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High Blood Pressure
-Hardened Arteries

-How to Remedy


(Specialist in Health Conservation) Dear Doctor Alsaker :

Last week I had two severe shocks. One of my friends had a stroke of apoplexy and is now in a very serious condition; another one dropped dead. Both of them are a little past fifty, and both of them have suffered from high blood pressure for some time. I am anxious because I too am past fifty, and my blood pressure runs from 190 to over 200. From time to time I have discomfort in the region of the heart and pains in the head.

A third friend tells me that he followed your directions and recovered. He is active and looks healthy, but I can hardly believe this, for my physicians—and they are good ones--have informed me that high blood pressure can not be reduced. Please write me frankly by return mail. I want to linger here a

F. R. M.


Founder and Director THE ALSAKER WAY

The condition mentioned in this letter arteries may not become quite as soft as is very common among men past the they should be ; their blood pressure may age of forty-five. This is a case of hard- not return to the ideal point; but they ening of the arteries (arteriosclerosis) will recover to such an extent that they with high blood pressure. An examina. have neither aches nor pains, nor are they tion nearly always shows more or less in any further danger from apoplexy or Bright's disease, and this is generally heart disease. They will recover so com caused by the excessive pressure, which pletely that they can live to be old-far forces the albumin through the kidneys. older than three score years and ten

The pain in the region of the heart is and they can be so healthy that they due to the over-worked condition of the can't feel anything wrong. And what heart, which is often aggravated by gas more can they ask? in the stomach and the bowels. The pain In most of these cases correct treats in the head is caused partly by the exces ment will reduce the blood pressure from sive pressure of the blood, and partly by twenty to thirty points the first month. accumulations of waste in the body. After that the reduction is slower.

Many physicians give nitroglycerin If this is true, why don't most doctors to lower the excessive blood pressure, but and many laymen know it? Because both this is useless, for though the pressure is physicians and lay individuals are looktemporarily reduced, it returns again. ing for cures from pills, powders and

The condition described is dan potions, aided by serums and operations. gerous because if allowed to And these means will not work in cases continue the patient will usu. ally expire from apoplexy of The correct way, which is the brain, or heart failure; Nature's way, is so simple and sometimes death comes through reasonable that very few have Bright's disease, with its accom- discovered it to date. It conpanying uremia.

sists of living so that the hardenIs the condition curable? It is ing process stops immediately, in the majority of cases. Nearly every- and then the blood pressure be body believes that hardened arteries with gins, to decrease. Usually the high blood pressure is a fatal affliction. patient is out of danger in a And it is, if it is treated in the old way few weeks. with drugs, and a superabundance of So if you would overcome high blood food. If it is treated correctly, that is pressure and soften arteries that are too in accordance with the laws of nature, at hard you will have to learn how to use least four out of five will recover. Their your lungs to get plenty of fresh air;

how to drink the right kind of liquids so as to aid in washing the impurities out of the body; how to eat the best of foods in the best way, so that these foods will build health instead of producing disease; and how to give the body good general care in every way.

T here are exceptions who can not recover. This is because they have abused themselves so long that either the kidneys have failed beyond recovery, or the heart valves or heart walls have been too much injured, or the walls of the arteries themselves have become as brittle as chalk in spots. But the vast majority—at least four out of five on the average can get into such good condition that they they are enjoying good health.

I have had patrons who were continually dizzy; who had surging of the blood to the head; who had daily headaches; who had oppression in the region of the heart (precordial pain); who were so short of breath that they could not walk upstairs, mor-could they walk as much as a block without restingyes, individuals with as bad symptoms as that have recovered very good health after they had been told by competent physicians that nothing could be done for their hardened arteries and high blood pressure.

Nature performs wonders if you give her a chance. If you are truly interested, read the publisher's announcement following this article.


Publisher's Announcement and Personal Guarantee—R. L. Alsaker, M.D., is a new type of physician. He specializes in health and teaches those who come to him for advice how to live so that disease will vanish. He has written several health-building handbooks that explain the cause of disease and show the sick how to recover. One of the most important is “Curing Diseases of Heart and Arteries.” This book is really a course of instructions on the correct home treatment of Heart Disease, Hardened Arteries, High Blood Pressure and Apoplexy. It gives specific advice on the care of the body and the proper foods to eat to produce a cure. All forms of heart disease are discussed and a correct home treatment prescribed. It is marvelous what the common foods will do for the sick when properly combined and intelligently eaten. Send $2.10 for “ Curing Diseases of the Heart and Arteries.” Follow the doctor's advice regarding the care of the body and especially The Alsaker Way of food combining and eating, for 30 days. If you are fully satisfied with the good results obtained keep the book; otherwise return it and I will refund your money. George G. Porter, a prominent business man of Syracuse, N. Y., writes, “Measured by the usual fees charged by physicians for a single consultation and prescription, Dr. Alsaker's health-building handbooks are worth $50 to $100 each.” Mr. Porter has purchased and distributed among sick people more than 200 copies of The Alsaker Handbooks. Frank E. Morrison (Estab. 1889), Dept. 252, 1133 Broadway, N. Y., Publisher of The Alsaker Health Books.


AMERICA'S OBLIGATION AND OPPORTUNITY URING the past four years the finan- unrest and lawlessness. We must help cial status of each and every country them to help themselves, feed them now so

has experienced a great transmuta that they may later supply their own wants tion, but the conversion was so gradual from their own labors. We must aid them and modified, as each phase was supplanted to regain their old spirit of hope, and this by another, that now as we look about us is perhaps our most difficult task. we perceive a complete transformation. The people of Europe must be endowed Probably the most intricate problem con- with energy and animation; whereas some fronting us to-day is the relation in its have a great deal, in others it is practically financial aspect that the United States benumbed or dead. Let America set the bears to the rest of the world.

example and back this up by her enormous Before we can develop our foreign trade wealth, to enable the weak to regain a we must create foreign credits and amplify working foothold. We have come away our foreign financial plans and agreements. victorious, and, if for no other motive than We have become a creditor nation, and a selfishness, we cannot afford to withhold large part of the world's gold is held with helping hands, for we cannot hope to prosin our boundaries. The ratio of exports per and enjoy a state of well-being undisover imports has constantly increased from turbed if humanity, expressed in millions, about one-half a billion to over three and lives in a state of anarchy and distress. one-half billions, and probably the question This international problem is one for every of greatest import to-day is how Europe is American to consider and attempt to solve. to pay us for the commodities we are It is a problem for each one of us ; comshipping and will continue to ship to her plex and intricate, to be sure, but not in ever-increasing amounts. She must be beyond us if we attack it with the purpose given credit and more credit, for she can- of mastering it. not pay in gold ; without injuring our own The productive capacity of this great industries we must buy from Europe every- country has been expanded by the war, thing possible, for we cannot export to her far beyond our former vision. What shall if we do not accept and encourage her we do to take care of this expansion? importation, so that one may balance the Create new markets for our goods and other to some extent. Europe is again to increase the potentialities of our former become our customer, and what a dis- channels of trade; and in attempting both tressed and complicated plight she is in! of these we may expect the keenest com

Russia and the Central Empires present petition. Economic waste and inefficiency grave problems indeed, for a world which will have to be reduced to a minimum, has been engaged in destruction for the goods must be standardized, and the art of past four years necessarily finds it difficult buying and the science of selling more to turn at once to the business of forma- carefully studied and developed. The cost tive construction and lucrative production. of production and transportation will beReadjustment cannot come in a few weeks come more vital elements than ever before. under the burden of enormous debts, after Our constantly growing merchant marine so long a period of unproductiveness, when must be able to compete with foreign shipwealth has been diminishing at a terrific owners to an extent it has never been rate of speed. The remarkable forced able to before. Whatever questions may exertion of strength and energy which has arise, it is certain that the financial and been expended on mutual destructiveness industrial power of America will be drawn must now be applied to and concentrated on to its full extent if order is to be obupon the upbuilding of the industrial tained from present chaotic conditions. activity of each of the contestants. What If America is to hold her position of really amounts, in some cases, to a peace- industrial and financial leadership, we must ful internal revolution exists throughout become investors not only in our own Govthe world to-day, and this may be ap- ernment bonds, but in foreign securities as proached in only the most delicate man- well. Europeans now own fewer American ner; only time can adjust this feeling of securities, and consequently have lost the unrest satisfactorily to all concerned. lucrative income they formerly enjoyed

When we are confronted by the many from them. It is estimated that between complex phases of the financial conditions $2,000,000,000 and $2,500,000,000 of Amerof the countries to which we must lend ican paper was held abroad, and $2,000,credit, upon which we must depend for 000,000 more was lent to Europe before we reimbursement for the goods we shall entered the conflict. Since that time about ship abroad, it is indeed confusing if not $8,000,000,000 in the form of loans has been discouraging. The countries of Europe advanced to the Allies. We hold about oneowe us to-day about ten billion dollars, third of the total gold coin and bullion of the but we must finance them, however black world, and we have an enormous trade balthe situation may appear. We must supply ance in our favor. We do not want more them with raw materials, and we can expect gold, and we cannot hope for some time to to supply them with credits for some time to buy from Europe any quantity of her goods come. Supplying credits to Europe means, which could materially reduce this trade to a large extent, buying its securities, but balance; therefore how can we hope to to accomplish this they must be made obtain a settlement from Europe of her attractive to the investor, after a campaign indebtedness to, us unless we shall establish of education has been waged to accustom foreign credits in the shape of collaterally the investing public to the idea. The sooner secured loans ? we realize that this task must be met, the These must be made interesting to the better for the world of commerce ; for it is American investor, for, if the private inour duty and our opportunity to supply the vestor does not buy, the financial institumeans for Europe to re-establish herself, tions will be forced to; and the same arguto feed her people and give work to her ments which hold against the policy of men, and at such time as these starved overloading the banks with our own Liberty peoples shall feel assured that their hungry Bonds exist to possibly a greater extent in bodies will be fed we may confidently ex- regard to foreign obligations in order that pect a diminishing tendency toward social America may hold the position she now

WANT $150,000

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National leaders who are writing

for the Christian Herald William Jennings Bryan, Prohibition's great cham

pion. Franklin K. Lane, U. S. Secretary of the Interior. . Major-General Leonard Wood. Josephus Daniels, Secretary of the Navy. James H. Collins of the War Savings Organization. John R. Mott, head of the Y. M. C. A. John Wanamaker, a big business man with wide

religious interests. William B. Wilson, National Secretary of Labor. Frank Vanderlip, President of the National City

Bank of New York, William G. McAdoo, former Secretary of the Treas

ury and Director-General of Railroads.

These great Divines will speak

to you in your home Rev. John Henry Jowett Rev. Newell Dwight Hillis Rev. Francis E. Clark · Bishop W.A. Quayle Rev. Richard Braunstein Rev. Charles E. Jefferson Rev. Hugh Kerr

Rev. James M. Gray Rev. Russell H. Conwell Rev. W. H. T. Dau Rev. Charles M. Sheldon Rev. K. K. Carroll Rev. C. C. Albertson Rev. David James Burrell Rev. W. W. Bustard Rev. John Timothy Stone

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Let the Christian Herald bring its message of Christian faith and optimism into your home -let it help to create your children's ideals.

of Christian faith in Herald bring its messa

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America's Obligation and Opportunity (Continued) holds; for it is generally recognized that whatever affects the prosperity or happiness of one nation affects in some degree the prosperity and happiness of other nations. It is to the benefit of all that each nation be as prosperous as possible. American capital invested abroad will perform an invaluable service by helping other peoples to help themselves. This is a humanitarian work and a patriotic duty as well as good business ; for do we not wish our flag admired and respected in the field of commerce as it has been honored and victorious on the battlefields of Europe?

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Your Vacation Trip

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and Highlands of California

Ontario Money and time spent in a well-planned vacaSequoia tion is a health investment. ' Its returns are big in

Catskill Mountains and General Grant renewed energy and the joy of living.

and National Parks

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New York Summer Excursion Fares Hawaii to National Parks and Principal Resort Regions

The Poconos National Park

Delaware Water Gap Hawaii Printed on this page is a list of booklets will help you decide where

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New York City


in the South
Colorado and Utah
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CENTRAL section you plan to visit California - - - - - - -

Northern Lakes for the Tourist Please mail me booklets as follows:

(Wisconsin Pacific Northwest

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Upper Michigan) Arizona and Name

Street Address New Mexico .

Michigan Rockies


(Lower Peninsula)

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