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“Highlands of Ontario"


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BEACH HOUSE Hotel Le Marquis


I rondacks.. Foothills Mt. Hurricane. Family cottages and common dining-room. Also single rooms. Everything complete. Golf

links near by. Elevation 2,000 ft. Send inCOTUIT, MASS.

quiries to S. F. Weston, Yellow Springs, Ohio. Boating, bathing excellent. Cottages. Ideal place for summer. Own garden. N.C. Morse. A DIRONDACKS, The CRATER

CLUB. Essex-on-Lake-Champlain. Cottages with central club house where meals are served. References required.

For circular or information address John B. ALASKA TOURS

BURNHAM, 233 Broadway, New York. Beautiful spot. Surf. Fine table.

Golf, tennis, games. Reasonable BLUE MOUNTAIN HOUSE The Fjords, Inside Passage, The

rates. Write

Blue Mountain Lake. N. Y. Glaciers, The White Pass, Beau

Now open. High elevation. Beautiful mountain

and Jake scenery. Boating, fishing, autoing, tiful Lake Atlin, The Mighty Yukon, and


Mass. etc. Illustrated booklet. M. T. Merwin, Prop. The Midnight Sun

If You Are Tired or Not Feeling Well

Elmhurst Cottage

Nice mountain Millions of acres of pine and balsam with thou you cannot find a more comfortable place in

ollage resort, pleasant

walks and drives; fresh vegetables, milk, Sail from Vancouver June 7. The Alaska sands of lakes and streams. The mecca for out

New England than door men and women. “Algonquin Park"

eggs, chickens. $2.50 per day, $12 up per Tours sail June 28, July 16, July 26. “ Muskoka Lakes "_"30,000 Islands of Geor THE WELDON HOTEL

week. * mile from Ausable Club House. gian Bay"-"Timagami"-"Kawartha Lakes" Visit en route the National Parks

MRS. R. E. WINCH, St. Huberts P. O., N. Y. "Lake of Bays."Modern hotels. Good fishing

GREENFIELD, MASS. and the Canadian Rockies. Apply to and delightful climate. Altitude 1,000 to 2,000 feet above the sea. Write for illus. literature:

Come to Camp Sacandaga son Lake It affords all the comforts of home without

a Sacandaga extravagance.

A camp for the lovers of the out-of-doors. The AMERICAN EXPRESS C. G. Orttenburger, 907 Merchants Loan & Trust B!dg.,

Refined surroundings. Good table. Large Chicago, I.

living-hall. Cottages and tents for sleeping. W. R. Eastman, Room 510, 294 Washington, St., Boston,

Boats and canoes. Black bass fishing. Hikes Travel Department

into the woods. Nights around the camp-fire. Travel service of all sorts in H. M. Morgan, 1019 Chamber of Commerce Bldg.,

Everything comfortable and homelike. Folder LENOX, MASS.

and terms upon application. Address CHAS. T. Buffalo, N.Y.

MEYER, Lake Pleasant, Hamilton Co., N. Y. any direction – Monthly | J. H. Burgis, 819 Dime Bank Bldg., Detroit, Mich. High and Cool in the Berkshires

Bulletin of general travel

A. B. Chown, 1270 Broadway, New York City, N. Y. A HOTEL OF DISTINCTION HOW would you like to live for 2 or 3 weeks or
information – Those
For adults', boys' or girls' camp sites apply to H.

months, in cottage or hotel, on a strip of land OPENS JUNE 14. ELEVATION 1,400 FEET R. Charlton, General Passenger Department, Montreal Desirable Cottages with hotel service. VIRTUALLY SIX MILES AT SEA ? "spendable everywhere"

Where there are congenial neighbors and all


of the conveniences of home. Where the breeze

Winter Resort, Princess Hotel, Bermuda seldom stops blowing; where boating, bathTravelers Cheques

ing and fishing are daily pastimes and where

MARBLEHEAD, MASS. the cost is reasonable. Do you know that
The International

The Leslie
Illustrated Booklet on Request


A quiet, cozy little house by the sea only 50 miles from New York, is such a place?

THE JOHNSON and Cottages,

Direct inquiries to C. W. NASH, Supt., Point O'Woods, LI. SaceAmerican Express 1 Bailey Island, Me. Beautifully situ

Descriptive booklet. ated on high ground facing Casco Bay. Fish

Southworth Villa, in the Switzerland of Company ing, boating, bathing, and other out-of-door The Breezy Knoll Inn » Delaware Co. 1,850 ft. elevation. Homelike, sports. Good table, fresh milk, eggs, poultry

restful, comfortable. Excellent table. Fresh 65'Broadway, New York

ON LAKE PONTOOSUC and vegetables raised on the premises. For

dairy products and vegetables. Charming

PITTSFIELD, MASS. full particulars address H. F. Johnson, Prop.

walks and drives. Golf, tennis, croquet. Ad. " Bathing and Boating in the Mountains" E. B. Southworth, Prop., Trout Creek, N. Y. Robinhood Inn and Cottages

Healthful climate, fine Berkshire scenery,

charming walks and drives. Fishing, tennis.
BAILEY ISLAND, Me., will open June

Excellent table. Booklet. L.M.Rockwell, Prop.
15. Bathing, fishing, sailing. For circular,
Miss MASSEY, 901 Clinton St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Bailey Island, Maine

Siasconset, Mass.

31st Street & Fifth Avenue Open June 15 to Sept. 15. Air, scene and NANTUCKET ISLAND

New York table all of the best. Illustrated booklet on

application. Thomas E. Hazell, Summit, N.J. Japan, Korea, Manchuria, China

Golfers' Summer Paradise

Combines every convenience and home

comfort, and commends itself to people of Best 18-hole seashore course in U.S.

refinement wishing to live on American Plan and the Philippines

Tennis, surf bathing, etc.

and be within easy reach of social and draNo Malaria No Hay Fever No Hot Days

matic centers. Choice of Four Tours, one including

American Plan Moderate Rates

Room and bath $4.50 per day with meals, or JAVA, BURMA, INDIA, CEYLON, AUSTRALIA,

MERWIN J. BULKLEY, Proprietor $2.50 per day without meals. NEW ZEALAND AND THE SOUTH SEAS.

Illustrated Booklet gladly sent upon Modern plumbing, all conveniences, fi

request. NEW YORK

JOHN P. TOLSON. Twenty-eighth season.

table. Basg, trout, salmon fishing. An ideal

vacation spot. Moderate rates. Send for Itineraries. Address : Francis D. Thwing, Belgrade Lakes, Me.

| For All HOTEL JUDSON 63 Washing


adjoining Judson Memorial Church. Rooms

Deer Isle 309 Fifth Ave.,

with and without bath. Rates $2.50 per day, “THE FIRS” 1115 Walnut Sts, (Sunset P. O.), Me.

of the including meals. Special rates for two weeks New York City


Penobscot Bay Resort Region. Inn, cottages,
tents. A summer home of comfort and a

or more. Location very central. Convenient

IP Open Air to all elevated and street car lines. beautiful outdoors. One cottage available Summer in the National Parks, for family, 6 rooms. Rates moderate.


S. B. KNOWLTON, Haverford, Pa.
California, Canadian Rockies

The Adirondacks

Glen Garriff, Mt. Pocono, Pa. Motoring camping, tramping, horseback rid

Me. For adults. Quiet, cool camp on lake
If you want to take your vacation in the

Special rates for June and September. ing, resting. Booklet. THE TEMPLE

woods, to spend your days on lakes, inlets, TOURS. 6 Beacon Street, Boston.

in the woods. Canoes, fishing, tennis. Tents,
log cabins. Good board. Booklet. Miss E.M.

and trails, and your evenings and nights by
BUCK, 8 Baldwin Ave., Jersey City, N. J.

the camp-fire, to fish, study birds and fowers,

and climb mountains, to have the company of Hotels and Resorts


LOON LAKE, enthusiastic campers, and the guidance of a
MAINE family who are experts in wilderness outing,

Jamestown, Narragansett Bay CONNECTICUT

In famous Rangeley region in heart of send for the booklet on the “Back Log mountains facing lake. Private log cabing Idea." THOMAS K. Brown, Westtown, Pa.

Opposite Newport, R. I. with open fires and baths. Central dining

Thorndyke Hotel opens June 1. FurTHE WAYSIDE INN

room. Golf within easy reach; garage. Boat HURRICANE LODGE nished cottages equipped with all improveNew Milford, Litchfield Co., Conn. ing, bathing, fishing, mountain climbing.

ments. Booklets. P. H. HORGAN, Propr. In the foothills of the Berkshires. Open all the Farm one mile from camp furnishes fresh

and COTTAGES vegetables, eggs, poultry, certified milk. year. An ideal place for your summer's rest.


VERMONT 2 hours from New York. Write for booklet. Booklet. J. LEWIS YORK, Prop.

Hurricane, Essex Co., N. Y. Mrs. J. E. Castle, Proprietor.

Season opens June 14th. Com


fortable, homelike. Altitude

ful summer home. Cheerful, large, airy

1,800 ft. Extensive verandas CANADA

overlooking Keene Valley.

rooms, pure water, bath, hot and cold; broad HIGH ROCK HOTEL Trout fishing. Camping. Golf links, nine well

piazza, croquet, fine roads. Terms reasonable.

Refs. exchanged. The MISSES SARGEANT. Cottages, Studios, Bungalows.

kept greens. Mile course. Tennis and croquet.

Fresh vegetables. Fine dairy. Furnished cot(Opp. Eastport, Me.) Squaw Mountain Inn, overlooking Moose tages, all improvements. Terms $18 to $30 per

WYOMING Private family will take a few paying guests.

Dhead Lake, where the climate is health week. Special rates for season. Address K. No children under sixteen. Beautiful walks,

ful, the atmosphere restful, and the surround BELKNAP, Mgr., Hurricane, Essex Co., N. Y. OUTDOORS WITH COMFORT fine boating, bracing climate, scenery unsur

ings beautiful. Excellent cuisine. Shady walks passed. Address 225, Outlook.

and trails. Fishing and canoeing. ÅRTHUR CAMP LINGERLONG
A. CRAFTS, Prop., Greenville Junction, Me.

On Pine Lake. Includes 500 acres of wild Sixteen Bar-One (16-1) Stock Ranch in the
est Adirondack Mountains. Hunting, fishing, beautiful Big Horn Mountains. An attractive
gwimming, canoeing, tennis, saddle horses. home for rest and recreation. Superior table;

Tramps to surrounding mountain peaks, Lake perfect water; good saddle horses. Camping
Open to early spring fishermen. Write for

George and Lake Champlain. Dancing. Ex trips; trout fishing, etc. Address
Booklet. RUEL

cellent meals. Spring water. Cabins and Beautifully situated, overlooking the far E. HOLDEN," JACKMAN. MAINE

W. H. Wyman & Sons, Shell P. O., Wyoming.

tents $14, $16 and up. Private parties entirely famed Annapolis Basin, Beaman's Mountain,

isolated. References required. Manager, Digby Gap and the Bay of Fundy. The air is SEBASCO ESTATES CO. ROYDEN BARBER, Clemons, N. Y. dry and clear. Large, comfortable rooms. Excellent cuisine and service the table offers


ADIRONDACKS the best of everything obtainable. Boating,

INTERBROOK LODGE and COTTAGES I Brick Church Elderly invalids, inbathing, fishing, canoeing, hunting, golf. The On Casco Bay-opposite Portland, Me.

Keene Valley, N. Y.

curables, and others shore road is a six-mile panorama of superb

On direct trail to Mt. Marcy, very heart of
Hotel Club with modern bungalows and

in nurse's private home. Beautiful surroundscenery, fine walks and drives.

Mts. Illustrated booklet giving description ings. 65 Halsted St.. East Orange, N. J. FURNISHED COTTAGES, five to camps. 500 acres of hills, pine woods ; 4 miles twelve rooms, with bath and all modern conshore line, ocean, bay. Deep sea and lake

of Keene Valley and the Lodge sent on re-
quest. $15 and $18 a week.

ITOME SPIRIT, BEST OHIO fishing; indoor, outdoor, and water sports.

M. E. LUCK. veniences, for families or parties. A private

IT COUNTRY BOARD, convenihome with the service of a first-class hotelFresh sea food and garden vegetables our

Cottages, Bunga ences, lovely lawn, tennis, books, health, place an ideal arrangement for a care-free vacation. specialty. Auto shelter free. Rates $3.50 a

lows, and Tents for party of three or more in one suitable For rates and further information write day. $15 to $22 weekly. Al references.

Modern improvements. Write for booklet and room or tent at $10 week. Good, interesting AUBREY BROWN, Digby, Nova Scotia. FREEMAN H. MERRITT. WILLIAM A. MILES. reference. R. Bennett, Raquette Lake, N.Y. I people welcomed. Ready May 15. 331, Outlook.




Back Log|Lovers and intiming

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Trapper Lodge — Wyoming


Country Board

de services or na, ali mosfive to

Real Estate

NEW YORK COMMUTER'S OPPORTUNITY Westchester County. Offer at pre-war price of $5,250, a modern ten-room white stucco hollow tile residence, eight minutes from station, half hour Grand Central Terminal. Open and quiet surroundings. Would consider rental. Full particulars can be secured from owner by addressing 9,815, Outlook.



Real Estate

FOR RENT - FURNISHED I White Mountains For sale or to let.

Attractive Cottage,

9 rooms, overlooking lake and mountains. Summer Home in Connecticut Shore front. Terms reasonable. Inquire of on Long Island Sound, 2X hours from New Jos. A. Nesmith, 97 Central St., Lowell, Mass. York. 11-room cottage, 2 baths, electric lights,

large fireplaces, sleeping porch, bath houses,

Wolfeboro, N. H. Girls' camp or sum-
and all possible conveniences. Ideal place
for children. Salt water bathing. Grounds

mer residence. Cottage, large garage, boat

house, sandy beach, boats, canoe, launch.
adjoin golf links and tennis courts. Flower

Rev. Dr. J. A. HIGGONS, Philadelphia, Pa.
and vegetable garden planted. Use of a cow.
Large garage with chauffeur and gardener's

quarters. Apply to Owner, 70 Melrose Place,
Montclair, N.J. Telephone 4916 Montclair.

For RENT, Fur

1 nished, from July 1

to Sept. 1, new house, in perfect condition, to
adults. Ten rooms, two baths, electric lights,
garden, garage. $175 month. 295, Outlook.

For Sale -Estate of 50 Acres

Demodeled Colonial Apartment
Beautiful harbor and sunset views. Ideal I near subway, theaters, business district.
location for summer home or colony. Two

Physician's office suite, own apartment, houses, stable, hennery. Located 12 miles from garage, and 3 income-producing apartments. Bath, Me. Accessible by land and water.

$17,000. 86 S. Oxford St., Brooklyn.
Geo. L. Harris, 39 Free St., s. Portland, Mo.

CAMP. Moosehead Lake, Maine
for Rent
Seven master's bedrooms, two baths, living-
room, dining-room, kitchen, chill room, laun-
dry, four servants' rooms. Lodge for guides,
tent platforms, tennis court, whart, tele-
phone. Completely furnished except linen
and blankets. Address 289, Outlook.
For Sale-Cash Terms. About 1% Acres

in fact, in any part of the Adirondacks. Teil
OGUNOUIT. MAINE us the size and location you desire. Address

W.F. ROBERTS, Real Estate Office,
On ocean. Three minutes from cable telegraph,

Saranac Lake, N. Y.
hotels, churches, post office, and trolley.
Twelve rooms, electric lighting, laundry, light
cemented cellar with Boynton furnace; three
bathrooms, three fireplaces. Apply by letter.
M. M.Stevenson, Lock Box 243, Ogunquit, Me.

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Large well-planned cottage, overlooking
beautiful mountain scenery and golf course
at Pocono Manor (a hotel and cottage colony),
one and a half miles from Pocono Summit
station on the D. L. & W.R.R., one hundred
miles from New York. Completely furnished
for housekeeping, except table and bed linen.
Living and dining rooms, porches and kitchen.
Seven master's bedrooms (four with running
water), two sleeping porches, three baths and
two showers. Two maids' rooms and bath.
Chauffeur's room and bath. Garage for two
cars. Pure spring water, electric lights, tele-
phone, hot water heating system, five open
fireplaces, trunk elevator and laundry. For
further particulars apply to
EDWIN A. HOOPES, Agt., Pocono Manor, Pa.


FARM, FURNISHED. Sleeping porches, bath, fruit trees, 100-quart raspberry patch, asparagus bed. 5 minutes from country club. J. L. HOWARD, Brattleboro, Vt.

Elevation 1,750 feet; half-hour
drive from Brattleboro, Vermont;
fronting on 65-acre lake stocked with trout.
Property includes entire lake shore.
JOHN W. TITCOMB, 379 Quail St., Albany, N. Y.
Furnished bungalo

for rent in
Seven miles from Manchester. Six rooms and
bath. $275 per season. Mrs. Henry S. Pren-
tiss, 238 Williamson St., Elizabeth, N. J

SHOE An Ideal Summer Home


Professional Situations WANTED-Physician, also councilors, for boys' camp, Maine. Box 79, Station L, Brook

Business Situations WANTED-Private secretary. Must be fast and accurate stenographer and typist, also understand handling of personal double entry accounts. Prefer one with experience in preparing press notices. In reply state experience, salary desired. Excellent position for woman of refinement. R. B. S., 6,884, Outlook.

RAILWAY traffic inspector, $110 a month to start and expenses. Travel if desired. Unlimited advancement. No age limit. Three months' home study. Situation arranged. Prepare for permanent position. Write for booklet CM27 Standard Business Training Institute, Buffalo, N. Y. Companions and Domestic Helpers

AN OPPORTUNITY for vacation on Cape Cod in return for help in management of household and small salary. Only helpful, orderly, and cheerful person need apply. 6,880, Outlook.

WANTED-Young lady as companion. One who can read aloud and, if necessary, occasionally drive an automobile. 6,883, Outlook.

WANTED-Child's nurse for two boys, 3 years and 15 months. Please state experience and wages_required. Mrs. P. 0. Staley, Geneva, N. Y.

WANTED-Companion for elderly lady. Some knowledge of nursing necessary. Location Niagara Falls, N. Y.

EXCEPTIONAL. Middle-aged colored woman, experienced cook, to take charge of small house in lovely village. Two in family. Good wages. Unusually good home for right person. Answer, with references, Box 461, Spring Lake, N. J.

Teachers and Covernesses IF available for teaching position any. where in United States or foreign countries, write Ernest Olp, Steger Building, Chicago.

WANTED-French governess for Colorado family with three children. Please give references, age, qualifications, and salary expected when replying. 740 Emerson St., Denver, Colorado.

WANTED—Competent teachers for public and private schools. Calls coming every day. Send for circulars. Albany Teachers' Agency, Albany, N.Y.

GOVERNESSES, cafeteria managers, dietitians, matrons, housekeepers. Miss Richards, Box 5, East Side Station, Providence, R.I.

WANTED, in New Haven, Conn., experienced French, English, or American governess for two boys of 3% and 6x years. Physical care, teaching. References. 6,874, Outlook.

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Professional Situations PHYSICIAN (reputable woman) would travel with patient or supervise girls' camp. P. 0. Box 226, White Plains, N. Y.

Business Situations YOUNG man with life experience wants position as assistant or superintendent in institution for homeless or delinquent children. 6,894, Outlook. Companions and Domestic Helpers

WANTED-Position as companion or tutor by young lady, college graduate. Good references. 6,881, Outlook.

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BY THE WAY “A ship's name,” says “ Shipping,” of the “ Typographic Messenger,” and “ should be a short word, to facilitate said: “I want to know how much money cabling, signaling, phoning, sighting at sea, my husband drew out of the bank last and remembrance. It should be spelled week.” “I am sorry, but I cannot give easily and be pronounceable by illiterate you this information,” was the answer. persons. A large proportion of the names « Well, the impudence !” snapped the listed on the Shipping Board's Register woman; “ aren't you the Paying Peller?” fail to meet these conditions. Among the “I am, madam,” was the calm reply ; “ but names listed are many like • Osawatomie,' I am not the Telling Payer.” “Sagadahoc,' •West Loquassuck, and

“You think Oriental rugs are a luxury • Lake Ypsilanti."" The point seems a good

and bought only by the rich ?” said a New one, but many famous ships have had

York City retail dealer in rugs the other difficult names. The warship to which

day. “Why, a colored woman living in a Napoleon surrendered was the Bellero

rear tenement came in here not long ago phon, nicknamed the “Bully Ruffian " by

and bought a hundred-dollar rug. She had British sailors ; the Téméraire was another

the money with her, too. I was astonished, famous British war-vessel; the Bonhomme

I admit. "But you see she had no doubt Richard was Paul Jones's flagship; and

lived as a cook in a fine house and had the Constitution and the Guerrière are hardly to be classed as examples of simple

acquired the taste for good things.” nomenclature.

“ When I was a cub printer on the

Moberly At a trial for assault and

Daily Monitor,'' says a correbattery,

spondent of the “ American Printer,” “the “ Harper's Magazine ” says, a Southern

office rule was to abbreviate the names of darky testified that the man who was

States. An overly-dressed woman pranced knocked down lay on the ground five minin on us one day and wanted to know who

Its antiseptic, germ-proof utes. The opposing lawyer tried to disgave in the information that she was

film dries almost instantly credit the witness, and, pulling out his colored folks. No one could explain the

but resists wear and washwatch, asked the Negro to tell him when mystery until she pointed an accusing finger

ing for many days. five minutes had elapsed. The witness told at the line : The newcomers are Col.

It is a convenient “first him correctly. The astonished lawyer later folks, and we bespeak for them a hearty

aid” for cuts, scrapes and asked for an explanation. “Why, boss," welcome in our city.' We merely meant

all minor skin injuries. was the reply, “I jest figured it out.” “ But how? 6 Why, by de clock on de

Never Neglect that they came from Colorado, but she in

sisted we had slandered her. After that a Break in the Skin" wall behind you, sah.”

we printed State names in full.” Merit does not always give a man a place

Be sure you get L'6|
Among first editions treasured by a New


genuine New-Skin, E in the encyclopædias, or, if he does get in, York bibliophile are fifty-six volumes of

not an inferior sub

B assure correctness in describing his fame. Captain Mayne Reid's stories. Even this

stitute. Thomas Pringle, author of the poem “Afar portentous list of the prolific author's

All Druggists—15 in the Desert," which is printed in almost works is not complete.“ Afloat in the

and 30 cents every anthology and which Coleridge conForest,” originally published in that favor

NEWSKIN CO. sidered “ among the two or three most per

NEW YORK ite magazine of the boys and girls of fect lyric poems in our language,” has only

yesteryear, “ Our Young Folks,” and “ Odd a casual reference in the greatest British cyclopædia, none in the latest American

People,” are not included. Captain Reid

was of Irish birth, but he came to the cyclopædia, and in another American cyclo

United States as a young man and served the plate was intended to receive the white pædia his famous poem is called “ A Farm

in the Mexican War. His first book,“ The gloves that he ought to have worn! in the Desert.” Rifle Rangers," was based on his experi

Nemesis, or whatever we may call the A hospital doctor writes in the “ Ontario ences in that war. His books are still in

fatality of natural causes, seems to lie in Post” that one of his patients had had the demand in the libraries.

wait for every inattentive human being. flu. He was seen walking around wearily.

An American unused to court etiquette Here is a strange example: At Saskatoon, When he was asked what was wrong, he

was invited, just before the war, says said: “Ah done had de Spanish Au.”

Saskatchewan, a passenger train, accord“ That so?” he was asked ; “what is the

“Collier's,” to dine with a German prince. ing to the “ Railway Age,” was recently Spanish flu like, Sam?” “ The flu," said

A glittering flunky presented a silver plate derailed near a grain elevator. The loco

to him just before the hors-d'oeuvres were motive knocked down a part of the wall of Sam, “don't you-all know what de flu is?

served. He blushed, fumbled in his pockets, the building, causing the rupture of several Why, it's a disease dat makes you sick six

then said to himself, “ I have nothing but grain bins. The resulting avalanche of months after you gets well."

a ten-dollar note, but I don't think any grain overwhelmed the engine and two A grim-faced matron approached the German dinner is worth ten dollars," so he cars, and the engineman, fireman, and one window at the bank, says the story-teller let the plate pass. He then discovered that other man were smothered to death. SITUATIONS WANTED SITUATIONS WANTED I SITUATIONS WANTED

MISCELLANEOUS Companions and Domestic Holpors Companions and Domestic Helpers Toachors and Governossos YOUNG college teacher going to her farm REFINED Christian woman, widow, de PRIMARY teacher wishes suminer position WANTED, by Princeton undergraduate,

in Minnesota for summer will take delicate

child to build up. THE best of care and a sires a position as companion or chaperon. as companion or governess. Travel, country, summer position as tutor; can teach piano Excellent references. 6,878, Outlook. or seashore. 6,901, Outlook. also. References. Address, with terms, etc.,

happy vacation assured. 6,891, Outlook. Jameson 8. Slocum, 31 N. Edwards, Princeton "MILITANT PHILOSOPHY”-Essays on

YOUNG man, refined, college graduate, REFINED young woman desires position

University, Princeton, N. J. teacher several years, musical, traveled exAs companion or governess, preferably near

Love, War, Diplomacy; the relation between Boston. Accomplished pianist. References

domestic, civil, and martial law. Send 25 cents

EXPERIENCED primary teacher desires tensively, would like position as traveling exchanged. 6,882, Outlook.

to Frank Marlin, 232 W. First St., San Pedro, companion. 6,831, Outlook.

position as governess or companion to small YOUNG lady, Canadian born and educated,

CULTURED lady, having closed her own
children during summer months; loves chil-

EXCELLENT care given backward or ingraduate New York Babies' Hospital, several

dren ; very successful ; excellent references. home, desires position as companion in refined years' New York experience, desires position family. Small child preferred. 6,903, Outlook,

6,902, Outlook.

valid girl under twelve. Pleasant home in as nurse or governess. One or two children

country village on central New York lake. COLLEGE woman, experienced, will accept

HIGH school domestic art teacher desires over four years. 6,892, Outlook.

6,900, Outlook.
following positions : chaperon, housemother
summer position. Girls' camp or school.

WANTED-To care for three or four young WELL bred competent woman desires po

6,895, Outlook. in seminary, camp mother, traveling com

girls 12 to 16 years for July and August in sition as housekeeper-companion. Elderly panion for elderly people. 6,898, Outlook.

EXPERIENCED woman teacher will take

country home in Berkshires. Address couple preferred Best references. 6,893,

one or more children to country for summer,

YOUNG woman, college graduate, high Outlook.

"Mugün," Lawrence House, Northampton, provide tennis, golf, swimming, riding, or will school teacher, desires position as companion ATTRACTIVE college girl, competent

take position as tutor or companion from June
or secretary (typist). Would travel. 6,906,

WANTED-Young women to take nine teacher, as companion or tutor. References

first. Highest social references. 6,853, Outlook. Outlook.

months' course in nursing. Frances Parker exchanged. Will travel. June 15. 6,897, COMPANION-Refined lady, good linguist, KINDERGARTNER, New York graduate,

Meinorial Home, New Brunswick, N. J. Outlook. nursing experience. Would travel. Refer young, experienced, desires private school

MISS Guthman, New York shopper, will POSITION as housekeeper where help is ences. 6,908, Outlook.

position, fall term. Best references. 6.866,

send anything on approval; services free. kept by lady of experience. Would do market


References. 309 W. 99th Street. ing and planning of meals. Country preferred.

Teachers and Covernesses

EXPERIENCED teacher, young, athletic,
C. 3,815 Magnolia, St. Louis, Missouri.
TUTOR, governess, or companion by col desires light suinmer position as companion

CHILDREN'S BOARD--Berkshires. Cor GENTLEWOMAN of education desires lege teacher of French. 6,885, Outlook.

or tutor. Normal pupils, under fourteen. Sea

leze woman will board little girls Juncposition as companion; would travel. 6,899, VASSAR woman tutor, English, history, shore or mountains. Teacher, 838 Lake St.,

October. Tutor; modern languages. Excellent Outlook. Latin, pianist, wishes position June to Octo Newark, N. J.

food. References exchanged. 6,904, Outlook. AMERICAN lady as companion-helper, ber. 6,886, Outlook.

WELL educated young woman, 34, capable WANTED—Young women to take training fond of home duties, experienced in nursing. NATIVE French teacher (young man, 36), of assuming entire charge of chiidren, wants as baby nurses at Orange Orphan Home. Capable of taking charge of correspondence. now teaching in an academy, wishes position position as governess, social secretary, com Salary while training, good position guarayGood needlewoman. Best references. 6,905, during summer vacation with family or insti panion. Excellent training in dancing. Ex teed on graduating. Apply 197 Harrison St., Outlook. Itution. 6,858, Outlook. cellent references. 6,909, Outlook.

East Orange, N. J.

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Training for Authorship.

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Registered in New York State, offers a 3 years' course-a general training to refined, educated women. Requirements one year high school or its equivalent. Apply to the Directress of Nurses, Yonkers, New York.

BY SUBSCRIPTION $4.00 A YEAR. Single copies 10 cents. For foreign subscription to countries in the Postal Union, $5.56.

Address all communications to


New York City


Unequalled for Teaching Real Americanism

Send 35c today for a postpaid "HOME COPY" | THE BIGLOW & MAIN CO., 156 Fifth Ave., New York

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