlett, A. Ashley

316 Stafford L. & C. T. Kennersby Hogg, T. J. Clunbury

120 Shropsh. Hereford Earl Powis Langton, A. W.. Little Fransham 283 Norfolk Norwich Rev. E. Swatman Lea, G.

Christ Ch. Birminghm. 236 Warwick Coventry L. & C. Lewis, E. S.. Southease

191 Sussex Chichest. F. W. Lewis, Esq. Maine, J. T.. Brinkhill

137 Lincoln Lincoln B. Crofts, Esq. Marsh, N. T. St. Mary's Chapel,

Warwick L. & C. Trustees Leamington Martin, G. St. Martin's, Exeter 120 Devon Exeter D. & C. of Exeter Maurice, T. Harnhill

155 Glouc. Glouc. Rev. R. Ashe Parr, J. O. Preston 665 Lanc.

Exhibition Phayre, M. Threapwood

87 Flint Chester Bp. of Chester Plucknett, P.. Horsted Keynes 342 Sussex Chichest. T. Austen, Esq. Robinson, SirG.S.Bt.Cranford, St. John's 198 Northam. Peterb. Sir G. Robinson Roberts, J. Templeton

163 Devon Exeter Sir W. T. Pole, Bt. Rose, J. Dowland

76 Devon Exeter Sir S. Nothcote Shuttleworth, E.. Penzance

158 Cornwall Exeter Corporation Turner, G. T. Monewden

265 Suffolk Norwich A. Archdeckne, Esq. Tucker, w. St. Pancras, Exeter 120 Devon Exeter D. & C. of Exeter Twiss, W. C... Eyeworth

96 Bedford Lincoln Lord Ongley Watherton, P. J. Charlton Canville 384 Somerset B. & W. Marq. of Anglesea Wigram, J. East Tisted

333 Hants Winchest.J. Scott, Esq. Williams, w.. Halkin

312 Flint St. Asaph Bp. of St. Asaph Williams, J. Trinity Ch. Sheerness Kent Rochester Trustees Wrey, J. Combinteignhead 324 Devon Exeter Sir B. P. Wrey Wrightson, Hemsworth

1064 York York W. B. Wrightson

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Chester { Trustees of Hulme's

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Bannatyne, C.
Darnell, w.
Donkin, T.
Dunningham, J.
Evans, A. B.
Freeman, J. D.
Green, E. D.
Harrison, H. R.
Kennaway, C. E.
Mayor, J.
Marsh, W. A.
Pearce, R.


Domestic Chaplain to the Duke of Argyle.
Domestic Chaplain to the Duke of Buccleugh.
Chaplain to Isle of Thanet Union.
Head Master of Colchester Grammar School.
A general Surrogate of the Archdeaconry of Leicester.
Domestic Chaplain of Lord Doneraile.
Second Master of Monmouth Free Grammar School.
Rural Dean of Newark.
Incumbent of Christ Church, Lansdowne, Cheltenham
Rural Dean of Newark.
Second Master of Heath School.
Curate of Southsea, Portsmouth.
Custos in the College of Vicars of Hereford Cathedral.

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Mast. of the Scholars' House, Wotton Underbridge, Gloc.
Domestic Chaplain to the Bishop of Bath & Wells
Professor of Theology at Wells.
Rural Dean of Corringham, Leicester.
Clerical Principal of Norwich Diocesan Training Instit.
Rural Dean of Tendering.
Rural Dean of the Northern part of Guthalaxton,
Chaplain of Langport Union Work house.
Chaplain of the Union House at Linton.
Head Master of Heath School.
Domestic Chaplain to the Earl of Huntingdon.
Inspector of Schools in the Diocese of Exeter.
Domestic Chaplain to Lord Oranmore.
Chapl. to Northern Asylum of Deaf & Dumb, Newcasile.
Rural Dean of the Western Division of Fordingbridge.



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Net Value. County. Diocese.

Orchard Portman
Steeple Fitzpaine

Somerset G. & B. E. B. Portman, Esq.
Taunton, St. Mary

383 Anglesea Bangor Bp. of Bangor North Witham 300 Lincoln Lincolo Viscount Downe St. Anne and Agnes,

with St. John, 239 MiddlesexLondon



Canterb. Abp. of Canterbury
Charlton Horethorne 384 Somerset G. & B. Mary. of Anglesea

560 Stafford L. & C. Earl of Bradford Ashburnham

307 Sussex Chichest. Earl of Ashburnham

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134 } Kent

Keith, P.
Piddle, J..
Pigot, T.
Warneford, E.



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OXFORD, At a meeting of the Delegates, ap- above-mentioned plan. Resolved also pointed to determine on the adjudication that the second premium of 501. be asof the premiums for the designs for the signed to the plans marked No. 12, and Randolph Galleries and Taylor Building, signed J. Plowman, jun. The plans holden on Tuesday last, it was resolved No. 6 are now known to have been dethat the plans marked No. 6, C. R. C., signed by Mr. Cockerell, the architect to subject to future improvements in matters the Bank; those of No. 12 are the proof detail, should be submitted for the ap- duction of Mr. Plowman, the architect of probation of Convocation, and that the this city. The whole number of plans repmium of 1001. be assigned to the originally sent in amounted to 28.


In a Convocation holden on Wednesday last, it was agreed that the sum of 1501. be paid out of the University chest to the Signor Enrico Mayer, of Florence, in consideration of that gentleman resigning into the immediate possession of the University, the collection of paintings, busts, books, &c., bequeathed by the late Rev. Robert Finch, M.A. formerly of Balliol College, instead of de. taining them, as under the terms of the will he is entitled to do, at his residence in Italy, during his life.

Mr. John Taylor, and Mr. George
Monat Keith Ellerton, Scholars, have
been appointed Exhibitioners on Mr.
Hulme's Foundation.

NEW COLLEGE. Mr. John Marsh, Scholar, has been admitted a Civilian Fellow; and, at the same time, Mr. Wm. Edmund Crawford Austin (from Winchester) was admitted a Scholar.

Rev. E.J. Pogson, Fell. of St. John's Coll.
E. E. Rushworth, Fell. of St. John's Coll,
Rev. H. Holloway, Fell. of New Coll.

M. Pattison, Fell. of Lincoln Coll.
T. J. Brown, Fell. of New Coll.
Rev. R. Stanley, Brasennose Coll.
Rev. R. W. Smith, Schol. of Jesus Coll.
F. H. Deane, Wadham Coll.
E. Sleap, Brasennose Coll.
Rev. J. Rowlandson, Queen's Coll.
Rev. R. Blakiston, Queen's Coll.
E. Woollcombe, Fell. of Balliol Coll.
Rev. J. C. Bentley, St. John's Coll,
Rev. E. Daubenzy, Demy of Mag. Coll.
Rey, C. Tombs, Schol. of Pemb. Coll.
Hon. C. L. Courtenay, Ch. Ch.
Rev. R. F. B. Rickards, Ball. Coll. gr. co.
Hon. E. C. Curzon, Ch. Ch.
Rev. H. Mills, Balliol Coll.
Rev. G. Carter, St. John's Coll.
Rev. C. H. Tyler, Trinity Coll.

S. Andrew, Lincoln Coll.
W. Holland, Lincoln Coll. gr. comp.
J. Fraser, Schol. of Lincoln Coll.
A. Baynham, Pembroke Coll.
R. S. Hunt, Exeter Coll.
R. H. Gray, Stud. of Ch. Ch.
V. Page, Stud. of Ch. Ch.
C. Smith, Stud. of Ch. Ch.
S. H. Cooke, Stud, of Ch. Ch.
G. Marshall, Stud. of Ch. Ch.
C. W. A. Napier, Ch. Ch.
H. Brancker, Wadham Coll.
J. C. Browne, Wadham Coll.
W. Beckett, Trinity Coll.
R. Smith, St. Edmund Hall.
J. Barclay, Ch. Ch.
C. A. Fowler, Oriel Coll.
W. L. Wigan, Ch. Ch.
B. C. Warren, Exeter Coll.

At the same time the Rev. C. I.
Hartshorne, M.A. of St. John's College,
Cambridge, was admitted ad eundem.

Under the will of the Rev. Thomas Whitfield, B.D. for many years Rector of Winterbourne, Gloucestershire, formerly of Fyfield, Berks, and late Fellow of St. John's College, an honorarium of fifty pounds is appointed to be given to every Member of the College, not being on the Foundation, who shall be placed in the First Class at the Public Examipations,

The Rev. William Henry Price, M.A. Scholar of Pembroke College, has been admitted a Fellow of that Society, on the foundation of Thomas Tesdale, Esq.

Mr. William Green has been admitted a Scholar of Pembroke College, on the foundation of Cutler Boulter.

The Rev. Henry Highton, B.A. has been elected and admitted a Fellow of Queen's College, on Mr. Michel's Foundation.

CAMBRIDGE. The following graces have passed the executed works in the building of the senate :

Fitzwilliam Museum to the value of To sanction a petition to the Chancel- 34,0001., or thereabouts; and Mr. Basevi lor for the purpose of obtaining for Mr. has thereupon recommended that a sum Pepys, of St. John's college, the degree of 5,0001. be now paid to Mr. Baker on of Doctor in Divinity by Royal Mandate. account of the said works, in addition to

Also to confirm the following report the sum of 25,5001. already paid to him of the Fitzwilliam Syndicate:

on that account. " That Mr. Basevi has certified to “ That although the above-mentioned the Vice-Chancellor that Mr. Baker has sum of 5,0001. exceeds the instalment

by Dr. Robert Green, of Tamworth, have been adjudged to Hervey and Green; the first, as the reward of regularity of conduct, the second, of general learning.


which Mr. Baker is at present entitled to demand according to the terms of the contract; the Syndics, under the circumstances stated in Mr. Basevi's certificate and letter, beg leave to recommend to the Senate that the sum be paid to Mr. Baker, provided that he is willing to agree that the balance to be retained by the Vice-Chancellor until six months after Mr. Basevi shall have duly certified the entire completion of the works, shall according to the terms of the contract be not less than 10 per cent. upon the whole amount of the contract; and that Mr. Baker's sureties are willing to agree that the payment of the sum of 5,0001., as above proposed, shall not affect or impair their present liability under the contract."

The Syndics further recommend

" That Mr. Basevi be authorized to order the execution, at a cost not exceeding 1,0001. of certain works at the Fitzwilliam Museum not included in Mr. Baker's contract; it being advisable that such works should be completed previously to making any further contracts for the finishing of the building."

“ To affix the seal to a deed setting forth the consent of the university to the giving up of a certain old inclosure specified therein, to be allotted under the Act of Parliament for enclosing the parish of Barton."

HONARARY MASTER OF ARTS. The Hon. A. W. Noel, Trinity Coll.

BACHELOR IN DIVINITY. Rev. N. Meeres, St. John's Coll.

BACHELOR IN CIVIL LAW. Rev. R. Yonge, Catherine Hall.

MASTERS OF ARTS. C. J. Drage, Emmanuel Coll, C. Sanderson, St. John's Coll. A. Annand, Jesus Coll.


Fitzhenry W. Ellis, Trinity Coll.


Bell's Scholarships. The Vice-Chancellor has given notice that an election of two scholars upon this foundation will take place on Friday, the 3d day of April

That the members of any college, (except King's College and Trinity Hall) sons or orphans of clergymen, who were admitted between the commencements of 1838 and 1839, may be candidaies. The candidates are required to signify their intention of offering themselves on or before Saturday next, the 29th instant, in a Latin Epistle, to be presented to each of the electors, who are: The Vice-Chancellor, the Regius Professor of Divinity, the Regius Professor of Civil Law, the Lucasian Professor, and the Public Orator.-The examination will commence on Monday, the 9th of March, at ten o'clock, at the Law Schools,

Smith's Prizes.—The Exaininers yesterday evening adjudged the first prize to Ds. Ellis, of Trinity College, Senior Wrangler; and the second prize to Ds. Goodwin, of Caius College.

Clare Hall. The two silver cups, left


At Windsor, the Rev. James Elliott, of Hartfield Grove, Sussex, to Marianne Grant, youngest daughter of John Calvert Clarke, Esq. of Coworth Park,

At the new church, Hammersmith, the Rev. Henry John Whitfield, of Humbe, Herefordshire, second son of the late Dr. Clarke Whitfield, to Sarah, daughter of W. L. T. Robins, Esq. of St. Peter'ssquare, Hammersmith.

Rev. John Dixon, Perpetual Curate of Crosthwaite, Westmoreland, to Miss Airey, daughter of Mr. Airey, of that place.

At East Horndon, Essex, the Rev. Edward Henry Landon, M.A. of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, to Juliana

Letitia, eldest daughter of Captain Birch, Royal Engineers.

At Toronto, the Rev. John M'Caul, LL.D., Principal of Upper Canada Cola lege, late of Dublin, to Emily, daughter of Mr. Justice Jones.

At Cheltenham, the Rev. Chas. Ward. roper, B.A. of Christ's College, Cambridge, and of Leigh, Gloucestershire, to Laura Matilda Montague, fourth daughter of the late Lieut.-Colonel Timms, R.M.

At Cork, by his brother, the Dean of Achonry, the Rev. William Worth Hoare, Perpetual Curate of St. Paul's, Stalybridge, Lancashire, to Anne Eliza, eldest daughter of H. Osborne Seward, Esq. of Sidney-place, Cork.

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