The Navy List

H.M. Stationery Office, 1856

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第 129 頁 - Walker, Bart. KCB, Kt. of the Legion of Honour, Redeemer of Greece, 2nd Class Iron Crown of Austria, 2nd Class St. Anne of Russia, 2nd Class of Red Eagle of Prussia.
第 126 頁 - Order is conferred. 3. The intention of a foreign Sovereign to confer upon a British subject the insignia of an Order must be notified to Her Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, either through the British Minister accredited at the Court of such foreign Sovereign, or through his Minister accredited at the Court of Her Majesty.
第 126 頁 - Queen's pleasure on any such application, and shall have obtained Her Majesty's permission for the person in whose favour it has been made to accept the foreign order, and wear the insignia thereof, he shall signify the same to Her Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for the Home Department, in order that he may cause the warrant required by clause 1 to be prepared for the royal sign-manual. When such warrant shall have been signed by the Queen, a notification thereof shall be inserted in the...
第 126 頁 - Ordert. 1. No subject of Her Majesty shall accept a Foreign Order from the Sovereign of any foreign country, or wear the insignia thereof, without having previously obtained Her Majesty's permission to that effect sipmified by a warrant under Her Royal Sign Manual.
第 127 頁 - King George IV. and King William IV., on whose heads the crowns of Great Britain and of Hanover were united. Decorations so bestowed cannot properly be considered as rewards granted by a Foreign Sovereign for services rendered according to the purport of Clause 2 of these Regulations.
第 348 頁 - Service, within 20 years, or who are physically in-- capable of service, and by continuing from time to time to remove such Officers from the Active List to Reserved Half-pay. Officers who may be thus placed on reserved half-pay...
第 4 頁 - The number of Commanders on the Active List will be reduced to a number not permanently exceeding 450, and the reduction will be effected thus : — 1st.
第 127 頁 - Admiralty, who, if they see fit, may submit the same to Her Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs for Her Majesty's sanction ; upon obtaining which they may grant such permission without any other formality. 2. Permission to wear a Foreign Medal cannot be granted to a British subject unless such Medal is bestowed for military or naval services performed by the command or with the sanction of Her Majesty. But no permission is necessary for accepting a Foreign Medal, if such Medal...
第 127 頁 - Applications for permission to accept and wear Medals which, not being the decoration of any Foreign Order, are conferred by a Foreign Sovereign on British subjects in the army or in the navy for military or for naval services, should be addressed, as the case may be, to the...