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That is what the government sent last year to make the soldiers' and sailors' feet comfortable and fit for the kind of war they fought and finished.

IN PEACE AND WAR for over 25 years Allen's Foot-Ease, the Antiseptic, Healing Powder for the Feet, to be shaken into the shoes and sprinkled in the foot-bath, has been the standard remedy for all aching, swollen, hot, tired feet, blisters and sore spots and for the instant relief of corns, bunions and callouses.

Thousands of people sent packages of Allen's Foot-Ease to their sons, brothers or sweethearts in the army and navy, because they knew from experience that it would freshen and rest their feet, make their shoes comfortable and walking easy. Those who use Allen's Foot-Ease have solved their foot troubles.



"The Most Beautiful Hymnal in the American Church"


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of Nations .
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On a Barbless Hook.

By Harold Trowbridge Pulsifer
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Staff Correspondence by Elbert F. Baldwin What the Pacific Northwest Thinks About the League and the Treaty............ 537

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Gregory Mason Christiana's Ring (Poem)

By Amelia Josephine Burr The New Great Thing: A Story of Adventure............

By Keene Abbott
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Weekly Outline Study of Current History 550

By J. Madison Gatbany, A.M.
U.S. Army Motor-Truck Train on Trans-

continental Demonstration Tour .......
Mr. Pasitch and Albania...............
Was Ireland Ever United ?...........
By the Way......


Charles Clayton Morrison and Herbert L. Willett, Editors The Hymnal for the New Social Era Adapted to all Evangelical Denominations

Prices $92 and $112 per kundred.

Returnable copy sent on request THE CHRISTIAN CENTURY PRESS, 702 E. 40th St., CHICAGO

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New York City

What Is Nerve Force?


UNITED? The Outlook of July 9 publishes an article by Everett P. Wheeler, under the heading “ Common Sense about Ireland,” to which, with your kind permission, I wish to say a few words in reply.

Mr. Wheeler states that there never was a united Ireland, independent of Great Britain, and to prove this assertion he quotes from Justin McCarthy, the historian, as follows :

“ The island was divided among native chiefs, who concerned themselves mainly about their local interests, and had, no doubt, their natural rivalries.”

This cannot be taken to mean that the people were divided, but evidently refers to the land ; and the fact that the people were concerned about their local affairs proves that they were not engaged in strife or civil warfare.

True, Ireland was divided into four petty kingdoms, but all were subject to one inonarch, called the “Ard Ri,” or King of Ireland, whose seat was at Tara, where also was located the principal Council, or Parliament, which represented the whole nation.

History and legend both record that this form of government lasted several centuries, and unless there was some degree of cohesion and unity among the people it could not possibly have endured for such a length of time.

l'he real disunion in Ireland began with the advent of the Norman barons and their followers, and when her Ulster was latched by religious intolerance which came on the heels of the Reformation, and which has been kept alive and fostered to the present day by every conceivable means as a guard against the danger of unity.

In his brief summary of Irish history Mr. Wheeler cites a number of “indisputable facts,” of which the following are samples, namely: that O'Neil proclaimed himself King of Ulster and was killed in an affray by Scottish settlers; that Edmund Burke was the greatest Irish statesman and advocated the union of Ireland with Great Britain ; and that Grattan's Parliament refused to pass a bill for Catholic emancipation.

O'Neil never proclaimed himself, nor was he proclaimed, King of Ulster. He was a chieftain who fought against the armies of Elizabeth for a period of ten years, till, finally overwhelmed by superior numbers, he escaped to Rome, where he died an exile.

Edmund Burke was an English statesman, and represented the English constituency of Bristol in the English Parliament, was paymaster of the army, and was the recipient of a large pension. I would consider him very foolish to ruin his career and lose his emoluments by advocating Irish freedom.

Grattan's Parliament never discussed a Catholic emancipation bill ; such a measure was never introduced to that body, as it was absolutely unnecessary; the mere fact of the existence of an Irish Parliament acted automatically in the emancipation of the Catholics.

The Act of Union was brought about by coercion, intimidation, and bribery, a transaction stigmatized by Mr. Gladstone as the most shameful and criminal in the annals of history. (See Gladstone's speech on introducing the Home Rule Bill in 1886.)

H. McMANAMY. New York.

N ERVE Force is an energy created by durance; dizziness; headaches; backaches;

I the nervous system. What it is, we neuritis; rheumatism, and other pains.
do not know, just as we do not know what
electricity is.

Third Stage: Serious mental disturb.

ances; fear; undue worry, melancholia ; We know this of Nerve Force. It is the

dangerous organic disturbances; suicidal dominant power of our existence. It gov tendencies, and, in extreme cases, insanity. erns our whole life. It is Life; for if we knew what nerve force were, we should It is evident that nerve depletion leads to know the secret of life.

a long train of evils that torture the mind

and body. It is no wonder neurasthenics Nerve force is the basic force of the body

(nerve bankrupts) become melancholy and and mind. The power of every muscle,

do not care to live. every organ; in fact, every cell is governed and receives its initial impulse through the If only a few of the symptoms mentioned nerves. Our vitality, strength and endur apply to you, especially those indicating ance are directly governed by the degree of mental instability, you may be sure your our nerve force.

nerves are at fault-that you have ex

hausted your Nerve Force. If an elephant had the same degree of nerve force as a flea, or an ant, he would Nerve Force is the most precious gift of jump over mountains and push down sky Nature. It means everything your happiscrapers. If an ordinary man had the same

ness, your health, your success in life. You degree of nerve force as a cat, he could should know all there is to learn about your break all athletic records without half try

nerves; how to relax, calm and soothe your ing. This is an example of Muscular Nerve nerves, so that after a severe nerve strain Force.

you can rebuild your lost Nerve Force, Mental Nerve Force is indicated by force

and keep yourself physically and mentally

fit. of character, personal magnetism, moral courage and mental power.

Paul von Boeckmann, the noted Nerve

Culturist, who for 25 years has been the Organic Nerve Force means health and

leading authority in America on Breathing, long life.

Nerve Culture and Psycho-physics, has It is a well-balanced combination of Phys.

written a remarkable book on the Nerves, ical, Mental and Organic Nerve Force that

which teaches how to soothe, calm and care has made Thomas Edison, General Pershing

for the nerves. The cost of the book is and Charles Schwab and other great men

only 25 cents (coin or stamps). Bound in. what they are. 95% of mankind are led by elegant cloth and gold cover, 50 cents. the other 5%. It is Nerve Force that does

Address, Paul von Boeckmann, Studio 330,

World's Tower Bldg., 110 West 40th St., the leading.

New York City. You should order the In our nerves, therefore, lies our greatest book to-day. It will be a revelation to you strength; and there, also our greatest weak and will teach you important facts that will ness-for when our nerve force becomes give you greater Physical, Mental and depleted, through worry, disease, overwork, Organic Nerve Force. If you doʻnot agree abuse, every muscle loses its strength and that this book teaches you the most imporendurance; every organ becomes partly tant lesson on Health and Mental Efficiency paralyzed, and the mind becomes befogged. you have ever read, your money will be

refunded by return mail, plus the outlay of The noted British authority on the nerves,

postage you may have incurred.
Alfred T. Schofield, says, “It is my belief
that the greatest factor in the maintenance

The author of Nerve Force has adverof health is that nerves be in order."

tised his various books on Health and

Nerve Culture in the standard magazines Unfortunately few people know that they of America during the last twenty years, waste their nerve force, or will admit that it which is ample evidence of his responsihas been more or less exhausted. So long bility and integrity. The following are exas their hands and knees do not tremble, tracts from letters written by grateful they cling to the belief that their nerves are people who have read the book: strong and sound, which is a dangerous assumption.

"I have gained 12 pounds since reading

your book and I feel so energetic. I had How often do we hear of people running about given up hope of ever finding the from doctor to doctor, seeking relief from

cause of my low weight."" a mysterious “ something-the-matter" with them, though repeated examinations fail to “Your book did more for me for indigesindicate that any particular organ is weak tion than two courses in dieting.” or diseased.

“My heart is now regular again and my It is "nerves” or “you are run down," nerves are fine. I thought I had heart the doctor tells the victim. Then a “tonic" trouble, but it was simply a case of abused is prescribed, which temporarily gives the nerves. I have re-read your book at least nerves a swift kick, and speeds them up, ten times." just as a fagged-out horse may be made to

“ The advice given in your book on respeed up by towing him behind an auto

laxation and calming my nerves has cleared mobile.

my brain. Before I was half dizzy all the The symptoms of nerve exhaustion vary time." according to individual characteristics, but the development is usually as follows:

A physician says: “Your book shows

you have a scientific and profound knowlFirst Stage: Lack of energy and en edge of the nerves and nervous people. I durance; that“ tired feeling," especially in am recommending your book to my pathe back and knees.

tients." Second Stage: Nervousness; sleepless A prominent lawyer in Ansonia, Conn., ness; irritability ; decline in sex force; loss says: “ Your book saved me from a nerof hair; nervous indigestion ; sour stomach; vous collapse such as I had three years ago. gas in bowels; constipation; irregular I now sleep soundly and am gaining heart; poor memory; lack of mental en- weight. I can again do a real day's work."


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AUGUST 6, 1919

In ti treaty * would St Germat only on

dent the purpolin that ce

be that uns strength but to whaten. He


that it be submitted at the same time as or even one-half, of the burden which WITH FRANCE

the general Treaty, it was sufficient for might have been laid upon the Empire TN transmitting to the Senate the spe- placing that provision in the text. It was if it had remained intact. Somebody, Icial treaty with France by which the the one provision by which the President however, has got to bear that burden. United States would agree to help in was bound by the mere fact that he had The question has been how to distribute defending France against German aggres- negotiated it.

that among the various peoples formerly sion, the President urged it not only on It has been said on behalf of the Presi. constituting the Empire, and particularly the ground of our special obligation to dent by Senator John Sharp Williams how to apportion it between those peoples France, but also on the ground of the that the purport of that provision was to who constitute openly enemy states and special exigency which will exist pending make it certain that the two treaties those peoples who have been absorbed by the organization of the League of Na- should be before the Senate at the same the Allied and Associated Powers. It is tions. He declared that it was an arrange time, and that as soon as the Franco- an exceedingly difficult question. It is ment “not independent of the League of American agreement was submitted the too complicated to set forth in anything Nations, but under it.” Announcing that two treaties would be before the Senate less than a treatise. It is plain, however, Great Britain volunteers the same prom. at the same time. That, however, is not that at best the Austrians will have to ise, he interpreted the agreement as the wording of the provision. There are carry a burden of great weight for many follows:

few things which a nation should make years to come. : Two Governments who wish to be with so great care, and, when made, Hungary is a much more disturbing members of the League of Nations ask should guard and keep so scrupulously factor at present than Austria. The leave of the Council of the League to be as a promise.

Peace Conference has announced that un. permitted to go to the assistance of a

Now that the treaty has been subfriend whose situation has been found to

less the Government of Bela Kun, which be one of peculiar peril, without await

mitted, it can be officially considered. It has been attempting to form a kind of ing the advice of the League to act. is not a rash pledge that is pro partnership with the Bolsheviki of Rus

posed. In effect it is simply an assur- sia, is overthrown the Allies will not For some reason not as yet forth

ance to France that America will not lift the blockade. The difficulty seems to coming it has been assumed that this

leave to France alone the responsibility be that a considerable proportion of proposed special treaty with France

of repelling any assault upon the victory Bela Kun's strength has been due, not was withheld from publication in the

which America helped to win. Mere to his Bolshevism, but to what we in United States when it was known in fairness to the partner that is closest to America would call his jingoism.: He France and England. On July 24 it was

peril requires that we give her this as- wants to keep within Hungary as many read as news in the United States Senate surance.

of the subject peoples as possible. So by Senator Brandegee. As a matter of

there has been fighting between the Hunfact, it was published in the United

garians and Czechoslovaks on one side States broadcast on July 3 and 4, at the FURTHER PROBLEMS

and the Hungarians and Rumanians on very time it was published in the London

the other. There has been a lack of “ Times” and in the “ Figaro” of Paris. Five years ago last week Austria

strong and firm policy at Paris. This complaint concerning an imaginary Hungary launched its attack on Serbia.

While representatives of the Great grievance has diverted public attention Last week Austria and Hungary, sep

Powers have been discussing plans as to from a complaint which, whether justi- arated from one another, shorn of terri.

what they are going to do in future years, fied or not, has a basis of fact. tory occupied by their formerly subject

they have failed to act with firmness or According to this agreement as framed peoples, and shaken by political disturb

with much evidence of co-operation in in Paris and accepted by the President, ances and physical violence, were okjects

dealing with such wars as these Hunit is provided (in Article IV) that “it of special consideration by the Peace

garian-Rumanian and Ilungarian-Czechoshall be submitted to the Senate of the Conference in Paris. On July 8 Austria

slovak wars in the present. The HunUnited States of America at the same had received the rest of the terms which

garians are still an enemy people, and it time as the Treaty of Versailles shall be had first been handed over to her on

gives only an impression of weakness to submitted for assent to ratification.” June 2, shortly after her delegates arrived

attempt to withstand their aggressiveness On July 10 President Wilson sub at St. Germain. Austria has now, there

by offering them threats when the Powers mitted the Treaty of Versailles to the fore, practically the full text of the

ought to act unitedly in enforcing obediSenate, but did not submit the Franco- Treaty as the Peace Conference proposes

ence to the terms of the armistice. What American treaty. In fact, he distinctly it. As in the case of Germany, ample

is needed is the exercise of police power. said that he would reserve submission of time was given to Austria to consider the that treaty to a later date. Of course, terms and to make suggestions for modialthough the individual Senators were fication. Dr. Renner, the head of the TWO DILEMMAS IN THE aware of the treaty and might have had Austrian delegation, has declared the PROHIBITION BILL the text of its provisions before them, terms to be so severe as to be impossible On July 22 the bill to enforce both neither the Senate nor any committee of of fulfillment.

war-time prohibition and the Prohibithe Senate could officially act upon it or Of course Austria's case is different tion Amendment was passed by the House have it under consideration as a matter from that of Germany. The Austro- of Representatives. of business which has any parliamentary Hungarian Empire has disappeared. In framing this measure the legislators rights until it was formally and officially Austria itself, as it survives the wreck, encountered two difficulties for which it submitted to the Senate.

represents only a minority of the people is not easy to see a satisfactory solution. Whatever the reason was for requiring of the old Empire, and cannot carry all, In the first place, the question arose


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