Harry and Lucy Concluded: Being the Last Part of Early Lessons, 第 2 卷

R. Hunter, Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy, 1825 - 340 頁
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第 151 頁 - So he died, and she very imprudently married the barber; and there were present the Picninnies, and the Joblillies, and the Garyulies, and the Grand Panjandrum himself, with the little round button at top; and they all fell to playing the game of catch as catch can, till the gunpowder ran out at the heels of their boots.
第 334 頁 - This potent commander of the elements — this abridger of time and space — this magician, whose cloudy machinery has produced a change on the world, the effects of which, extraordinary as they are, are perhaps only now beginning to be felt — was not only the most profound man of science, the most successful combiner of powers and calculator of numbers, as adapted to practical purposes, — was not only one of the most generally well-informed, — but one of the best and kindest of human beings.
第 151 頁 - So she went into the garden to cut a cabbage-leaf to make an apple pie ; and at the same time a great she-bear coming up the street, pops its head into the shop. What, no soap...
第 73 頁 - They raised them out of the water, not edgeways, but with the flat part, or blade, horizontal, as you would raise a spoonful of any liquid. The use of this, as Harry perceived, was to diminish the resistance of the air against the oars, as they were moved forward, in order to replunge them in the water. His father told him, that this motion is called " feathering the oars."
第 331 頁 - And well, with ready hand and heart, Each task of toilsome duty taking, Did one dear inmate take her part. The last asleep, the earliest waking. Her hands each nightly couch prepared, And frugal meal on which they fared ; Unfolding spread the servet white, And decked the board with tankard bright. Through fretted hose, and garment rent, Her tiny needle deftly went, Till hateful penury, so graced, Was scarcely in their dwelling traced.
第 331 頁 - Through fretted hose, and garment rent, Her tiny needle deftly went, Till hateful penury, so graced, Was scarcely in their dwelling traced. With rev'rence to the old she clung, With sweet affection to the young. To her was crabbed lesson said, To her the sly petition made, To her was told each petty care, To her was lisp'd the tardy prayer, 333 What time the urchin, half undrest, And half asleep, was put to rest.
第 334 頁 - Watt, the man whose genius discovered the means of multiplying our national resources to a degree perhaps beyond his own stupendous powers of calculation and combination ; bringing the treasures of the abyss to the summit of the earth ; giving the feeble arm of man the momentum of an Afrite ; commanding manufactures...
第 163 頁 - ... could not see, for there was none. It was a dead flat, the atmosphere laden with the smell of coal and smoke. The grass, the hedges, the trees, all blackened. The hands and faces of every man, woman, and child they met, begrimed with soot ! The very sheep blackened ! not a lamb even with a lock of white wool, or a clean face. Lucy said, that it was the most frightful country she had ever beheld. Harry acknowledged, that there was nothing beautiful here to be seen ; but it was wonderful, it was...
第 330 頁 - She and the same man worked in the night, making a hole in the earth after lifting the boards, which they did by scratching it up with their hands not to make any noise, till she left not a nail upon her fingers, she helping the man to carry the earth as they dug it in a sheet on his back, out at the window into the garden. He then made a box at his own house large enough for her father to ly in, with bed and bed-clothes, and bored holes in the boards for air.