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the Health of his own Soul, and the Souls of his Ancestors: See Selden, &c. ibid.

It appears also out of the Charter of the Monastery of Reding in Herefordshire; in the time of King Jobn; thar Walter Clifford, for the Health of his! gave the whole Tenth of Hamenesca unto the Church of Lemster, as the Author aforesaid informs me. Ibid. * Yet it was long before People were reftrained from giving their Tithes where; or to what place they pleas'd, which made many Rich Abbies and Monasteries, &c. Till about the Year 1209. or thereabouts, when every one gave his Tithe 'at his pleasure, which made Pope Innocent the Third, lend his Decretal Epistle to the Bishop of Canterbury, Commanding him to enjoyn every Man to pay his Temporal Goods to him that miniftred Spiritual Things to him, which was enforced by Ecclefiaftical Cenfures: Thus began Parochi al Payment of Tithes in England ; this Decretal Epiftle being then admicced, and enjoyned by the Law of the Nation, King and people being then Papists; fee Fr. Howgill, &c. p. 571.

This Decree of the Pope was greatly aslifted by the Bishops and Priests, in whose behalf it was made, and did fo corrupt.the Clergy, that Wickliff, that Famous Reformer, in Richard the Second's time, complains to the Parliament, in thefe words :: Ah, Lord God, where this be * :: Reason to conftrain the poor People to find

a Worldly

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a Worldly Priest, somtime unable both of * Life and Cunning, in Pomp and Pride, Covetise and Envy, Gluttony, Drunkenness and

Lechery, in Simony and Heresie, with far '' Horses and jolly, and gay Saddles and Bridles, ringing by the way, and himself in costly Cloachs and Pelure, and to suffer their Wives and Children, and their poor Neighbours, perish for Hunger, Thirst and Cold, and other Mischiefs of the World. Ah, Lord Jesu Chrift, lith within few Years Men paid their Tithes and Offerings at cheir own Will, free to good Men, and able to great Worship of God, to profic and fairness of Holy Church fighting in Earıh ; where it were lawful and needful, that a Worldly Priest should destroy this holy and

approv'd Custom, contraining Men to leave 'this Freedom, turning Tithes and Offerings unto wicked Uses. Selden, &c. C. 10.

And in the Days of Henry II. Nicolas Fitz Turold gave the Tithes in Chiltune to the Monastery at Abingdon; the Form and Contents of his Donation runs thus:

• Be it known to those that are present, ' and to those that shall fucceed, that I NicoLas, che Son of Turold, for the Salvation of my Soul, and my parents, bc. have granted to the Church at Abingdon, to be held ' for ever, the Tithes of all my Land, which I possess in the Village of Chiltune, Selden, &c. c. 11. Sec another, I William Albiney do grant


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unio God, and to Saint Andrew of Rochester, * and to the Monks having Residence there, all

my Tithes, &c. for the Soul of King Wil liam, and for the Soul of King Henry, and

for my own Soul, and for the Soul of my ! Father and Mother, and for my Wife, and

for my Brother Neale, and for my Nephew * Mumphry, and for the Souls of my other Parents, alive and dead, Selden, &c. c. 11.

Again; Know all Men, that I Payne Sheriff ' of Surrey, do give and grant the

Tithes of Geddinges, which my Ancestors gave to God, and to the Church of St. Andrew of Rochester, • for the Soul of my Father and Mother, and : for me and my Wife; and the fame Church hath granted unto me, that after our Death,

the Anniversary of me, and of my Wife, 'fhall Yearly be performed for ever. Thus a former Grant was confirm'd.

Again, Richard Trefgoz confirm'a to God, and the Church of blefled Mary of Bošgrave, and to the Monks there serving God, for

the Salvation of his Soul, and of his Wife . and Predecessors, chat Mass should be Celebrated thrice a Week in the foresaid Church, for his Soul, his Wife's Soul, and the Souls of his father and Mother, and Ancestors, all the Donations which his Father had given, 4 as well in Lands as in Tithes: Moreover, he gave all the small Tithes of his Mapnor of Hamptunete, of Lambs, Calves, Foals, Chickens, Pigs, Geese, Wool, Cheese, Apples, Fruit;

in a word, of whatsoever was Tithcable; Selden, ibid.


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Now the Pope's Doctrine, being received, and Tithes, as is mentioned, given, and for what, and to whom the Pope would, the Nation was divided into Bishopricks, Parishes, &c. For before that, molt Preachers were sent out of Religious Houses, fo called, and People gave their Tithes where they pleased : But after Parishes were settled, then the Priest of the Parish must have the Tithes paid to him ; and tho' they had long before been a free Gift; yer now they were claim'd as a Debi, and Prescriprion pleaded by the Priests, as their Just Title. But People seeing themselves run into a Snare, some began to contend, but all too late i for the Pope being grown great, thundred out his Interdict against this Nation, Excommunicated the King, Affrighted the Subjects with his Bulls, Atutt'd with Comminations and Curses, and that against the very point of Arbitrary Disposal of Tithes; and the Pope did highly insult over Kings and Princes about this time; witness Frederick Barbarossa, Henry 6. and King John, and some others, as Histories mention. So that by the Power of the Pope, Pac rochial Payment came to be settled ; yet nocwithstanding that, the English Parliament, not willing, wholly to forget the poor, for whose fakes Tithes were chiefly given, did make divers Laws, that a convenient Portion of the Tithes should be set apart for the Poor of the Parish for ever, as in the Statutes of Richard the Second, 15. 6. and the 4th of Henry the Fourth. Fr. Howgill, &c. p. 578.


Now after the Pope had thus brought in Titbes, the Pricfts pretended a Legal Title to them, set up Courts, call'd Ecclesiastical Courts, which remain to this day, amongst them that fay they are Reform’d, to recover their Tithes by'; and the Priests themselves being Judges, the People might well think what might be expected from them; yet they that did not pay, no greater Punishment did the Priefts at that time inflict upon them, than Excommunication. And yet, norwithstanding this General Decree, the Pope did dispence with, and give Exemption to divers Orders of his Clergy, so called, to free them from Payment, as the Hospitaliers, Tema plars, and generally to all Lands belonging to thofe call'd Religious Persons and Houses; which is the reason that divers Persons at this day have Lands that are Tithe-free. 1 So the Pope, - by colour of the Jewish Law, by which Tithes were given to the Leviti: cal-Priesthood, gained an Universal Payment of them to all his Clergy; and in Imitation of that Eartbly Tabernacle, set up a New Building, after the former Pattern; and therefore to himself he claims the First Fruits and Tentos, as a Successor of the Jewish High Priest : Sins also he undertakes to Pardon, and appoints Cardinals, as Leaders of Families ; Mia ters are ordain'd for the Head; as Aaron had, and Synagogues built, fallly called Churches, with Altars, like the Jews, and with Organs, and Inftruments of Musick, with Singers and Porters, &c.


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