Thomas Linacre

The University Press, 1908 - 64 頁

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第 32 頁 - That, has the world here — should he need the next, Let the world mind him! This, throws himself on God, and unperplexed Seeking shall find him. So, with the throttling hands of death at strife, Ground he at grammar...
第 32 頁 - Step two abreast, the way winds narrowly!) Not a whit troubled Back to his studies, fresher than at first, Fierce as a dragon He (soul-hydroptic with a sacred thirst) Sucked at the flagon. Oh, if we draw a circle premature...
第 31 頁 - ... eagerness imaginable. May Priscian himself be my enemy if what I am now going to say be not exactly true. I knew an old Sophister that was a Grecian, a latinist, a mathematician, a philosopher, a musician, and all to the utmost perfection, who, after threescore years...
第 31 頁 - Grecian, a latinist, a mathematician, a philosopher, a musician, and all to the utmost perfection, who, after threescore years' experience in the world, had spent the last twenty of them only in drudging to conquer the criticisms of grammar, and made it the chief part of his prayers, that his life might be so long spared till he had learned how rightly to distinguish betwixt the eight parts of speech, which no grammarian, whether Greek or Latin, had yet accurately done.
第 47 頁 - Champcdn of continued Elevations. Such who have Clevelandized, indeavouring to imitate his Masculine Stile, could never go beyond the Hermaphrodite, still betraying the weaker Sex in their deficient conceits.
第 1 頁 - Medicinae studiosis Oxoniae publicas lectiones duas, Cantabrigiae unam, in perpetuum stabilivit. In hac urbe Collegium Medicorum fieri sua industria curavit, cujus et Praesidens proximus electus est. Fraudes dolosque mire perosus ; fidus amicis ; omnibus ordinibus juxta clarus; aliquot annos antequam obierat Presbyter factus ; plenus annis, ex hac vita migravit, multum desideratus, Anno Domini 1524, die 20 Octobris. Vivit post Funera virtus.
第 3 頁 - All things, whether taught or written, seemed to be trite or inane. No pleasant streams of humanity or mythology were gliding among us, and the Greek language, from whence the greater part of knowledge is derived, was at a very low ebb, or in a manner forgotten.
第 39 頁 - For how can you deserve better of our commonwealth, or by what memorial can you more honourably dedicate your name to the last remembrance of mankind, than in favouring and promoting the liberal arts, which, without the support and industry of the learned, would doubtless be exposed to destruction, or daily held in less esteem, a point on which your sober gravity and erudite judgment, by exciting the diligence of competent readers, will not confer less advantage, than will your bounteous generosity...
第 15 頁 - Has nature framed any thing either milder, sweeter or happier than the disposition of More ? It is wonderful how universally copious is here the harvest of ancient learning...