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Have Your Eyes Examined If glasses are needed ask for Shur-on EYEGLASSES AND SPECTACLES

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every Changes


Don't ask why-try

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Made in many attractive styles, they are


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In any style of Shur-on, with
or without Shelltex Rims, you

always get Quality Beyond Question

al no greater cost. Because it is decidedly to your advantage to get Shur-ons, look for the name stamped in the bridge of each mounting. It is there to protect you and optical dealers who want to

serve your best interests. E. Kirstein Sons Co. Sole Manufacturers of Shur-on Optical Products Established 1864 Rochester, N. Y.



MAN TRAINING Mr. H. H. Gross, President of the Universal Military Training League, sends us the following verses with this statement :

“ The inclosed poem may be of interest to you. I think it is mighty good stuff. General Leonard Wood think's so." We may add that The Outlook thinks so.

Some good judges returning from Europe have said that our citizen soldiers over there are not sympathetic with a policy of universal military training because their experience has led them to distrust the militaristic and sometimes despotic character of “regular armies.” The Universal Military Training League is not militaristic in any sense of the word. Its object is :

To secure the adoption of Federal legislation for universal training for preparedness. To have available in case of war a trained citizenreserve; the training to include vocational training and instruction in civil government, and the duties of American citizenship.

It advocates the military method of training to accomplish this object just as the Boy Scouts advocate it because it is the simplest and most effective method of enabling large bodies of men to act in unison for a definite end. We believe that it is the almost unanimous opinion of the rank and file in our National Army and Navy that their life in the training camps was of immense benefit to them physically and morally. The following is the poem which Mr. Gross sends us :

You talk of your breed of cattle,

And plan for a higher strain,
You double the food of the pasture,

You heap up the measure of grain;
You draw on the wits of the Nation

To better the barn and the pen ; But what are you doing, my brothers,

To better the breed of men ?
You boast of your Morgans and Herefords,

Of the worth of a calf or a colt,
And scoff at the scrub and the mongrel,

As worthy a fool or à dolt;
You mention the points of your roadster

With many a "wherefore" and " when," But, ah, are you conning, my brothers,

The worth of the children of men? You talk of your roan-colored filly,

Your heifer so shapely and sleek; No place shall be filled in your stanchions

By stock that's unworthy or weak. But what of the stock of your household ?

Have they wandered beyond your ken ? Oh, what is revealed in the round-up

That brands the daughters of men? And what of your boy? Have you meas

ured His needs for a growing year? Does your mark as his sire, in his features,

Mean less than your brand on a steer? Thoroughbred—that is your watchword

For stable and pasture and pen; But what is your word for the homestead ? Answer, you breeders of men !

Miss ROSE TRUMBULL. Scottsdale, Arizona.


WANT $150,000

We want good party or parties to invest with us in profitable $1,000,000 central, high-class building enterprise in Minneapolis. We are experienced and responsible. Can furnish best references. For particulars address 251, Outlook.

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Don't Wear

a Truss

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Brooks' Appliance, the modern scientific invention, the wonderful new discovery that, relieves rupture, will be sent on trial. No obnoxious springs or pads.

MR. C. E. BROOKS Brooks' Rupture Appliance Has automatic Air Cushions. Binds and draws the broken parts together as you would a broken limb. No salves. No lies. Durable, cheap. Sent on trial to prove it. Protected by U. S. patents. Catalog and measure blanks mailed free. Send name and address today. Brooks Appliance Co., 471D. State St., Marshall, Mich.

Every child or grown-up should eat some bran every day. Systems often clog without it. Bran is Nature's laxative.

Then why serve bran food which is uninviting? Why not Pettijohn's, a luxury dish ?

This dish is ever welcome. It leads to sunnier days. You will never go without it when you try it for a week.

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Rolled Wheat-25% Bran A breakfast dainty whose flavory flakes hide 25 per cent of bran.

Also Pettijohn's Flour -- 75 per cent fine patent flour, 25 per cent bran. Uge like Graham flour in any recipe.


Lieutenant Edouard Isaacs, a naval officer who was captured by the Germans and escaped from a prison camp, tells of an ingenious plan by which another prisoner got his liberty. This man had a parole permit which read, “I will not make any attempt to escape.” He altered this to “I will now make an attempt to escape,” boldly handed in this avowal of his scheme to I get his liberty, and walked out of the camp! |

WOLOGA makes single sockets do two things. At Your Dealer's 3 for $350


TRIC MFG. CO. Chicago Now York

San Francisco

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Tours and Travel


Health Resorts “INTERPINES”

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Hotel Le Marquis

usura bath. Lotaining sitlso in samoms with

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Beautiful, quiet, restful and homelike. Over

26 years of successful work. Thorough, reOn Pine Lake. Includes 500 acres of wild

liable, dependable and ethical. Every comest Adirondack Mountains. Hunting, fishing,

fort and convenience. Accommodations of Cottages, Studios, Bungalows. swimming, canoeing, tennis, saddle horses.

superior quality. Disorder of the nervous sysTramps to surrounding mountain peaks, Lake

tem a specialty. Fred. W. Seward, Sr., M.D., MASSACHUSETTS George and Lake Champlain. Dancing. Ex

Fred. W. Seward, Jr., M.D., Goshen, N.Y. cellent meals. Spring water. Cabins and tents $14, $16 and up. Private parties entirely

isolated. References required. Manager, HOTEL PURITAN

Dr. Reeves' Sanitarium :: JAPAN – CHINA ::

Commonwealth Ave. Boston

A Private Home for chronic, nervous, and

mental patients. Also elderly people requiring NEW YORK CITY Globe Trotters call the Puritan one of

care. Harriet E. Reeves, M.D.. Melrose, Mass. the most homelike hotels in the world.

Your inquiries qladly answered A summer sail on the 17-Costellonge andre bunga 101Costello Mar and our booklet mailed

Is Coming to New York

LINDEN The Ideal Place for Sick

**Why Pay Excessive Hotel Rates ? Peaceful Ocean to the CAPE C

People to Get Well THE PINES

Doylestown, Pa. An institution devoted to Cotuit, Mass.

the personal study and specialized treatLand of Enchantment Boating, bathing. Booklets. N. C. Morse.

THE CLENDENING 202 W. 103d St.

ment of the invalid. Massage, Electricity, New York Short Block from

Hydrotherapy. Apply for circular to

If You Are Tired or Not Feeling Well

Broadway Subway

(late of The Walter Sanitarinm)

Station. A Hotel of
THREE TOURS you cannot find a more comfortable place in * RATHER

Quality and Refine-
• New England than


ment. Rates are Per June 10June 16July 25 THE WELDON HOTEL OTEL LIE

Board Wanted
Suite ; Not for Each


Elderly invalids, in-

curables, and others The It affords all the comforts of home without

$2.50, $3.00 (1 or 2 Persons)

in nurse's private home. Beautiful surroundextravagance. Parlor, 2 Bedrooms and Bath, $3.50, $5.00.

ings. 65 Halsted St., East Orange, N. J.

(2 to 4 Persons). AMERICAN EXPRESS HOTEL ASPINWALL. Parlor, 3 Bedrooms and Bath, $5.00, $7.00. PRESS HOTEL ASPINWALL

(4 to 6 Persons)


Write for Booklet C and Map of N. Y. City.

TANTED-Apartment in New

York City containing sitting-room, offers also a Midnight Sun Tour High and Cool in the Berkshires

dining-room, kitchen, two bedrooms with

bath and maid's room. Also in same building to Alaska, tours around the Great A HOTEL OF DISTINCTION

31st Street & Fifth Avenue apartment containing sitting-room, bedroom Circle of National Parks and OPENS JUNE 14. ELEVATION 1,400 FEET

with bath. Location preferably out of the New York

usual beaten paths, something not usually Desirable Cottages with hotel service. general travel facilities everywhere,

Combines every convenience and home

rented, if possible, and preferably in a private HOWE & TWOROGER, Managers comfort, and commends itself to people of

house altered for such purpose. Nothing south including American Express Winter Resort, Princess Hotel, Bermuda refinement wishing to live on American Plan of Greenwich Village need be submitted nor

north of Seventy-second St. Address Charles Travelers Cheques—the Inter

and be within easy reach of social and dra

H. Davis, 1822 Pine St., Philadelphia, Pa. MARBLEHEAD,MASS.

matic centers. national Currency.

Room and bath $4.50 per day with meals, or

$2.50 per day without meals.
The Leslie
Illustrated Booklet gladly sent upon

tractive on Gramercy Park, to rent, furA quiet, cozy little house by the sea (Illustrated Booklet on request)

nished, until October. Two bedrooms, breakréquest.


fast-room, kitchenette, bath and unusually

large, artistic studio. Address 257, Outlook.

83 WashingDescriptive booklet. AMERICAN EXPRESS CO.

ton Square NEW HAMPSHIRE adjoining Judson Memorial Church. Rooms Country Board 65 BROADWAY, NEW YORK

with and without bath. Rates $2.50 per day,

including meals. Special rates for two weeks White Mountains or more. Location very central. Convenient COUNTRY BOARD to all elevated and street car lines.

For middle-aged women. Colonial home on in June PENNSYLVANIA

hilltop. Delightful view of country and Lake The ALPINE at Bethlehem, N. H.

Ontario. Electric lights, bathroom, excellent opens June 2d. Steam heat, private baths. Glen Garriff, Mt. Pocono, Pa.

table. On State road, three miles from Oswego.

Open June 2d. Miss ALICE E. PERRY, Ask for booklet A. William Chesley, Mgr.

Special rates for June and September. Fruit Valley R. F. D., Oswego, N. Y.


The Wiscasset Bungalows
In the Beautiful Pemigewasset Valley and Central Dining Hall

The comforts of a home without the cares of
A genuine old time New England Hotel

housekeeping. M.C.Lockwood, Mt.Pocono, Pa. Personally conducted party has a

with all modern conveniences

Table bountifully supplied with certified few vacancies. Rates for round trip

VERMONT milk and cream from our herd of thoroughreasonable. Itinerary furnished on bred Guernseys, poultry, eggs, vegetables THESTER, VT. “The Maples.” Delightrequest. Sail San Francisco June 28– and berries from our own farms of 1,000 acres.

ful summer home. Cheerful, large, airy return early September. Address

For Booklet and Full Particulars write

rooms, pure water, bath, hot and cold; broad CHARLES M. BIDDLE, Mgr.

piazza, croquet, fine roads. Terms reasonable. Miss L. L. CARTER


New Hampshire Refs. exchanged. The MISSES SARGEANT. Finch School, 61 E. 77th St., New York


WYOMING Summer in the National Parks,


OUTDOORS WITH COMFORT California, Canadian Rockies


of the Burnham Cottage Settlement, EssexMotoring, camping, tramping, horseback rid on-Lake Champlain, offers to families of re

Sixteen Bar-One (16-1) Stock Ranch in the ing, resting. Booklet. THE TEMPLE finement at very moderate rates the attracTOURS, 6 Beacon Street, Boston. tions of a beautiful lake shore in a locality

beautiful Big Horn Mountains. An attractive

home for rest and recreation. Superior table;
with a remarkable record for healthfulness.
The club affords an excellent plain table and

perfect water; good saddle horses. Camping
trips ; trout fishing, etc. Address

For sale or rent. Residence of late Mrs. accommodation. The boating is safe, there are

W. H. WYMAN & Sons, Shell P. O., Wyoming. Wm. M. Isaacs. About one acre of ground. attractive walks and drives, and the points of

Beautifully located in ideal, restful New Enginterest in the Adirondacks are easily access

land village. Running water in house. Large ible. Ref. required. For information relative

Health Resorts

and good garage. House and grounds in perto board and lodging address Miss MARGARET

fect order and garden planted. Cultivated FULLER, Club Mgr., 115 E. 71st St., New York.

society and good churches. 3 miles from R. R. Furnished cottages without housekeep


station in Danielson. For further particulars ing cares. Circulars and particulars on applica

apply A. L. Lesher, 881 Broadway, New York. Private family will take a few paying guests.

tion. John B. Burnham, 233 B’way, New York. Xo children under sixteen. Beautiful walks,

FOR SALE A Beautiful

Summer Home fine boating, bracing climate, scenery unsur HURRICANE LODGE

in GUILFORD, CONN. Cost over passed. Address 225, Outlook.

$50,000. Can be bought for less than half. Adand COTTAGES

dress Owner, 1821 16th St., Washington, D. C.
Hurricane, Esser Co.. N. Y.

New London-on-the-Sound
Season opens June 14th. Com-
Robinhood Inn and Cottages
fortable, homelike. Altitude

For sale or rent, large house, near bathing 1,800 ft. Extensive verandas

beach, Casino and trolley. Garage. 9 acres, BAILEY ISLAND, Me., will open June overlooking Keene Valley.

beautiful trees. On finest avenue in city, com15. Bathing, fishing, sailing. For circular, Trout fishing. Camping. Golf links, nine well

manding most extensive view of Long Island Miss MASSEY, 901 Clinton St., Philadelphia, Pa. kept greens. Mile course. Tennis and croquet.


Fresh vegetables. Fine dairy. Furnished cot-
Sanford Hall, est. 1841

New London, Conn. THE HOMESTEAD

tages, all improvements. Terms $18 to $30 per
week. Special rates for season. Address K.

Private Hospital TO CLOSE AN ESTATE
Bailey Island, Maine
BELKNAP, Mgr., Hurricane, Essex Co., N. Y.

For Mental and Nervous Diseases Open June 15 to Sept. 15. Air, scene and

A gentleman's place with fine water-front, full table all of the best. Illustrated booklet on ADIRONDACKS

view of the river. House stone and frame, ga

Comfortable, homelike surround-

rage stone with rooms for housekeeping. Small application. Thomas E. Hazell, Summit, N.J.

Keene Valley, N. Y.
ings; modern methods of treatment; stable and poultry coops, large garden. Every-

thing in perfect condition. About one-half On direct trail to Mt. Marcy, very heart of “THE FIRS” (Sunset F. 6.), Me.

competent nurses. 15 acres of lawn, Mts. Illustrated booklet giving description

mile from city, trolley in rear. Bargain for im

park, flower and vegetable gardens. mediate purchaser. For full information write Penobscot Bay Resort Region. Inn, cottages,

of Keene Valley and the Lodge sent on re

quest. $15 and $18 a week. tents. A summer home of comfort and a


W.S. Chappell, 79 Green St., New London, Ct.

Food the best. Write for booklet. beautiful outdoors. One cottage available

HOW would you like to live for 2 or 3 weeks or for family, 6 rooms. Rates moderate.

Sanford Hall Flushing New York FOR RENT — FURNISHED S. B. KNOWLTON, Haverford, Pa.

months, in cottage or hotel, on a strip of land

Crest View Sanatorium | Summer Home in Connecticut YORK CAMPSLOON LAKE, Where there are congenial neighbors and all

Greenwich, Ct. First-class in all respects, on Long Island Sound, 2% miles from New of the conveniences of home. Where the breeze bome comforts. H. M. HITCHCOCK, M.D. York. 11-room cottage, 2 baths, electric lights, In famous Rangeley region in heart of seldom stops blowing; where boating, bath

large fireplaces, sleeping porch, bath houses, mountains facing lake. Private log cabins ing and fishing are daily pastimes and where

An Occupation and

and all possible conveniences. Ideal place with open fires and baths. Central diningthe cost is reasonable. Do you know that

Recreation Cure for

for children. Salt water bathing. Grounds room. Golf within easy reach ; garage. Boat

Nervous and Nutri

adjoin golf links and tennis courts. Flower ing. bathing, fishing, mountain climbing. POINT O’WOODS, L.I.

tional disorders. Ideal

and vegetable garden planted. Use of a cow. Farm one mile from camp furnishes fresh

Home. Free from instivegetables, eggs, poultry, certified milk. only 50 miles from New York, is such a place?

Large garage with chauffeur and gardener's tutional atmosphere.

quarters. Apply to Owner, 70 Mlrose Place, Booklet. J. LEWIS YORK, Prop. Direct inquiries to C. W. NASH. Supt.. Point O'Woods. LI. | Booklet on request. Dr. H. W. MILLER, Brewster, N. Y.

Montclair, N.J. Telephone 4916 Montclair.


Real Estate

CONNECTICUT Brooklyn, Windham Co., Conn.


Trapper Lodge — Wyoming

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Real Estate

Real Estate

CONNECTICUT FOR RENT - FURNISHED “The Sumacs,” Washington, Cla southern

Nestles on slope; extended view down a beautiful wooded valley. 13 rooms, upstairs sitting-room. 7 acres, garage, town water, reasonable rent. Address GIBSON, Room 322, 56 Wall St., N. Y. City.

South West Harbor

rooms, near hotels, to rent at $150 to $600.
ALICE C. YOUNG, South West Harbor, Me.
For Sale-Cash Terms. About 1% Acres

NEW HOUSE 1917 On ocean. Three minutes from cable telegraph, hotels, churches, post office, and trolley. Twelve rooms, electric lighting, laundry, light cemented cellar with Boynton furnace; three bathrooms, three fireplaces. Apply by letter. M. M. Stevenson, Lock Box 243, Ogunquit, Me.

[blocks in formation]

Real Estate


Companions and Domestic Helpers NEW HAMPSHIRE

WANTED-Position as companion by eduFor sale or rent, attract

cated woman. 6,811, Outlook. TO LET-Furnished Bungalow Mt.rocono, ra. ive furnished cottages,

POSITION wanted in institution or sumin view of Monadnock, 3miles from bungalows, and hotels with improvements.

mer hotel as administration dietitian by wo

man of experience and ability. 6,856, Outlook. Apply to E. E. MERWIN, Mt. Pocono, Pa. Peterboro, N. H. 6 rooms with kitchenette and bath. Enclosed piazza. Altitude

KINDERGARTNER, experienced traveler, 1,300 feet, good air, lovely scenery. Apply to

RHODE ISLAND wishes summer work. Companion for child M. H. PIERSON, 18 Hillyer St., Orange, N.J.

or traveling chaperon for small group. 6,833,

Block Island, R. I.

GRADUATE nurse of experience desires
“Camp Overocean." Two-story cottage. Liv-

position as companion-nurse with invalid or Bunga

ing-room, dining-room, kitchen on first floor. elderly lady. Practical, generally useful. Ref-
low and Garage, beautifully located. For Four corner double bedrooms and spaces for erences required. 6,854, Outlook.
rent or sale, furnished. WM. E SATCHELL, several cots. Two-story stable or garage.

WISH to secure for young woman friend
Owner, 162 Gates Ave., Brooklyn, NY.
Fully furnished. Rent $250 for the season.

position as companion. Highly educated, beau-
Reply J. W. S., 205 West 13th St., N. Y. City.

tiful voice, finest references. Hattie Clappu

Morris, 1730 Broadway, New York City. Wolfeboro, N. H. Girls' camp or sum

VERMONT mer residence. Cottage, large garage, boat

COLLEGE girl desires position as governhouse, sandy beach, boats, canoe, launch.

eng or mother's helper at summer home. For rent, on shore of beautiful Lake Rev. DR. J. A. HIGGONS, Philadelphia, Pa. T Willoughby, 9-room furnished house

Loves children. Excellent references. 6,877, for June, July, August, with good vegetable


and flower garden. W.RAND, Westmore, Vt. Teachers and Covornesses FOR SALE

NATIVE French teacher (young man, 36), FOR THE HOME

now teaching in an academy, wishes position SUMMIT, 25 ELM ST.

during summer vacation with family or insti

REMNANTS - Chambrays and percales. 12-room house, all improvements, barn,

tution. 6,858, Outlook.
shade, attractive surroundings, large lot,

Samples submitted. Universal Co., Woon-
socket, R. I.

SMITH junior with teaching experience near station, price reasonable. Local agents

wants summer governess work. Seashore preor write H. S. COOLEY, Mahwah, N. J.

ferred. Marion White, Northampton, Mass. HELP WANTED

EXPERIENCED woman teacher will take NEW YORK

Professional Situations

one or more children to country for summer,

provide tennis, golf, swimming, riding, or will LISSEX - on - Lake Champlain. WANTED-Physician, also councilors, for

take position as tutor or companion from June Heartsease. An attractively located boys' camp, Maine. Box 79, Station L, Brook first. Highest social references. 6,853, Outlook. village house with the privileges of the Crater lyn, N. Y.

COLLEGE graduate (1919) desires position Club to rent for $250 for the season. Open fireplaces; modern plumbing ; completely fur

Business Situations

as tutor or companion for the summer. Exnished. J. B. Burnham, 233 Broadway, N. Y.

RAILWAY traffic inspector, $110 a month

perienced, athletic. 6,850, Outlook. to start and expenses. Travel if desired. Un

TUTORING. Medical student, Christian, LAKE CHAMPLAIN

limited advancement. No age limit. Three age 25, experienced teacher in public and months' home study. Situation arranged.

private schools, athletics, etc., and resident Shore front camp in the pines for rent fur Prepare for permanent position. Write for and traveling supervision of normal and nished. Finest section of lake.Magnificent lake booklet CM27 Standard Business Training atypical children, desires summer position. and mountain view from porch. Sand beach Institute, Buffalo, N. Y.

H. C. Cox, Box 322, University, Virginia. for children. For floor plan and photographs

FRENCH teacher, college graduate, desires address C. H EASTON, Scarborough, N. Y. Companions and Domestic Helpers

summer position, June-October, as tutor,

WANTED-Young woman of refinement as companion, governess. References. 6,823,
For rent, fur- LAKE GEORGE mother's helper in small family. Mrs. W.0. Outlook.
nished, on

Badger, 99 Argyle Road, Brooklyn.
ARCADY-11 rooms, 3 baths, motor boat,

GOVERNESS, cultured, of experience, row boats. Ideal spot for children. PETER

WANTED-Refined woman or girl to help with good references, desires position with PAN COTTAGE-8 rooms, 2 baths, sleep

with care of three little girls aged 3%, 2, and 1 younger children. Prefers country. 6,875, ing-porches, bathing beach, rowboat. These

year. Near town 30 miles from Philadelphia. Butlook. houses are on a beautifully situated woodland

Reply immediately, giving references and KINDERGARTNER, fine training, BUCestate with mile water-front, one mile north

possible arrangements for meeting. Mrs. cessful experience, musical, refined, desires of Hulett's Landing. For further particulars

E. Page Allinson, Route 7, West Chester, Pa, position. 6,870, Outlook. inquire 64 West 56th St., New York.

EXCEPTIONAL. Middle-aged colored wo

KINDERGARTNER, New York graduate, man, experienced cook, to take charge of

young, experienced, desires private school small house in lovely village. Two in family.

position, fall term. Best references. 6.866, Good wages. Unusually good home for right

person. Answer, with references, Box 461,
Spring Lake, N. J.

Property on the main road, just beyond Toachers and Covernosses
INQUIRIES already coming in for teachers

THOUGHTFUL English dilettante, great
east of center, known as the Clyde house,
with 15% acres, including two corner in all subjects for 1919. International Musical

reader, budding writer, desiring to know plots, tenant house, etc. Excellent op and Educational Agency, Carnegie Hall, N. Y.

others, invites letters from either sex of any portunity for three building sites. Fine

age or rank who will seclude themselves two

HOPKINS' Educational Agency, 507 Fifth shade trees. For particulars address

hours weekly, and write frankly what they Ave. Governesses, nurses, dietitians; house

have felt, seen, heard, thought, and done. In RALPH G. DUVALL keepers families, schools, institutions, clubs;

return for their emotions and observations, Shelter Island Heights, N. Y. teachers, companions, secretaries.

thoughts (serious and whimsical), hopes and GOVERNESS or mother's helper for two fears, loves and hates, ideals and aspirations

girls attending school. Minister's family, (good, bad, and indifferent), he offers his Attractive Colonial House suburban town, mountains in summer. Per

own, hoping thus to demolish that subtle manent position. References. 6,862, Outlook. Park Hill-on-Hudson, Yonkers, New York

barrier which isolates us from the real lives GOVERNESSES, cafeteria managers, of our fellows. Will you write? Briggs, New York's Most Attractive Suburb

dietitians, matrons, housekeepers. Miss Postbox 1008, Calcutta. Built by owner and attractively furnished.

Richards, Box 5, East Side Station, Provi TRAINING FOR DOING can be given in For rent at once, by season or year, with or dence, R. I.

the home. If interested, send age and grade without garage. Large living-room with open

WANTED-Teacher of mathematics, also fireplace. Three floors, including five sleeping

of child to Clinton Van Deusen, Kent, Ohio. rooms, two baths and pool-room.

teacher of Spanish, in first-class private school. WILL take into country home in New York
Address 205, Outlook.
Salary $1,600 to $2,000. Begin September. Must

State for summer a few children who are
be Christian Scientists. Albany Teachers' backward in studies. Experienced teacher
Agency, Albany, N. Y.

will tutor them. For particulars address 6,852,

WANTED, in New Haven, Conn., experi Outlook. Westchester County. Offer at pre-war price enced French, English, or American governess WANTED-To care for three or four young of $5,250, a modern ten-room white stucco for two boys of 3% and 6% years. Physical

girls 12 to 16 years for July and August in hollow tile residence, eight minutes from care, teaching. References. 6,874, Outlook.

country home in Berkshires. Address station, half hour Grand Central Terminal. TEACHERS wanted-All subjects all over “Mugun," Lawrence House, Northampton, Open and quiet surroundings. Would con the country. National Teachers Agency, 310

Mass. sider rental. Full particulars can be secured Munsey Building, Washington ; General WILL take elderly lady to board. Experifrom owner by addressing 9,815, Outlook. offices, Evanston, Ini.

enced in nursing. 6,855, Outlook. PENNSYLVANIA

M. W. Wightman & Co. Shopping Agency, SITUATIONS WANTED established 1895. No charge; prompt delivery.

44 West 22d St., New York. Professional Situations

WANTED_Young women to take nine LIBERAL clergyman, well trained, expe months' course in nursing. Frances Parker Large well-planned cottage, overlooking

rienced, strong speaker, thirty, married, Memorial Home, New Brunswick, N. J. beautiful mountain scenery and golf course wishes pulpit for summer. 6,864, Outlook.

MISS Guthman, New York shopper, will at Pocono Manor (a hotel and cottage colony), one and a half miles from Pocono Summit

Business Situations

send anything on approval; services free. station on the D. L. & W.R.R., one hundred COLLEGE girl desires summer position as

References. 309 W. 99th Street. miles from New York. Completely furnished

MILLIONS CABBAGE and Tomato Plants. traveling secretary, governess, or companion. for housekeeping, except table and bed linen. Knowledge of stenography and typewriting.

Prompt shipment. 1,000, expressed, $1:25. 500, Living and dining rooms, porches and kitchen. 6,857, Outlook.

postpaid, $1.


100, postpaid, 30c. Seven master's bedrooms (four with running WELL-trained woman desires opening as

FARM, Ulah, N. C. water), two sleeping porches, three baths and hygienist and health supervisor in industrial

WANTED-Board and kind care for invalid two showers. Two maids' rooms and bath. or cominercial organization. 6,873, Outlook.

lady (not a mental case) in home of physician, Chauffeur's room and bath. Garage for two

nurse, or quiet Christian family, out of city. cars. Pure spring water, electric lights, tele

Companlons and Domestic Helpers 6,871, Outlook. phone, hot water heating system, five open YOUNG man, refined, college graduate, MOTHER'S care given to one or two chilfireplaces, trunk elevator and laundry. For teacher several years, musical, traveled ex dren during summer months. Good homne in further particulars apply to

tensively, would like position as traveling New England college town. Beautiful and EDWIN A. HOOPES, Agt., Pocono Manor, Pa. I companion. 6,831, Outlook.

I healthful locality. 6,872, Outlook.




“Pine Tops." Five master's bedrooms, two baths, living-room 32 ft. long, dining-room, kitchen. Fully furnished. Rent $200 for the season. Reply Room 817, 70 5th Ave., N.Y.City.


I lears, lotea, and in to demom the reBriggs,

1. Min sumn Outlook. I of BOX 1008, FOR Hed, sengen, Kenew York

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Shore cottage, furnished, to let or for sale.
Piazzas, electric lights, hot and cold water,con-
veniences, open fireplaces. Terms moderate.
Wm.H.Hawley, Room 16, State House, Boston.


For rent, furnished house for the summer.
Address Miss Helen Marshall, Norwich, Conn.


Ca. Dont Cottage near Gregg Lake,

Running water, sleeping porches, fireplace, boat; seclusion if desired. Ideal spot for real recuperation. Moderate rental.

A. G. ELLIS, 4915 Penn St., Philadelphia.


Holderness, N. H. Aotea norobe

Asquam Lake, near

hotel, 10-room cottage, 2 baths, furnished, housekeeping. Mrs. PIRSSON, 41 Trumbull St., New Haven, Conn. LAKE SUNAPEE, N, H. Charming Summer Homes and Cottages, furnished, for rent and for sale. Write for booklets. SARGENT & Co., New London, N. H.

Headquarters Lake Sunapee Real Estate rake Winnipesaukee bungalow.

Among spruces, modern improvements, sandy beach, boats. Rent season or month. Pictures. Box 1,344, Boston.




The Annual
Out-of-Doors Number

of The Outlook
will be the issue of June 11, 1919. This number will
contain several special articles on out-of-doors and
vacation subjects, as well as beautiful illustrations of
typical American scenery. We suggest the use of
advertising space in this issue by Summer Hotels
and Camps, Tourist Agencies, and Steamship Lines.
Rates and special information upon request.

Department of Classified Advertising THE OUTLOOK, 381 Fourth Avenue, New York

Guaranteed to live long and please all users.

Send for Illustrated Literaturo
Brush Manufacturers for Over 108 Years and the Largest in the World


BAUER E BLACK Makers of Sterile Surgical Dressings and Allied Products – Chicago, New York, Toronto

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Teachers of the First Grade Exclusively.

100 teachers wanted at once.
Aeolian Hall, New York Tel. Vanderbilt 3321



Boys' or Girls' Camps with exceptional
educational as well as recreational facil-
ities. Military, naval, agricultural, voca-
tional, special tutoring courses. Free
catalog of all csinps and schools. Write

Times Bldg., NEW YORK
Masonic Temple,


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The Housemother of one of the great preparatory schools
for boys will receive ten boys from seven to fourteen years
old into her Lodge on the Maine Coast near Portland
for the summer. Ocean front and pine woods. Second story
bedrooms or tents with counselors. Athletics, recreation,
tutoring. Number strictly limited and absolutely satisfactory
references required. Especial oversight and mothering. Ad-
dress Mrs. I. T. Bagley, The Tome School, Port Deposit, Md.

for boys at LONGVUE. 1,350 feet above sea level;
foothills of Blue Ridge, near Atlanta. Boys receive benefits
of TRIP, CAMP, and SCHOOL, thus strengthening
their preparation for the coming year. Traveling ex-
penses included make the expense no more than that of
the ordinary camp. Instruction is under the immediate direc-
tion of the Head of the IRVING LOWER SCHOOL,
Tarrytown-on-Hudson. A wide range of athletic sports and
entertainments, Home farm supplies food and milk. Circular,
W.C. DUNCAN, A.M., Irving School, Tarrytown-on-Hudson.
After June 6, “Longvue," Douglasville, Georgia.

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