Philosophical Magazine: A Journal of Theoretical, Experimental and Applied Physics

Taylor & Francis., 1833

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第 166 頁 - By current, I mean anything progressive, whether it be a fluid of electricity, or two fluids moving in opposite directions, or merely vibrations, or, speaking still more generally, progressive forces. By arrangement, I understand a local adjustment of particles, or fluids, or forces, not progressive. Many other reasons might be urged in support of the view of a current rather than an arrangement, but I am anxious to avoid stating unnecessarily what will occur to others at the moment. II. Ordinary...
第 42 頁 - English geologists is still an essential desideratum in this department; and I am happy to have it in my power to state, that...
第 395 頁 - ... employed in tracing the sea-coast south of the isthmus leading to the eastward, which was done so as to leave no doubt that it joined, as the natives had previously informed us, to Ockullee, and the land forming Repulse Bay.
第 394 頁 - W. course, in from 10 to 20 fathoms, until we had passed the latitude of 72 north in longitude 94 west ; here we found a considerable inlet, leading to the westward, the examination of which occupied two days. At this place we were first seriously obstructed by ice, which was now seen to extend from the south cape of the inlet, in a solid mass, round by S.
第 461 頁 - I suppose that the effects are due to a modification, by the electric current, of the chemical affinity of the particles through or by which that current is passing, giving them the power of acting more forcibly in one direction than in another, and consequently making them travel by a series of successive decompositions and recompositions in opposite directions, and finally causing their expulsion or exclusion at the boundaries of the body under decomposition...
第 362 頁 - I at first laid down, namely, that the chemical power of a current of electricity is in direct proportion to the absolute quantity of electricity which passes (377.
第 253 頁 - I take the liberty of describing briefly my results, and of thus adding my testimony to that of Dr. Wollaston on the identity of voltaic and common electricity as to chemical action, not only that I may facilitate the repetition of the experiments, but also lead to some new consequences respecting electro-chemical decomposition (376, 377).
第 256 頁 - These effects must not be confounded with those due to the true electrochemical powers of common electricity, and must be carefully avoided when the latter are to be observed. No sparks should be passed, therefore, in any part of the current, nor any increase of intensity allowed by which the electricity may be induced to pass between the platina wires and the moistened papers, otherwise than by conduction ; for, if it burst through the air, the effect referred to ensues.
第 398 頁 - Lordships' consideration. We have, however, the consolation, that the results of this expedition have been conclusive, and to science highly important, and may be briefly comprehended in the following words: — The discovery of the Gulf of Boothia, the continent and isthmus of Boothia Felix, and a vast number of islands, rivers, and lakes ; the undeniable establishment that the north-east point of America extends to the 74th degree of north latitude; valuable observations of every kind, but particularly...
第 224 頁 - On the Sedimentary Deposits which occupy the western parts of Shropshire and Herefordshire, and are prolonged from NE to SW, through Radnor, Brecknock, and Caennarthenshire, with descriptions of the accompanying rocks of intrusive or igneous characters.