The History of the Reformation of Religion Within the Realm of Scotland

Adam and Charles Black, 1898 - 364 頁

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第 64 頁 - And show unto them that my doctrine was no wives' fables, after the constitutions made by men ; and if I had taught men's doctrine, I had got greater thanks by men. But for the word's sake, and true Evangel, which was given to me by the grace of God, I suffer this day by men, not sorrowfully, but with a glad heart and mind. For this cause I was sent, that I should suffer this fire for Christ's sake. Consider and behold my visage, ye shall not see me change my colour. This grim fire I fear not ; and...
第 283 頁 - Queen neither is, nor shall be, of our opinion, and in very deed, her whole proceedings do declare that the Cardinal's lessons are so deeply printed in her heart that the substance and the quality are like to perish together. I would be glad to be deceived, but I fear I shall not.
第 68 頁 - Wishart, which albeit the flame of fire consumed before men, yet cries it for vengeance upon thee, and we from God are sent to revenge it. For here, before my God, I protest, that neither the hatred of thy person, the love of thy riches, nor the fear of any trouble thou couldst have done to me in particular, moved or moveth me to strike thee ; but only because thou hast been, and remainest, an obstinate enemy against Christ Jesus and His holy gospel.
第 332 頁 - Madam, in God's presence I speak: I never delighted in the weeping of any of God's creatures; yea, I can scarcely well abide the tears of my own boys whom my own hand corrects, much less can I rejoice in your Majesty's weeping.
第 154 頁 - ... they be compelled either to desist from ecclesiastical administration, or to discharge their duties as becometh true ministers ; so that the grave and godly face of the primitive Church reduced, ignorance may be expelled, and true doctrine and good manners may once again appear in the Church of this realm.
第 331 頁 - What have ye to do," said she, " with my marriage ? Or what are ye within this Commonwealth ? " " A subject born within the same," said he, " Madam. And albeit I neither be Earl, Lord, nor Baron within it, yet has God made me (how abject that ever I be in your eyes), a profitable member within the same...
第 72 頁 - I speak unto you that which I have in charge even from all those that are here present, which is this : In the name of God and of His Son Jesus Christ, and in the name of these that presently call you by my mouth, I charge you that ye refuse not this holy vocation...
第 133 頁 - His grace, shall with all diligence continually apply our whole power, substance, and our very lives to maintain, set forward, and establish the most blessed Word of God and His Congregation...
第 333 頁 - And when he hath laid on his arrest, the foul worms will be busy with this flesh, be it never so fair and so tender; and the silly Soul, I fear, shall be so feeble, that it can neither carry with it gold, garnishing, targetting, pearl nor precious stones...
第 96 頁 - Yes : I know it well ; for I see the steeple of that place, where God first in public opened my mouth to his glory, and I am fully persuaded, however weak that ever I now appear, that I shall not depart this life, till that my tongue shall glorify his godly name in the same place.