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1- Concentrate your mail advertising where it does

most good 2-Concentrate

it on a selected list of prospects


it on Strathmore Quality PapersCREATE THEY make the selected list bratry successful : 8

The Strathmore Paper Co., of Mittineague, Mass, will be glad to send “Selective Mailings” on your request

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I was astounded at my new power over men and women. People actually went out of their way.

to do things for me, they seemed EAGER TO PLEASE ME"

The Secret of Making

People Like You


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“Getting people to like you is the quick road to suc assume the duties of Assistant-to-thecess — it's more important than ability,"

President. at the home office.” says this

Peters! Peters !—surely it couldn't man. It surely did wonders for him. How he does

be Peters! Why, this fellow Peters was it—a simple method which anyone can use instantly. only a branch-office salesman. . . Per

sonality! Why, he was only five feet LL the office was talking Harrison and myself. That was

four inches high, and had no more per

sonality than a mouse. Stack him up A about it, and we were the way I felt about it, too.

against a big man and he'd look and wondering which one of us Harrison was big enough for the

act like an office boy. I knew.Peters would be the lucky man.

job, and could undoubtedly make well and there was nothing to him, There was an important job to a success of it. But, personally, nothing at all. be filled—as Assistant-to-the- I felt that I had the edge on him

January the first came and Peters

assumed his new duties. All the boys President. According to the gen- in lots of ways. And I was sure

were openly hostile to him. Naturally, eral run of salaries in the office, that the firm knew it, too. I felt very keenly about it, and didn't this one would easily pay from Never shall I forget my thrill of exactly go out of my way to make things $7,000 to $10,000 a year. .

pleasure when the president's secretary pleasant for him—not exactly!

came into my office with a cheery smile, But our open opposition didn't seem The main requisite, as we un looked at me meaningly, handed me a

looked at me meaningly, handed me to bother Peters. He went right on derstood it, was striking person-bulletin and said, “ Mr. Frazer, here is with his work and began to make good. ality and the ability to meet even the news about the new Assistant-to-the- Soon I noticed that, despite my feelings the biggest men in their offices,

President." There seemed to be a new against him, I was secretly beginning

note of added respect in her attitude to admire him. He was winning over their clubs, and their homes on a

toward me. I smiled my appreciation the other boys, too. It wasn't long bebasis of absolute equality. This as she left my desk.

fore we all buried our little hatchets the firm considered of even more At last I had come into my own! and palled up with Peters. importance than knowledge of

Never did the sun shine so brightly as The funny thing about it was the big

on that morning, and never did it seem the business.

hit he made with the people we did so good to be alive! These were my business with. I never saw anything

thoughts as I gazed out of the window, like it. They would come in and write when news of this sort gets seeing not the hurrying throngs, but in and telephone in to the firm and around an office. The boys got vivid pictures of my new position flash- praise Peters to the skies. They insisted to picking the man among them

ing before me. And then for a further on doing business with him, and gave

joyous thrill I read the bulletin. It him orders of a size that made us dizzy selves. They had the choice all

said, “Effective January 1, Mr. Henry to look at. And offers of positions !narrowed down to two men, J. Peters, of our Cleveland office, will why, Peters had almost as many fancy

figure positions offered to him as a dic- Then trouble.sprang up at one of our you will quickly become a leadertionary has words. '. . . factories. The men talked strike. Things nothing can stop you. And you will

What I could not get into my mind looked ugly. I was sent to straighten it want to use it for no other reason than was how a little, unassuming, ordinary

out. On the eve of a general walkout, I to protect yourself against others. to-look-at-chap like Peters could make

pacified the men and headed off the What Peters told me at luncheon

strike. And not only this, but ever since that day was this: “Get Dr. Blackford's such an impression with everyonees

then this factory has led all our other Reading Character at Sight.'” I did pecially with influential men. He seemed plants in production.

so. This is how I learned to do all the to have an uncanny influence over peo

I could tell you dozens of similar remarkable things I have told you about. ple. The masterly Peters of today was instances, but they all tell the same You have heard of Dr. Blackford, the an altogether different man from the story—the ability to make people like Master Character Analyst. Many concommonplace Peters I had first met you, believe what you want them to be cerns will not employ a man without years ago. I could not figure it out, nor lieve, and to do what you want them to first getting Dr. Blackford to pass on could the other boys.

do. I take no personal credit for what I him. Concerns such as Westinghouse One day at luncheon I came right have done. All the credit I give to the Electric and Manufacturing Company, out and asked Peters how he did it. I

method Peters told Baker-Vawter Company, Scott Paper half expected him to evade. But he

me a bout. We , Company and many others pay Dr. didn't. He let me in on the secret. He

have told it to Blackford large annual fees for advice said he was not afraid to do it as there

lots of our friends, on dealing with human nature. was always plenty of room at the

and it has enabled' So great was the demand for these top.

them to do just as services that Dr. Blackford could not What Peters told

remarkable things even begin to fill all the engagements. me acted on my mind

as Peters and I So Dr. Blackford" has explained the in exactly the same

have done.

method in a simple seven-lesson course way as when you

Which reminds entitled “ Reading Character at Sight.” stand on a hill

me: One of my Even a half hour's reading of this and look through

wife's close friends remarkable course will give you an inbinocular glasses

moved to another sight into human nature and a power at objects in the

town where she over people which will surprise you. far distance. Many

was a stranger.; Such confidence have the publishers things I could not

My wife of course in Dr. Blackford's course, Reading

he was showered with offers see before sud

of fancy figure positions." knew of my meth- Character at Sight,” that they will denly leaped into

o d. She told it gladly send it to you on approval. Send my mind with

to her friend with the idea that it might no money. Merely fill in and mail the startling clearness.

be of assistance to her in meeting new coupon. The complete course will go to A new sense of power surged through people. It helped her so wonderfully' you instantly, on approval, all charges me. And I felt the urge to put it into that in a very short time she won the prepaid. Look it over thoroughly. See action.

close friendship of many of the “best if it lives up to the claims made for it. Within a month I was getting re families" in the town. Every one won. If you do not want to keep it, then markable results. I had suddenly be- ders how she did it. But WE know. return it, and the transaction is closed. come popular. Business men of impor- But you want to know what method And if you decide to keep it—as you tance who had formerly given me only a I used to do all these remarkable things. surely will—then merely remit Five passing nod of acquaintance, suddenly It is this: You know that every one Dollars in full payment. showed a desire for my friendship. I doesn't think alike. What one likes an- Remember, you take no risk, you was invited into the most select social other dislikes. What pleases one offends assume no obligation. The entire course circles. People-even strangers-actu- another. And what offends one pleases goes to you on approval. You've everyally went out of their way to do things another. Well, there is your cue. You thing to gain-nothing to lose. So mail for me. At first I was astounded at my can make an instant hit with any one if the coupon ŅOW, while this remarknew power over men and women. Not you say the things they want you to able offer remains open. only could I get them to do what I say, and act the way they wanted them to do, but they actually want you to act. Do this and anticipated my wishes and seemed eager they will surely like you, to please me. But let me tell you some and believe in you, and will of my experiences.

go miles out of their way to One of our biggest customers had a PLEASE YOU. . grievance against the firm. He held off You can do this easily by payment of a big bill and switched to knowing certain simple signs. one of our competitors. I was sent to Written on every man, woman see him. He met me like a cornered and child are signs, as clearly tiger. A few words and I calmed him. and as distinctly as though Inside of fifteen minutes he was shower- they were in letters a foot high, ing me with apologies. He gave me a which show you from one quick check in full payment, another big order, glance exactly what to say and and promised to continue giving us all to do to please them—to get

In a very short time she won the close friendship of many his business. them to believe what you want

of the best families' in town"

---- FREE EXAMINATION COUPON----For certain reasons it became neces- them to believe—to think as sary for the firm to obtain a signed letter you think—to do exactly what

Independent Corporation from a prominent public man. Three you want them to do.

Publishers of The Independent Weekly

119 West 40th St., New York of our men had tried, and failed. Then In knowing these simple I was given the job. I felt I had been

sons entitled "Reading Character at Sight." I will either signs is the whole secret of get

remail the course to you within five days after its receipt, made the “ goat.” But I got the signed ting what you want out of life

or send you $5 in full payment of the course. letter, and with it an inside tip which -of making friends, of busienabled us to land a prize order about ness and social advancement. Every which our competitors are still guessing great leader uses this method. That is and wondering.

why he IS a leader. Use it yourself and




Outlook (-11-19

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WALNUT HILL SCHOOL 23 Highland St., Natick, Mass. A College Preparatory School for Girls. 17 miles from Boston.

Miss Conant, Miss Bigelow, Principals.


Style 44 Munson Last · Tan Russia


A course of forty lessons in the history, form,
structure, and writing of the Short-Story taught by
Dr. J. Berg Ksen weln, for years Editor of Lippincott's.

150-page catalogue free. Please address


Springfield, Mass.

MICHIGAN BATTLE CREEK NORMAL SCHOOL of Physical Education. Summer Course-July 7. Six weeks. Normal Course - September 10. Three years. Broad, powerful training for a dignified profession of wholesome and happy service. Unrivaled facilities and equipment. C. Ward Crampton, M.D., Dean, Box 38, Battle Creek, Mich.


The Clark School


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Prepares for any college. By an intensive system of individual instruction, enables a bright pupil to complete a course in much less than the usual time, and trains pupils who have been backward elsewhere to cultivate alert, retentive minds and qualify in all subjects.

Write for records made by pupils at this school and for full descriptive catalog. Summer sessions.

Boys' School, 720 St. & West End Ave.
Girls' School, 301 West 720 St.

New York City

IT wasn't merely the fine I wear of their Army shoes that made the conspicuous success of the American soldiers' foot-wear in Europe. It was their natural fit and their incomparable comfort.

The Herman Shoe Company made hundreds of thousands of pairs of those Army shoes. We make millions of pairs of civilian styles on the same Munson U. S. Army lasts.

These shapely civilianized III military shoes—built of the

best leathers obtainable and
with the best of New England
workmanship-are recognized
everywhere as automatically

Sold in 8,000 retail stores. If you
are not near one, we will fit you
correctly and quickly through our

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A School Where Records Are Made

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Ambler, Pennsylvania

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18 Miles from Philadelphia SUMMER COURSE—Vegetable gardening, floriculture, fruit, canning and preserving. August 4th to 30th.

Vegetable and flower gardens, greenhouses, orchards, ornamental trees and shrubs, demonstration kitchen, apiary, poultry plant, live stock. Lectures and outdoor practice. Two year diploma course beginning Jan., 1920. ELIZABETA LEIGHTON LEE, Director



BOYS' CAMPS MONT BLEU. An Adirondack Summer Camp for M Boys at Blue Mt. Lake, N. Y. Fishing, swimming, canoeing, mountain climbing, tennis, instruction. $200 for season, $120 for five weeks. Write for booklet to JOHN MCCORMACK, A.M., Stevens School, Hoboken, N.J.

Home school for girls. Charming site on the north shore of Lake Geneva Girls received at any time in the year. Special advantages for the study of French. Address

M. et MME. CHAMOREL, Vevey, Switzerland.


Send for free book today. It will show you bow the Blackstone Institute removes allthe former drudgery from law study. You can gain a thorough knowledge of law in your spare time. Our

free book tells what the Course is and wbo the big men
are wbo bave written it. Send for your copy now.

Dept. 210A 608. So. Dearborn St., Chicago, Ill.


On Beautiful LAKE KEUKA, N. Y. It makes for a sound mind in a sound body. All athletics, dramatics, cercle français, etc. Seventh season. Mrs. André C. Fontaine, 334 New York Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y.

The Housemother of one of the great preparatory schools for boys will receive ten boys from seven to fourteen years old into her Lodge on the Maine Coast near Portland for the summer. Ocean front and pine woods. Second story bedrooms or tents with counselors. Athletics, recreation, tutoring. Number strictly limited and absolutely satisfactory references required. Especial oversight and mothering. Address Mrs. I.T. Bagley, The Tome School, Port Deposit, Md.


N. C. Home_care, Camp fun. Gipsying, Mt. Climbing, Interpretive Dancing, Hand Craft, Nature Study, Camp Honors, Sewing, Domestic Science, Gardening, Competent Councilors. Address Camp Mother, Mrs. BELLE ABBOTT ROXBY.


A Summer Camp for Boys,

OXFORD, MAINE Nineteenth Season. Highest efficiency at minimum rates. Booklet.


15th SEASON YOUNGER BOYS EXCLUSIVELY Woodcraft, nature study,manual training, all sports and swimming. H. O. LITTLE, Lincoln High School, Jersey City, N.J.

TRAINING SCHOOLS FOR NURSES St. John's Riverside Hospital Training

School for Nurses

YONKERS, NEW YORK Registered in New York State, offers a 3 years' course-a general training to refined, educated woinen. Require ments one year high school or is equivalent. Apply to the Directress of Nurses, Yonkers, New York.

(FIERS a two year professional course for the

study of Expression, Public Speaking, Story Telling, Public Address, School Dramatics, etc. For readers and speakers. A diploma course. A four year college and professional course leading to a Bachelor's degree and to the Speech Diploma, Graduate in Speech Arts. For teachers, readers, speakers and students who wish a college education with a maximum emphasis on Public Speaking, Debate, etc. Address Director Ralph Dennis, Box 15, Evanston, I.

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TRAINING SCHOOL FOR NURSES New Brunswick, N. J., offers a course in training to refined young women having had one year high school or its equivalent. Monthly allowance. Apply to SUPERINTENDENT.

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