Conference Papers

Selected papers from the annual meeting of the Conference.

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第218页 - Every such child between fourteen and sixteen years of age. not regularly and lawfully engaged in any useful employment or service, and...
第199页 - tis true: 'tis true, 'tis pity; And pity 'tis, 'tis true: a foolish figure ; But farewell it, for I will use no art. Mad let us grant him then : and now remains, That we find out the cause of this effect ; Or, rather say, the cause of this defect; For this effect, defective, comes by cause: Thus it remains, and the remainder thus.
第267页 - Chairman ex officio thereof, and shall continue to be a member of the said Committee when his term as President has expired. He shall have supervision of the work of the other officers and of the various committees in preparing for the sessions of the Conference, and shall have authority to accept resignations and to fill vacancies in the Committees on Topics of the Conference. The President, with the assistance of the Secretary, shall so supervise the editing of the proceedings of the Conference.
第267页 - Conference ex officio, and of five members of the Conference to be elected annually at the preceding session of the Conference. Three members shall constitute a quorum. The Executive Committee shall have charge of the business of the Conference, during the interim between the sessions of the latter, and shall give attention to any matters referred to it by the Conference or these by-laws.
第208页 - Second the motion. THE PRESIDENT: It is moved and seconded that the report be adopted and that the Secretary be instructed to cast one ballot for the nominations.
第131页 - ... and calling attention to a medicine, article or preparation that may be used therefor or to a person or persons from whom or an office or place at which information, treatment or advice relating to such disease, infirmity, habit or condition may be obtained...
第161页 - I second the motion. The PRESIDENT. It is moved and seconded that the report just presented by the Chairman of the Committee on Credentials be now adopted by the Convention.
第267页 - ... applied, and no membership fee charged, the expenses of the Conference being met by voluntary contributions. II Officers of the Conference The Conference shall have the following officers, to be elected at the preceding annual session, with the duties herein respectively assigned to them : 1. A President, who shall preside over the sessions of the Conference, except when the Chairman of a Committee on Topics has charge of the meeting or some other officer is temporarily called to the chair.
第130页 - Advertisements relating to certain diseases prohibited. Whoever publishes, delivers or distributes or causes to be published, delivered or distributed in any manner whatsoever an advertisement concerning a venereal disease, lost manhood, lost vitality, impotency, sexual weakness, seminal emissions...
第267页 - Secretary, shall also supervise the editing of the proceedings of the Conference. 2. Three Vice-Presidents, who shall, at the request of the President, assist him in the discharge of his duties, and in case of his inability to serve, shall succeed him in the order in which they are named. 3. A Secretary, who shall be...