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W. Pople, 1813 - 294页

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第189页 - The other way of retention is the power to revive again in our minds those ideas which after imprinting have disappeared, or have been as it were laid aside out of sight; and thus we do, when we conceive heat or light, yellow or sweet, the object being removed. This is memory, which is, as it were, the storehouse of our ideas.
第318页 - Imagination is the power of depicting, and fancy of evoking and combining. The imagination is formed by patient observation ; the fancy by a voluntary activity in shifting the scenery of the mind.
第68页 - Insensible, and forthwith to dissolve: When suddenly stood at my head a dream, Whose inward apparition gently mov'd My fancy to believe I yet had being, And liv'd: one came, methought, of shape divine, And said, ' Thy mansion wants thee, Adam; rise, First man, of men innumerable ordain'd First father!
第299页 - How few, like thee, inquire the wretched out, And court the offices of soft Humanity ? Like thee reserve their raiment for the naked, Reach out their bread to feed the crying orphan, Or mix their pitying tears with those that weep ? Thy praise deserves a better tongue than mine, To speak and bless thy name.
第60页 - ... coronation ; such a king to whom the allegiance of an English subject is due ; and hath set up another kind of dominion ; which is to all intents an abdication or abandoning of his legal title as fully as if it had been done by express words.
第271页 - THE parts of human learning have reference to the three parts of man's Understanding, which is the seat of learning : History to his Memory, Poesy to his Imagination, and Philosophy to his Reason.
第60页 - II. by going about to subvert the constitution, and by breaking the original contract between king and people, and by violating the fundamental laws, and withdrawing himself out of the kingdom, hath thereby renounced to be n king according to the constitution...
第249页 - Humour can prevail, When Airs, and Flights, and Screams, and Scolding fail. Beauties in vain their pretty Eyes may roll ; Charms strike the Sight, but Merit wins the Soul.
第259页 - Damn with faint praise, assent with civil leer, And without sneering, teach the rest to sneer; Willing to wound, and yet afraid to strike, Just hint a fault and hesitate dislike...
第105页 - ... Solitary confinement is a severe form of life, and a severe punishment. Rigid observances, rigid opinions, are oftener spoken of than rigid sentences. A hermit is austere, who lives harshly; is severe who lives solitarily; is rigid who lives unswervingly. A casuist is austere who commands mortification, severe, who forbids conviviality, rigid, whose exactions are unqualified. A judge is austere, who punishes slight transgressions ; severe, who punishes to the utmost ; rigid, who punishes without...