The Theoretical Evolution of International Political Economy: A Reader

George T. Crane, Abla Amawi
Oxford University Press, 1991 - 302 頁
This collection of twenty-three seminal readings in international political economy charts the historical and theoretical evolution of the field. Bringing together classic works and leading contemporary arguments, the book outlines the development of three schools of IPE thought: Liberalism, Marxism, and Realism. Recent syntheses of these approaches are also included to show how conventional theoretical categories are giving way to more eclectic conceptual schemes. The readings range from the eighteenth century to the present day and include works by Alexander Hamilton, Friedrich List, David Ricardo, Adam Smith, Lenin, Karl Marx, Richard Cooper, Robert O. Keohane, Joseph S. Nye, Theotonio Dos Santos, Christopher Chase-Dunn, Robert Gilpin, Peter Katzenstein, Mancur Olson, Richard Zeckhauser, Bruon Frey, Immanuel Wallerstein, Donald J. Puchala, Raymond F. Hopkins, and Stephen Krasner. Providing many of the most frequently cited IPE references in a single volume, The Theoretical Evolution Of International Political Economy will be a valuable resource for students and teachers of international relations and international economics.


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Theories of International Political Economy
Classical Mercantilism
Political and Cosmopolitical Economy

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