The world's wit and humor: an encyclopedia of the classic wit and humor of all ages and nations, 第 2 卷

Lionel Strachey
Review of reviews Company, 1905

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第235页 - The times have been That, when the brains were out, the man would die, And there an end ; but now they rise again, With twenty mortal murders on their crowns, And push us from our stools.
第140页 - A-raspin' on the scraper, — All ways to once her feelin's flew Like sparks in burnt-up paper. He kin' o' 1'itered on the mat, Some doubtfle o' the sekle, His heart kep' goin' pity-pat, But hern went pity Zekle.
第54页 - The skipper yawned, put out his tongue, Then ope'd his eyes in wondrous haste, And then upon the floor he sprung! < The skipper stormed and tore his hair, Thrust on his boots, and roared to...
第285页 - Rev. Leonidas W. Smiley, I would feel under many obligations to him. Simon Wheeler backed me into a corner and blockaded me there with his chair, and then sat down and reeled off the monotonous narrative which follows this paragraph.
第127页 - Puts the debit to him, an' to us the per contry; .An: John P. Robinson he Sez this is his view o' the thing to a T. Parson Wilbur he calls all these argimunts lies; Sez they're nothin' on airth but jest fee, faw, fum; An' thet all this big talk of our destinies Is half on it ign'ance, an' t'other half rum; But John P.
第139页 - An' she looked full ez rosy agin Ez the apples she was peelin'. 'Twas kin' o' kingdom-come to look On sech a blessed cretur, A dogrose blushin' to a brook Ain't modester nor sweeter. He was six foot o' man, A 1, Clear grit an' human natur' ; None couldn't quicker pitch a ton Nor dror a furrer straighter.
第285页 - Smiley is a myth that my friend never knew such a personage; and that he only conjectured that, if I asked old Wheeler about him, it would remind him of his infamous Jim Smiley, and he would go to work and bore me...
第126页 - He's ben true to one party, — an' thet is himself; So John P. Robinson he Sez he shall vote fer Gineral C. Gineral C. he goes in fer the war ; He don't vally principle more'n an old cud ; Wut did God make us raytional creeturs fer, But glory an' gunpowder, plunder an
第139页 - The wa'nut logs shot sparkles out Towards the pootiest, bless her, An' leetle flames danced all about The chiny on the dresser. Agin the chimbley crook-necks hung, An' in amongst 'em rusted The ole queen's-arm thet gran'ther Young Fetched back fom Concord busted. The very room, coz she was in, Seemed warm fom floor to ceilin', An' she looked full ez rosy agin Ez the apples she was peelin'.
第66页 - AGAIN I hear that creaking step! — He's rapping at the door! — Too well I know the boding sound That ushers in a bore. I do not tremble when I meet The stoutest of my foes, But Heaven defend me from the friend Who comes — but never goes!