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Put Your “Creator"

IN LESS THAN ONE MINUTE, you can easily and quickly demonIstrate to yourself that you are only half as dynamic, vital, well,

strong, energetic, and vigorous, and that you are but half as authoritative, forceful, dominant, self-reliant, daring, and courageous, and that you are merely half as progressive, masterful, aroused, powerful, and creative as you may easily become through putting your “creator" to work for you—to create for you.


Only the “Supreme” Know the build, construct and

create for you. Pleasures of Supremacy

Conscious Evolution Everywhere intelligent and smart men and women, in every walk of life, are

Only the “ Vital" Conscious Evolution must not be confused with Dar.

winian evolution or Physical Culture, nor should Conscious secretly and privately advancing them-' Know the Pleas

Evolution be confused with Hindoo philosophies, auto-suggestion, selves in life, happiness, joy, power, health, ures and Joys of self-hypnosis, gymnastics, or mere physiology, anatomy, histology, and personality, through consciously em

theosophy, morphology, medicine, pathology, exercise, New Thought.

Real Success ploying the principles of evolution, by

Christian Science, calisthenics, embryology or psychology. compelling their “ creators ” to work for

Conscious Evolution is not an occult science, nor a metaphysical science, Mentally and

nor a divine science, nor a spiritual science, nor a material science, nor is them, strive for them, plan for them, physically, you are Conscious Evolution a symbolic science, nor a hoping, wishing, longing and evolutionize for them, and create for them,

dreaming philosophy. the result of blind

Conscious Evolution must not be confused with any of the conceptually and to give them better and more vital evolution. You can

symbolic systems of the secondary and tertiary type, and Conscious Evolution and energetic bodies, and more intense amazingly advance cannot be comprehended in any of the present day concepts in science and and conscious personalities.

philosophy including the science of biology.
yourself beyond your
blind evolution

Conscious Evolution must not be confused with any present-day philosophies

or sciences of a material or mental character. Only the “Masterful” Know the

through compelling

Conscious Evolution cannot be understood by physicians, psychologists,

your internal “ crea physical culturists, philosophers, chemists, Cosmologists or biologists of the Joys and Pleasures of Life

tor" to create for you

present day.

Conscious Evolution is a new and original science, an exact science, a demonVhether you are a doctor, farmer, a better mind and per

strable science-a science of the evolution of and through Conscious Energy-a lawyer, laborer, banker or soldier, business sonality, better brain, science of the Ultimate. man or sailor, philosopher or scientist, a better nervous sys

Conscious Evolution is the beginning of a new evolutionary era for the human greater success is waiting for you, through tem, a better digescompelling your internal “creator" to tive system, a better

heart, better arteries,

better lungs, better liver, better blood, Daily Results

better protoplasm, better every cell, tissue, "I owe my rise from the position of a country

gland, organ, and every part of your body, insurance agent to virtual head of one of the largest as well as a higher and more wide-awake insurance companies of the scorld entirely to the power of personality Conscious Evolution has given me."

and more able mind. My weak will and personality for years made it possible for my business partners to Only the “Mighty" Know the rob me of my proper share of the profits. Conscious Evolution gave me courage, self.

Pleasures of the Mighty reliance and power of personality, and I made my partners pay me $160,000.00 out of

Your « creator” is ready to furnish you which they had bulldozed me during my feeble and powerless days.”

with higher power of mind and body, if you "I became aware of the beneficial power of. Con only make the demand in the way your scious Evolution at the end of the first len seconds." What more can I say except to express

internal “creator" understands and recogmy appreciation of your method and sincere nizes. Conscious Evolution uses the means thanks for your interest and co-operation ? What more can one want for so little ? What

and avenue through which the internal more does one get in this world ?

“creator” is reached positively, success“ Conscious Erolution has taken away that tired, lazy feeling and replaced it with a feeling of energy

fully, easily and conveniently, and witha feeling to do something and to take an interest in out loss of time, compelling the internal doing it. Truly, Conscious Erolution is a wonderful discorery. My experience with it enables me to say “creator" to create for you just what you that it is all that is claimed for it and more."

really desire, and really need, and really Tam happy to say that I received your instructions, and that in spite of traveling a want. Your “creator” gives you the mind, good deal my health is remarkable at ninety the ideas, and the power to obtain what years of age.” Conscious Erolution made me feel turenty-fire

you want, if you activate your “creator” years younger. I can run up and doun stairs, and through the proper medium. walk six or seren miles at any time. I rest and digest as I did in my youth. I hare no worry and I feel happy. My arms and legs are getting strong, and I thank your System for it all I hare got along so well, 1

Only the “ Evolutionarily Perfect " constantly think of going into the shipyard, to see what I can do. I want to stir around at something pren

Know the Joys of the though I am eighty-three years of age. Conscious

From a sickly youth Swoboda Erolution is bringing me back to life. Conscious

Conqueror Erolution is bringing me back to youth. And I thank

made of himself a magnifiyou, Mr. Swoboda."

Why deny yourself the super-joys, the I would not take fifty thousand dollars for the power which in six weeks Conscious super-pleasures and the super-happiness?

cent physical specimen of the Evolution has given me.

Why deny yourself the best there is in human race. This was just I am certain I am gaining in erery way, for I existence? Why deny yourself these ad the beginning — his greater feel as full of fight' and energy as a wild cat." " Problems that formerly worried me are now as vantages when they are so easily available,

evolution was yet to come. easy (18 to 8ppm almost unreal, since I gained porcer and when it is so absolutely certain that of personality through Conscious Evolution."

you can attain them? Why, in other

nd, Swoboda

26 Years Ago

To Work for You

words, live the inferior life in preference to the superior—the genuinely successful life? Why cheat yourself of the advantages of life? Why deny yourself this super-energy, this super-power, and this super-activity of personality and mind, which is made easily and absolutely possible through progressive evolution—self-evolution—scientific evolution-personal evolution.

More Daily Results “ A year ago I was down and out financially and physi- too good to be true. It is something as I felt when cally. I was a wreck. Conscious Evolution gave me power

I took my first trip to Bermuda, where nature of mind and health. I am to-day better than ever and I am more prosperous than ever. Naturally I am a believer

has combined the blending of dainty coloring in the Swoboda idea."

so exquisite that nothing short of fairy land can

describe it. This is how Your system makes me feel like a different

Conscious Evolution

causes me to feel." person. Every one whom I have ever met who

"I can honestly say that the benefits I have received has tried it out, has the same thing to say about

from Conscious Evolution cannot be measured by any it. Was talking to a man to-day whose wife is payment of money, and I can say unhesitatingly that your a Swoboda enthusiast.

system far exceeded my fondest hopes."Your system is direct, simple, scientific, effective, I could see the tremendous reality and posand makes one feel so invigorated. As an athlete and a sibilities of Conscious Evolution in less than half physician, I endorse Conscious Evolution unreservedly. It

a minute's direction of my energies into creative is, and more, what is claimed for it."

channels.Conscious Evolution has given me surpris.

Conscious Evolution has changed me from an invalid ing results. I expected good results, but I am

into a tireless human machine." surprised."

"I would not consider trading the benefits I have re

ceired from Conscious Evolution for gold."
"Conscious Evolution sent a message of energy, health,
and poucer through me in twenty seconds, which has been

"As a student of physiology and histology, I increased from day to day."

at once recognized the feasibility of Conscious Your course has been of great benefit to me.

I am able to do a great deal more work with less

Ten seconds from the time I started Conscious Evolu

tion, I felt myself more alive and energetic." fatigue. My pleasures are also increased; all

"I have used Conscious Evolution for a few weeks, and work seems a pleasure now.

I find myself marvelously improred in both body and "I indeed realize what physiological gladness means. mind. Conscious Erolution is wonderful, and the world My sensation of physical enjoyment is wonderful. It seems will be brighter when men and women ererywhere grasp it."

How to Gain What You Want

The way for you to gain what you want is by increasing your power of mind and body evolutionarily, so as to compel conditions to yield to your superior and irresistible energies. Conscious Evolution is the easy and sure means of making yourself supreme. Why Be Satisfied with Inferior Life?

Why be satisfied or content with inferior vitality, inferior health, inferior energy, inferior digestion, inferior heart power, in ferior lung power, inferior nervous system, inferior brain power, inferior memorizing power, inferior reasoning power, inferior sensing power, inferior scheming power, inferior business power, inferior conscious power, and inferior personal power? Why not attain the vital power of supremacy?

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These Rare and Amazing Books Are For You Swoboda has published for distribution two remarkable books which explain bis system of conscious Evolution a which explain his system of Conscious Evolution and what it has already done. Write for these books-not because Conscious Evolution has meant so much to 262,000 other men and women, not because there is scarcely a prominent family in the country that hasn't at least one member a pupil of Swoboda, but because they contain valuable ideas for you. Conscious Evolution is being personally used by many of the most prominent physicians and such men as Woodrow Wilson, Charles E. Hughes, the Rockefellers, the Vanderbilts, the Goulds, the Huntingtons, the Cudahys, the Armours, the Swifts, and McAdoos for advancing themselves in energy, health, vitality and power of personality.

Write for these books, because they mean so much to YOU in multiplied living power, earning power and personal power. They are filled from cover to cover with the vital facts about yourself and how you can acquire the degree of power in body and mind that you so consciously or unconsciously desire. They explain the dangers of excessive deep breathing, excessive exercise, and excessive muscular development, also the fallacy of conscious control of physiological processes.

CONSCIOUS EVOLUTION and THE SCIENCE OF LIFE show how to double or even treble your power of mind and body; not by tedious, prolonged study, but by a process of energization which raises the very level of your life and mental power.

CONSCIOUS EVOLUTION and THE SCIENCE OF LIFE supply the key to dominant personal power, dominant business power, dominant success power, dominant mental power and dominant will power.

They show how to change your aimless and fruitless life and attitudes into ambition, inspiration, enthusiasm and the higher success.

These books show how to amazingly in.
crease your power of willand personality,
as well as your power of body for every
action, for every purpose and process.

The Science of Life
Conscious Evolution is a new science,

Perpetual Youth
and no one can afford not to know at
least the simple facts about it. These
facts show how Conscious Evolution
overcomes weak will, poor health, feeble-
ness of mind and body.

They show how to overcome the in-
ferior, pleasureless, feeble and unsatis-
factory life by giving the means to the
successful, superior and abundant life.

Conscious Evolution also shows how
to arrest the aging of the body, and how
to remain young, energetic, vigorous and
active all the days of life.

These books are absolutely free and

there is no obligation now or after. These

books are yours to keep, that you may attain a higher

understanding of yourself and of Evolution and the is as

means to a higher existence.

Even if you gain but one idea or the realization effective

of the one principle of life through CONSCIOUS


these books will be of eternal advantage to Women


Just write your name and address on the coupon, as for

tear it out and mail it to Swoboda, or draw a ring

around your name on your letterhead, or merely

send a postal, giving your name and address.
Do it to-day! This is your opportunity!
Now is your turn! This is your day !

This is your hour! Write now!
2301 Berkeley Bldg. New York City


Swoboda To-day

A Remarkable Personality

Swoboda, himself, is perhaps the most perfect example of what Conscious Evolution can accomplish. As Swoboda gains in years, he grows younger in enthusiasm, younger in vitality, younger in health; he is becoming stronger, more energetic, more confident, more dominant and more alive by capitalizing his creative powers through Conscious Evolution. What Swoboda is accomplishing for himself, you too can accomplish-every individual can accomplish, for every individual is governed by the same laws and principles, and every individual has it within himself to make use of these laws and principles. Swoboda's mind and body are so alert and so active that in his presence one feels completely overpowered. His personality dominates everything with which it comes in contact; yet Swoboda is real !-there is absolutely nothing mysterious about him. He knows not what fatigue is he is a tireless worker. He delights in making sick people well and weak people strong. He loves his work because he feels he is of benefit to humanity-making a better, more vital, more potent race of men and women. Swoboda is not only a mental superman, but a high-powered physical dynamo, an unheard of combination,

ALOIS P. SWOBODA, 2301 Berkeley Bldg., New York City Please send me your free copyrighted books, “Conscious Evolution ” and “ The Science of Life.”

Name .........*****


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The Outlook


Training for Authorship


Copyright, 1919, by The Outlook Company

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How to write, what to write,

and where to sell. Cultivate your mind. Develop your literary gifts. Master the art of self-expression.Make your spare time profitable. Turn your ideas into dollars. Courses in Short-Story Writ, ing. Versification, Journalism, Play .Writing, Photoplay

Writing, etc., taught personDr. Esenwein ally by Dr. J. Berg Esenwein, for many years editor of Lippincott's Magazine, and a staff of literary experts. Constructive criticism. Frank, honest, helpful advice. Real teaching:

One pupil has received over $5,000 for stories and
articles written mostly in spare time-play work," he
calls it. Another pupil received over $1,000 before
completing her first course. Another, a busy wife
and mother, is averaging over $75 a week from

photoplay writing alone. There is no other institution or agency doing so much for writers, young or old. The universities recognize this, for over one hundred members of the English faculties of higher institutions are studying in our Literary Department. The editors recognize it, for they are constantly recommending our courses.

We publish The Writer's Library. We also publish The
Writer's Monthly, especially valuable for its full reports of
the literary market. Besides our teaching service, we offer a
manuscript criticism service.
150-page illustrated catalogue free

Please address
The Home Correspondence School

Dept. 58. Springfield, Mass.


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HAT a wealth of prac:

W ticable knowledge about ☆ the comfort and wear of shoes ill built on the Munson U. S.

Army Last the returning
American soldiers are bringing
to the American men at home!

If anything were needed to
show the value of this kind
of footwear-to soldiers and
civilians alike—the War has
supplied it.

Herman Shoes made on the ☆ genuine Munson Last-anatomically perfect and fashioned from the best materials obtainable-give men in private life the finest opportunity to enjoy their feet they have ever had.

Sold in 8,000 retail stores. If you
are not near one, we will fit you
correctly and quickly through our


825 Albany Bldg.

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The Troubled Peace Conference.......
The Fiume-Dalmatian Dispute.......
International Labor Proposals ........
The Kaiser to be Tried........
The New Covenant of the League of

American Opinion on the League....
The Bolsheviki on the Defensive.......
Postmaster-General Burleson ...........
An Appropriate Roosevelt Memorial. ....
Thirty-seven Neighborhood Houses Unite 9
The Music School Settlement............
What a Hotel-Keeper Thinks of “ Booze
A Good Example ..
Cartoons of the Week.......
Fiume and the League of Nations .....
What the World Owes Germany.......
Can the Churches Get Together?........
The Fiume-Dalmatian Dispute..........
Germany To-Day: Two Articles on a

Vanquished Nation :
1-Disintegrating Germany............. 17
By Gregory Mason, Staff Correspondent of

The Outlook
II-Germany: Slacker Among Nations.

By Alexander Green
" Athenian Aberdeen ”........

By the Marquis of Aberdeen and Temair Current Events Illustrated ............... Children and Toys

By Nora Atwood Weekly Outline Study of Current History. 30

By J. Madison Gathany, A.M. The Thrift Movement...... Walt Whitman: 1819-1919............... 34 • By Edna Davis Romig The New Books.. “Seventeen-Year Locusts ” Due in 1919.

By Robert H. Moulton
Four Hundred Years Ago.
Seekers Find.
By the Way.......
Man Training ......

[merged small][graphic][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small]

The Summer Quarter 1919 will receive the
added inspiration of professors and instructors return-
ing from war service in many lands. Students and
teachers, interested in keeping abreast of the times or
in completing work already begun, appreciate the
opportunity of instruction in a regular season of study
under members of the University staff. Scholars de-
siring to prosecute research in the libraries and labo-
ratories will find facilities for work under the most
favorable conditions.
Courses are offered in all departments, and include
undergraduate and graduate instruction in Arts,
Literature, Science, Commerce and Ad-
ministration, Law, Medicine, Education,
and Divinity.

First Term June 16-July 23
Second Term July 24-August 29

Students may register for either term or both
For the complete announcement of courses address

Camp Penn is a camp, not a school. It is not the usual “ loaf and play " kind of camp. There is much play, of course, but the rest of the time is spent in many purposeful and very worth while activities. It is a rery busy camp, and this means a very healthful and happy kind of camp. It has been our endeavor to build up a camp that will really mean something. May we send you our booklet? Tnoughtful parents will find it interesting. 500 acres. Resident physician.

51 East 42d St., New York City

BY SUBSCRIPTION $4.00 A YEAR. Single copies 10 cents. For foreign subscription to countries in the Postal Union, $5.56.

Address all communications to


New York City

GIRLS' CAMPS Sargent Camps for Girls

The University of Chicago, Chicago, mi.


Dr. D. A. SARGENT, President For illustrated catalog, address

The Secretary, 8 Everett Street, Cambridge, Mass.

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An Old Man at Fifty-
A Young Man at Seventy


On April 22 occurred the quadricentennial of the landing of Cortez into Mexico. With universal consent his eleven ships were broken to pieces. The influence of Cortez must have been unbounded to be able to persuade his men to an act unparelleled in history. Six hundred men voluntarily cut off their means of escape and shut themselves up in an unknown country filled with warlike people, whose mode of warfare spared their prisoners only for torture or sacrifice.

Soon he defeated, made peace with, and added six thousand Tlaxcalan warriors to his force. At Cholula his forces destroyed six thousand natives without the loss of a

Sanford Bennett at 50

Sanford Bennett at 72 man. This town was only sixty miles from the capital of Mexico. The capture and death of Montezuma soon followed. On Lake Tezcuco Cortez launched the first navy on American waters, and the fall of the Aztec dynasty soon ensued.

Prescott says: “Yet we cannot regret the fall of an empire which did so little to promote the happiness of its subjects or the

The Remarkable Story of Santord Bennett, a Former San Francisco real interests of humanity. They had ruled

Business Man, Who Solved the Problem of Prolonging Youth over their wide domains with a sword in

By V. 0. SCHWAB stead of a scepter. The empire of the Aztecs did not fall before its time. Its fate

THERE is no longer any occasion to of illustration. Sun, Fresh Air and Deep Breathmay serve as a striking proof that a goy

go hunting for the spring of Eternal ing for Lung Development; The Secret of Good ernment which does not rest on the sympa 1 Youth. What Ponce de Leon failed Digestion ; Dyspepsia; How I Strengthened my thies of its subjects cannot long abide ; that

Eyes; The Liver; Internal Cleanliness—how it to discover in his world-famous mission,

removes and prevents constipation and its many human institutions when not connected ages ago, has been brought to light right

attendant ills; External Cleanliness; Rheumatism; here in staid prosaic America by Sanford Varicose Veins in the Legs; The Hair; The Obese with human prosperity and progress must

Bennett, a former San Francisco business Abdomen; The Rejuvenation of the Face, Throat fall. And who shall lament their fall ?"

man. He proved it, too, right in his own and Neck ; The Skin, and many other experience Buffalo, New York. G. R. GREEN.

person. At 50 he was partially bald. At 70 chapters of vital interest.
he had a thick head of hair, although it was
white. At 50 his eyes were weak. At 70


“Old Age-Its Cause and Prevention,” with they were as strong as when he was a child. At 50, he was a worn-out, wrinkled, broken

its 400 pages profusely illustrated and hand

somely bound in cloth, contains as much ma“ One mawnin', honey, dere was a geneldown, decrepit old man. His cheeks were

terial as many Courses of Instruction selling for man what I opened de gate for w'en he sunken, his face drawn and haggard, his

$25 or more. But you can secure a copy of this muscles atrophied. Thirty years of chronic ride by on hawseback an' he t'rew me a

book for only $3. Before committing yourself in dyspepsia had resulted in catarrh of the any way, however, the publishers will send you dime wropped up in a bit er paper.

stomach, with acid rheumatism periodically “Old Age-Its Cause and Prevention” on “I seen dat ar paper come open an' de adding its agonies. At 70 he was in perfect approval without deposit. Sanford Bennett's dime roll along towa’ds de gutta, and I health, a good deal of an athlete, and as

system, as fully described and illustrated in his

book, increases nerve force and nerve energy, stooped myself down and looked for de young as the average man of 35. All this he

benefiting every organ of the body-the brain dime on de groun'. has accomplished by some very simple and

included-by keeping the vertebræ of the spinal “ Well, de genelman rode away, and I gentle exercises which he practiced for

column young, flexible, elastic, and in perfect searched for de dime mos' ober de whole

about ten minutes before arising in the alignment. If, after examination in your own

morning. Yes, many of the exercises are home, you feel you can afford to be without township, till I see de genelman comin'

taken in bed, peculiar as this may seem. As youth and health, send the book back within ridin' back in de atternoon. But dere Mr. Bennett explains, his case was not one

five days and you will owe nothing. If you dewasn't no dime nor nothin'dere. Dere of preserving health, but one of rejuvenating a

cide to keep it, send your check for $3.' There shore wasn't. weak, middle-aged body into a robust old one,

are no strings to this offer. No money is required

in advance. Merely fill out and mail the coupon and he says what he has accomplished anyone “ Ses de genelman, Well, Uncle Remus,

and by return post “ Old Age-Its Cause and can accomplish by the application of the same you fine dat bill yet?' I says, “Thankee, methods, and so it would seem. All of which

Prevention ” will be sent to you at once. Massa, for the dime. I didn't know you puts the Dr. Osler theory to shame. There isn't was goin' to send no bill of it.' The genelroom in this article to go into a lengthy descrip

MAIL COUPON tion of youth and the prevention of old age. Ali For having solved the problem of prolonging man stopped his hawse. "Why, there it is

this he tells himself in a book which he has youth during life, the world owes Sanford right befo' your nose, Uncle Remus,' and

written, entitled “ Old Age-Its Cause and Pre Bennett a vote of thanks. Of course there are sure nuff dar was a five-dollar bill, right vention." This book is a complete history of

those who will scoff at the idea, but the real himself and his experiences, and contains comin de middle of de road.”

wise men and women among those who hear of plete instructions for those who wish to put his Sanford Bennett, will most certainly investigate But, Uncle Remus," said the little boy,

health and youth-building methods to their own further and at least acquire a knowledge of his “I thought you said there was nothing use. It is a book that every man and woman methods. This the publishers will allow you to there. How was it you didn't find it when who is desirous of remaining young after passing do without cost or obligation, through their

the fiftieth, sixtieth, seventieth, and as Mr. “send no money” offer. Mail the coupon you looked for the dime?”

Bennett believes, the one hundredth mile-stone below NOW. Address “So there wasn't, honey, so there wasn't. of life, should read. It is a truly remarkable DODD PUBLISHING COMPANY There's never nothin' for you what you

contribution to health-building literature and is ain't looking for.”

601 Broad St., Suite 1041, Newark, N. J. especially valuable because it has been written BOLTON HALL.

in a practical manner by a practical man.

Keeping young is simply a matter of knowing MAIL THIS TODAY—NO MONEY REQUIRED

how. If you have vitality enough to keep alive, The “ East African Standard” describes

Dodd Publishing Company, then you have enough to keep young, to keep a duel between a motor car and a lioness. strong and to be active. Sanford Bennett proves

601 Broad Street, Suite 1041, Newark, N. J. The affair, it says, happened at night near

Send me Sanford Bennett's Book-"Old Age-Its Cause it to you in this book. His message is new. The | point of view is unique. The style is fascinating.

and Prevention." I will either remail the book within five Nairobi.' The chauffeur noted a commotion

days after receipt and owe you nothing, or will send $3 in The pictures are plentiful. The lesson of physi

full payment. in the bush near the road, then the gleam cal rejuvenation is irresistible. This is a book ing eyes of an enraged wild animal. He for every man and woman-young or old. accelerated his speed at the instant the

PARTIAL CONTENTS lioness leaped. She struck the hood and was

Address ..... thrown far in advance of the car, whose

Some idea of the field covered by the author

may be gained by the following topics: Old Age, City........... wheels then passed over her. The dead | Its Cause; How to Prevent It; The Will in Exerlioness was finally loaded into the car and cising; Exercising in Bed-shown by fifteen pages State..........

....Outlook 4-23-19 taken back to the town in triumph.



Send me Sanford will either remail

or will send

Name ......

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