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Real Estate
Real Estate
Real Estate


Business Situations


WANTED-Private secretary. Must be fast One of Denver's beauty spots

Beautiful Residential

and accurate stenographer and typist, also

understand handling of personal double entry SUNSET LODGE

Farm, about one mile from

accounts. Prefer one with experience in preon seven lots, beautifully shaded, fruit and

Princeton, N. J., overlooking Carnegie Lake. flowers. Eight rooms, hot water heat, modern

Address 8. E. OLDEN, Princeton, N.J.

paring press notices. In reply state experi

ence, salary desired. Excellent position for every way; garage. Unexcelled view of

woman of refinement. R. B. S., 6,884, Outlook. Rocky Mountains. Will be sold with or FARMS and COUNTRY ESTATES

NEW YORK without furnishings. Exceptional offer.

RAILWAY traffic inspector, $110 a month Owner, 5112 Raleigh St., Denver, Colorado.

Large house and to start and expenses. Travel if desired. UnFurnished Houses for Summer Rental 10 Kent IN LAIDAILLS three bungalows,

limited advancement. No age limit. Three CONNECTICUT

one mile from Phænicia. All improvements, months' home study. Situation arranged. fully furnished; beautiful views; bathing, fish

Prepare for permanent position. Write for WHEELER & TAYLOR

ing. Apartment 6, South, 250 W. 94th St., N.Y. booklet CM27 Standard Business Training FOR SALE A Beautiful Summer Home

Institute, Buffalo, N. Y.

MASS. in GUILFORD, CONN. Cost over


WANTED-Active woman of mature age $50,000. Can be bought for less than half. Ad

for position as superintendent of Protestant dress Owner, 1821 16th St., Washington, DC

unting and fishing preserve.

Shore front camp in the pines for rent fur home. Sixty inmates with incurable infirmiFor sale, about 1,000 acres in Northwest

nished. Finest section of]lake.Magnificent lake ties are cared for. Man and wife or mother FOR RENT - FURNISHED

and mountain view from porch. Sand beach ern Massachusetts,3 hours from Boston, 2 from

and grown daughter eligible. Applicant must C Nestles on “The Sumacs," Washington, Cla southern Albany. 100-acre lake, stocked, black bass,

for children. For floor plan and photographs furnish references as to nursing experience, perch. Game, all kinds, posted 5 years. Timber

address C. H. EASTON, Scarborough, N. Y. executive ability, character. State age. 6,944, slope; extended view down a beautiful wooded will pay 10% on investment. Several buildings.

Outlook. valley. 13 rooms, upstairs sitting-room. 7 acres,

I ake George. Rockholm, furnished cottage & $15,000. Frank P. Crouch, Rochester, N. Y.

POSITION open for private secretary in garage, town water, reasonable rent. Address

shack directly on lake, situated on high rock

gentleman's office in the city. One experiGIBSON, Room 322,56 Wall St., N. Y. City.

commanding magnificent view ; large garden.
Communicate Marsh, 19 E.59th, N.Y. Plaza 3537.

enced in bookkeeping and stenography a

requisite. Salary $25 per week. Address, statMAINE

ing references and experience, 6,948, Outlook. For Rent-Blue Hill, Maine

Companions and Domestic Helpers

HOPKINS' Educational Agency, 507 Fifth

Owner renting furnished home for first LARKSPUR LODGE, 12 rooms, 3 baths, fully equipped and attractively fur

time. 7 master's bedrooms, sleeping porch,

Ave. Cafeteria manager from August ; male detached playhouse, ice, wood, and generous

tutor, French or Italian, boy twelve; govnished. Further information given by the

ernesses, nurses, housekeepers, dietitians.

vegetable garden. Rowboat. $600 season. Misses Owen, 214 S. 15th St., Philadelphia, Pa.

James Pedersen, 260 West 76th St., New York. WANTED-Young woman mother's helper

to aid in care of four children. Willing to go For rent, fur- LAKE GEORGE

away in summer to quiet country place. Refnished, on

erences required. State experience, compenMANOMET, PLYMOUTH, MASS.

ARCADY-11 rooms, 3 baths, motor boat, sation expected. Mrs, H. C. Wells, 80 Wash-
Shore cottage, furnished, to let or for sale. rowboats. Ideal spot for children. PETER ington Ave., Plainfield, N. J.
Piazzas, electric lights, hot and cold water,con PAN COTTAGE-8 rooms, 2 baths, sleep SUMMER JOB FOR COLLEGE GIRL.
veniences, open fireplaces. Terms moderate. ing-porches, bathing beach, rowboat. These Would you like to spend the summer near
Wm.H.Hawley, Room 16, State House, Boston. houses are on a beautifully situated woodland New York? We want some one to help care

estate with mile water-front, one mile north for small child. Plensant home in country farmhouse, furnished, 7 rooms, of Hulett's Landing. For further particulars suburb, days free. Salary. Earl E. Whitehorn, 10 Rent in beautiful hill country of inquire

64 West 56th St., New York. 120 Broadway, New York.
Franklin County, 1,700 feet elevation. Tele-
I ake George. Attractive 9 room bungalow to

WANTED - Companion for elderly lady.
phone. R. F. D. at door. $100 for season. Dr.
F. N. Davenport, 33 West 42d St., New York. rent furnished,wide piazzas,stone fireplaces,

Some knowledge of nursing necessary. Lorunning spring water, ice, rowboat. Reason

cation Niagara Falls, N. Y. 6,887, Outlook. able. Kitchel, 452 West 144th St., New York.

WANTED—Young woman of refinement as

mother's helper in small family. Mrs. W.0.
LAVE CEORCE Cottage for rent, furnished, Badger, 99 Argyle Road, Brooklyn.
LAKE GEORGL 5 rooms, piazzas, running

RELIABLE woman night attendant old spring water both floors; rowboat, golf, ice. gentlemen, 9 P.M. to 9 A.M. $15 weekly. Phone Charming Summer Homes and Cottages, fur

Prof. F. Pedersen, 452 W. 144th St., New York. Columbus 4783 before 10:30 any morning. nished, for rent and for sale. Write for book

WANTED-An experienced woman as aslets. SARGENT & Co., New London, N. H.

" Gull Point Camp'

sistant housekeeper in large institution near Headquarters Lake Sunapee Real Estate

to let, furnished aeres including the entire shore

New York City. Good salary with board and

Living-room with fireplace, kitchen and porch, line of beautiful Lake Appalachee, and TAKE SUNAPEE, N. H., near

full maintenance. Address P. O. Box 175,

two large bedrooms, hall room and sleeping2,000 feet of frontage on Atlantic Ocean Hotel Granliden. Furnished sum

White Plains, New York.

porch. Good beach, Near Country Club. at Boothbay Harbor, Maine, is offered mer cottage, 14 rooms, 2 baths; 11 acres,

O. B. WILKES, 2-50 Broadway, N. Y. City. Teachers and Governosses for sale. Lake Appalachee lies 100 feet shore front. For particulars apply to Mrs.

NURSERY GOVERNESS. -Capable, reJ. R. NILSEN, 1 West 93d St., New York, above sea level and only 350 feet from the

COMMUTER'S OPPORTUNITY fined young woman to take charge of two Atlantic Ocean, and is stocked with Black PARTRIDGE LAKE,

girls, ages six and eight, in Chicago home. For Westchester County. Offer at pre-war price

Knowledge of French and music essential. Bass. The private Ocean pier is stopping Littleton, N. H. of $5,250, a modern ten-room white stucco

Best of references required. Good salary. point for steamers. Now used as exclu

p Attractive cabin on shore of lake. Large hollow tile residence, eight minutes from Permanent position. Address 3,626, Outlook.

living-room, fireplace, good range, spring sive Camp for few families. Equipped

station, half hour Grand Central Terminal. water in kitchen, three bedrooms, good beds,

TEACHERS wanted-All subjects all over with central dining-hall, kitchen, 2 baths,

Open and quiet surroundings. Would content, rowboat, shelter for automobile. Lovely sider rental. Full particulars can be secured

the country. National Teachers Agency, 310 frame cabins, Kenyon bungalows and country, in the White Mountain region. Ref from owner by addressing 9,815, Outlook

Munsey Building, Washington ; General tents to accommodate 40 people. City erences exchanged. 405, Outlook.

offices, Evanston, Ill.

INQUIRIES already coming in for teachers water, sewer. One mile from Boothbay


in all subjects for 1919. International Musical Harbor, Maine, and K mile from Bayville,

and Educational Agency, Carnegie Hall, N. Y. Maine. Motor boat on ocean and canoes WHITE MOUNTAINS Attractive


WANTED-French governess for Colorado and boats on lake. Electric light and low and Garage, beautifully located. For

family with three children. Please give reftelephone on property. Unique wooded rent or sale, furnished. WM. E. SATCHELL, Large well-planned cottage, overlooking erences, age, qualifications, and salary exsetting. Private road, spring-fed private Owner, 162 Gates Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.

beautiful mountain scenery and golf course pected when replying. 740 Emerson St., Denlake make this an ideal site for unusual

at Pocono Manor (a hotel and cottage colony), ver, Colorado.

one and a half miles from Pocono Summit Country Estate, Club or Summer Hotel White Mountains *Attractive Cottage,

WANTED-Competent teachers for public

station on the D. L. & W. R. R., one hundred and private schools. Calls coming every day. site. Combination of fresh and salt water 9 rooms, overlooking lake and mountains. miles from New York. Completely furnished Send for circulars. Albany Teachers' Agency, cannot be duplicated on Atlantic Coast. Shore front. Terms reasonable. Inquire of for housekeeping, except table and bed linen. Albany, NY. For sale or rent by owner. Address Jos. A. Nesmith, 97 Central St., Lowell, Mass. Living and dining rooms, porches and kitchen.

KINDERGARTNER - Woman for Blind

Seven master's bedrooms (four with running

White Mountains FA
water), two sleeping porches, three baths and

Babies' Home, Summit, N. J. Uniforms fur-
S Furnished, opposite

nished. $25 monthly, board and care. Call or 1922 Calumet Avenue, Chicago, Ills.

two showers. Two maids' rooms and bath.
Mt. Washington. Rent $100. Sale price $1,000.

write Room 52, 2 W. 15th St., Manhattan.
Chauffeur's room and bath. Garage for two
Address Rev. J. E. Johnson, Littleton, N. H. cars. Pure spring water, electric lights, tele-
For Sale or To Rent,

phone, hot water heating system, five open


WINNEPESAUKEE LAKE near fireplaces, trunk elevator and laundry. For 10 rooms, all modern improvements. Wolfeboro, N. H. Girls' camp or sum further particulars apply to

Professional Situations G. Lyman Snow, 114 Federal St., Boston, Mass. mer residence. Cottage, large garage, boat EDWIN A. HOOPES, Agt., Pocono Manor, Pa. LADY osteopath of high repute would like house, sandy beach, boats, canoe, launch.

to accompany wealthy woman or small party Rev. Dr. J. A. HIGGONS, Philadelphia, Pa.

HAWNEE -ON-DELAWARE, Boothbay Harbor, Me.

to the White or Green Mountains for July and

S PA-FOR RENT, furnished cottage, August. A No. 1 references. Who wishes such Furnished Bungalows, 5 and 6 rooms ;

all conveniences, 6 bedrooms, 2 baths; finest NEW JERSEY

service? 6,943, Outlook. fireplace, town water, toilet, porches, facing

location, near Buckwood Inn. Mrs. JOHN T. bay. Apply to 34 S. 7th Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y.

WATSON, Shawnee-on-Delaware, Pa.

Business Situations

SECRETARY-GARDENER. Lady desires Maine coast, 300 acres,


position. Experienced gardener with knowl14 room house, 2 barns,

edge of secretarial work, typewriting, etc. icehouse, etc. Crops all in. Bargain $10,000.

for Rent-Modern 7-room cottage on lake, Could take charge small country place. 6,930, Price includes 19 cattle, 3 horses.

r Greensboro, Vt. Golf, tennis,'canoeing, ga Outlook. JONES SISTERS, West Brooksville, Maine.

rage; high altitude, no mosquitoes. Address SECRETARY-STENOGRAPHER-Ameri

Mrs. DAWSON, 50 Morningside Drive, N. Y. To LET, Fortunes Rocks, Me.

can, conscientious, experienced, efficient. NEW COTTAGE, 5 bedrooms and bath.

6,939, Outlook. Modern conveniences. Furnished throughout.

SALE An Ideal Summer Home
Migs ESTHER W. SMITH, Andover, Mass.

Companions and Domestic Helpers
Elevation 1,50 feet; half-hour
drive from Brattleboro, Vermont;

WISH to secure position for friend, lady of
Six-room camp cottage,

fronting on 65-acre lake stocked with trout.

unusual executive ability and personal charm. ALFORD LAKE

Property includes entire lake sliore.

Would be invaluable to eiderly couple. Also furnished; boats and garage. ERNEST C.

JOHN W. TITCOMB, 379 Quail St., Albany, N.Y.

fitted to control a home. 6,953, Outlook. DAVIS, Fuller-Cobb Co., Rockland, Maine.

KINDERGARTEN teacher desires position

as companion to children for summer. 6,951, SORRENTO, MAINE

LAKE BOMOSEEN. VT. Furnished camps,

four rooms, two Outlook.

rooms, conveniences, ice. Season rental. To let, fully furnished small cottage, living

YOUNG woman with child three years de

STEVENS, 156 West 128th St., New York. sires position as housekeeper or house manaroom, kitchen, two small bedrooms, bath, sleeping porch, piazzas. Magnificent views

ger, preferably for widower. 6,952, Outlook.

Cor rent, furnished cottage, 6 rooms and Swimming pool, golf, tennis. Rent for season,

COMPANION-Young lady, 24 years of age, $175. Apply to Mrs. L. L. ROWE,

bath, fireplace, wide veranda, spring water. refined, educated, can drive an automobile.
281 Benefit St., Providence, R. I.
This Beautiful Home for Sale On mountainside overlooking West River.

References. Box 6,937, Outlook.
Large living-room, open fireplaces, 5
$75 for season. C. H. Willard, Townshend, Vt.

GENTLEWOMAN, experienced housemaster's bedrooms, 3 tiled baths on second

keeper, desires responsible position where For Sale or To Rent Alford Farm, South Hope floor: 3 bedrooms, large billiard-room and WOODSTOCK. VT. For SALE

there are no small children. 6,918, Outlook.

or RENT Maine. Two hundred forty acres. Furnished bath on third floor; hot water heat; hard

ENGLISH teacher desires position as comVillage and farm properties. Correspondence

wood floors, white enamel woodwork, house, large barn. Five minutes from lake.


panion or governess. 6,914, Outlook. finest fixtures and decorations ; every


WANTED-Position as traveling companFuller-Cobb Co., Rockland, Maine.

improvement; garage with chauffeur's
rooms and bath; 1), acres; most select


ion or governess by young woman. 6,923, Desirable room cottage, Squir and convenient locality; no exchange.

Outlook. rel Island, Me., for season. Low

YOUNG woman, college graduate, high Harvey R. Linbarger

Professional Situations rental. Island one of most beautiful on Maine 197 North Ave., opp. depot, Plainfield, N.J. WANTED-Physician, also councilors, for

school teacher, desires position as companion coast. Address F. J. C. Little, Augusta, Me.

or secretary (ty pist). Would travel. 6,906, boys' camp, Maine. Box 79, Station L, Brook



COMPANION-Refined lady, good linguist,
FOR RENT or SALE Furnished
ALL cottage, 16
Business Situations

nursing experience. Would travel. ReferCAPE COD,modern furn. dwelling on tidewater rooms, 3 baths. Garage with living quarters WANTED-Woman, middle-aged, or young ences. 6,908, Outlook,

inlet, to let for season. 7 rooms, 4 chambers, and bath. North Shrewsbury River. 14 hours man of refinement and education as cashier COMPANION-Managing, working housebath. Garage, rowboat, bathing, fishing. Beau from New York, rail or boat. Gas, Water, and office assistant. Address, with full partic keeper, small family. References exchanged tifully located. F. B. LINCOLN, Orleans, Mass. I telephone, C. Townsend,276 Pearl St., N.Y.C.) ulars, Heathcote Inn, Scarsdale, N. Y. 16,931, Outlook.



fronting on bludes entirail St., Albany

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Number of The Outlook will be the issue of June II, 1919. This number will contain several special articles on out-of-doors and vacation subjects, as well as beautiful illustrations of typical American scenery. We suggest the use of advertising space in this issue by Summer Hotels and Camps,

Tourist Agencies, Michigan

and Steamship Lines.


The OpenBook
mer Vacations in the Gast


Plan now to get away for a joyous, restful vacation. Take advantage of the return of Peace. You have worked hard, sacrificed and saved. You have earned time off. You need the change. Where will you go? Down by the Sea

The Adirondacks From the forty beaches of New Jersey to Forest-crowned, lake-dotted, pinethe hundred harbors of Maine-around the scented, romantic Adirondacks—the cool, shores of Long Island and up the coast of New summer roof garden of New York State. England -are the most famous seaside resorts Visit the Thousand Islands, Niagara Falls, in the world. All are planning for you the Saratoga Springs,Lakes George and Chamgayest summer season on record.

plain. Camp out or live in luxury. The Call of New England

If the carefree,open life of the camp calls, Resinous forests, broad beaches, cool you may hunt, fish, apd canoe in woods and inland lakes and streams-excellent fishing, lakes of New Hampshire and Maine. If you sailing, motor-boating, and bathing; the are a golf enthusiast, or love magnificent finest of golf; bridle paths through the views, you may choose the White and Green woods. Michigan is the sporting Peninsula Mountains. Infinite variety here.

of the Great Lakes.
It only remains for you to decide-WHERE?
The United States Railroad Administration has issued the following descriptive booklets of the above sections containing
authoritative information and lists of hotels:“NowJersey Seashore'. Long Island","New England Shores Southof Boston.
"New England Shores North and East of Boston"."New England Lakes and Mountains"."Adirondacks and Thousand

Islands", Saratoga Springs, Lake George and Lake Champlain". Niagara Falls", Michigan
Summer Resorts". Ask your local ticket agent to help you plan yonr trip, or arply to the nearest
Consolidated Ticket Office; or write the nearest Travel Bureau, naming the Booklet wanted.

Rates and special information

upon request



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Department of Classified Advertising THE OUTLOOK


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Travel Bureau

Travel Bureau 143 Liberty Street

646 Transportation Building New York City


Travel Bureau 602 Healey Building


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mg, expeute school lary work cool and mec

SITUATIONS WANTED Companions and Domestic Helpers

COMPANION.- College girl, to young or elderly woman. References. 6,927, Outlook.

POSITION as companion by well educated Virginia woman now living in New York. Splendid rererences. 6,929, Outlook.

FRENCH lady (Parisian), refined, good school experience, excellent references, wishes position for summer, chaperon or teacher. 6,942, Outlook.

WANTED - Position as companion to elderly lady. 6,935, Outlook.


Teachers and Covernesses

Teachers and Covernesses
EXPERIENCED teacher (Paris French),

KINDERGARTNER, Boston graduate,
refined European, wishes position for 2-3

young, experienced, desires position for fall summer months in family or summer school,

term in private school, boarding or day school.
6,947, Outlook.

Kindergarten or primary work. Would take

charge of entertainments of school and wil

ing to assist in office of institution when necICE, Frenchman, college instructor, wishes

essary. Excellent references. 6,924, Outlook. to tutor during summer. Lebert, Williams

YOUNG French woman wishes position for town, Mass.

summer. Teaches in best schools. Excellent TEACHER pottery, basketry, drawing

references. Madame C., Pingry School, Elizadesign, summer camp or school. Experienced.

beth, N. J.
References. 6,913, Outlook.

VASSAR woman tutor, English, history,
KINDERGARTNER wishes position as

MISCELLANEOUS WOULD care for elderly lady, young girl, or child in my home. 6,919, Outlook.

WILL give exceptional care to infant or young child in my country home. $25 per week. References given and required. 6,921, Outlook.

WANTED-To care for three or four young girls 12 to 16 years for July and August in country home in Berkshires. Address "Mugun," Lawrence House, Northampton, Mass.

WANTED-Young women to take nine months' course in nursing. Frances Parker Memorial Hoine, New Brunswick, N. J.

WOMAN of education desires position as companion-housekeeper in home of retinement, vicinity of Philadelphia. Highest references. Mrs. C., Box 145, Rosemont, Pa.

Teachers and Covernesses : COLLEGE student, professor's son, traveled, well read, likes outdoors, children; can tutor, apply self indoors and out. Best references. 6,946, Outlook. .

WHO wants a French teacher from suburban boarding school? June 15-September 15. 6,949, Outlook.

YOUNG woman, four-year high, normal graduate, experienced intermediate grades, references, desires fall position. 6,945, Outlook.

Latin, pianist, wishes position June to Octo-
governess for summer months. Seven years' | ber. 6,886, Outlook.
experience. 6,912, Outlook.

NATIVE French teacher (young man, 36),
POSITION wanted by young college grad-

now teaching in an academy, wishes position
uate for summer as tutor or companion to boy

during summer vacation with family or insti-
are 12 to 16.- Experience as counselor in boys'

tution. 6,858, Outlook.
camp. 6,920, Outlook.
POSITION as instructor in fine and applied

art in girls' camp by thoroughly equipped
teacher. 6,925, Outlook.

M. W. Wightman & Co. Shopping Agency,
TUTOR and companion to boy 10-14 years.

established 1895. No charge; proinpt delivery.
Position wanted for suinmer months by 44 West 22d St., New York.
senior, Phillips Exeter Academy. Is now EXCELLENT care given backward or in-
proctor at Dunbar Hall. Reference, Dr. valid girl under twelve. Pleasant home in
Lewis Perry, Principal. A. C. Kalbfleisch, Jr., country village on central New York lake.
Phillips Academy, Exeter, N. H.

6,900, Outlook.

MISS Guthman, New York shopper, will send anything on approval; services free. References. 309 W. 99th Street.

LITERARY material prepared for speakers, debaters, writers. Authors' Research Bureau, 500 Fifth Ave., New York.

LADY experienced in care of children will take into her country home for summer child under five. Intelligent care assured. 6,933, Outlook.

SUMMER paying guests wanted in attractive country home. 6,940, Outlook.

EXPERIENCED teacher would give motherly care to few children at own home in country-New Jersey. 6,941, Outlook.


A Simple Way to Remove

Stomach Trouble

Results in 48 Hours
By Lamar K. Tuttle, D.O., M.D.

Dr. Lamar K. Tuttle, of New York City, is a graduate of both the osteopathic and regular schools of medicine and ranks high in his profession. He has been in active practice for the past fifteen years, and is consulted by many of the most prominent men and women in America. He is a member of the A. M. A. A., A. O. A., N. Y. O. S., etc. We feel honored to have a physician of Dr. Tuttle's high standing consent to give his views so freely.

A N old friend of mine dropped in to

see me some months ago. When

we had finished talking over old times he said " Doctor. I want to have a straight talk with you about my health, and I want you to tell me the truth.”

Like many a business man, he was beginning to feel' severe doubts about his state of health. He had nothing particularly the matter with him, but he felt that his oldtime energy and staying powers were slipping away. He lacked his former enthusiasm ; the edge seemed to have been taken off his ability to enjoy things; headaches, pains in the eyes, in the back of the head and the stomach, bothered him all too frequently.

He had all sorts of other symptoms which, while they quickly "wore off," sufficed to rob him of his ability to get things done, and to make him think seriously about his state of health. His case was typical of that of the everyday man and woman. Thousands have just the same symptoms, and they worry and suffer just as he worried and suffered. • I gave him some advice. A few months later he dropped in to see me again-an altogether differentlooking man this time. He had added about twenty pounds to his weight; his skin and his eyes were clearer, and he had all of the “snap" and "sparkle” of his younger days. With great delight he told me that he felt like a new man. Gone were the old aches and pains, the stomach trouble, the depressed feelings, and the “off” days. In their place were vigorous health, boundless enthusiasm and an almost tireless capacity for work.

How was this remarkable change brought about ? Well, the best way is for me to talk to you just as I talked to him when he first came to me. I opened my talk this way:

“Recently I was a guest at a banquet in New York City given in honor of a prominent physician. At the conclusion of the banquet, the guest of the evening was called upon to speak. He held up a large bowl and explained that as each course had been served he had placed a part of it in the bowl.

Then, with a sweep of the hand, he removed the eover and asked us to look closely upon its contents. One look was sufficient! The contents of the bowl were an affront to sight, smell and taste! And then when the physician reminded us that at that very moment our stomachs were struggling with just such an awful mess, our feelings can well be imagined !

The physician went on to tell us that most of our ailments-occasional or chronic-come from incorrect eating, of which he had just shown such a striking example.

It is what we put in our stomach, not our faithful stomach, that is to blame for many of the ailments popularly attributed to stomach trouble. “Stomach trouble" is usually food trouble—the stomach is rebelling against the food we are forcing into it.

The rapid return to health of a snfferer from socalled chronic disease. who applies the simple and easily acquired principles of correct eating, is often startling.

Good health, in fact life itself, is dependent upon the amount and quality of the air we breathe-the water we drink and the food we eat. We cannot always command fresh pure air, but we can control what we put in our stomachs.

Blood has been aptly called the “stream of life.” It is the medium whereby our tissnes receive food and tissue waste is removed. Oxygen-an element essential to tissue life--is drawn from the air we breathe and carried by the blood to the body tissues. The food we eat contains elements just as essential as oxygen to body health and life.

In your stomach the food is prepared for of practice of his specialty, he is eminently body building by a chemical process exact, qualified to speak as an authority on what complete and simple.

a man should put in his stomach as food. The special senses, taste, smell, and to a Eugene Christian has written a series of certain degree sight, act as special guard- Little Lessons in Corrective Eating, 24 in

ians for the stomach. Certain substances we number. The results of his experiments, .

cannot-must not eat. When these sub experience and learning, are in these lessons. stances are offered as food either our taste They contain the secret of correct eating. finds them unwelcome, or our sense of smell Through them thousands have found the protests and we reject the article for food, key to health and happiness. These lessons even though it be attractive to the eye. are stripped of all technicalities. They give Good and proper food must therefore you definite facts, in plain everyday lanappeal to our taste and smell.

guage. They tell you exactly what to eat in But there are ways known to cookery of order to maintain perfect health ; and also fooling our stomach guardians. Our sense how to cure many distressing ailments. of taste is drugged with rich sauces and If you suffer from stomach hyperacidity. condiments; the aroma of skillfully com- there are good probabilities that within bined food articles pleases the sense of smell, forty-eight hours after you apply Eugene and the decorative art delights the eye. This leads Christian's teachings, you will know stomach comus to force upon a helpless stomach food combi fort. The knowledge gained from these lessons will nations that when acted upon chemically by the prove of benefit to the sufferer from any ailment. stomach laboratory, result in body poisoning. The To the well they insure a reasonable means of mainintestines labor unsuccessfully with quantities of taining health. You will learn to use your stomach waste and fermentation and even putrefaction ensue. -not abuse it. The writer has been in active practice The blood stream becomes loaded-actually pol during the greater part of the past fifteen years and luted-with irritants and toxines; the entire body bases his opinions on the evil effects of incorrect system is affected and before long the signs and eating and the curative results of correct eating on symptoms of disease are manifest.

experiences with hundreds of cases. These symptoms are grouped and classified and Stomach abuse due to incorrect eating is one of the called-as the case may be-" rheumatism"-"har

most frequent causes of disease in man. Mental effidening of the arteries”-“heart trouble "_"acid ciency is greatly dependent upon physical well-being, stomach,” etc. They may all come from one thing and business success is dependent upon both. A mind .-food poisoning. The symptoms of food poisoning and body drugged by poisons generated from the ferare too numerous for mention here-the so-called menting, putrefying end products of wrongly comdiseases traceable directly to this cause are legion. bined food elements can neither manifest efficiency The weariness of the “tired business man" can nor know the true meaning of health, contentment often be directly traced to incorrect eating.

or happiness.". The oft-repeated complaint of the individual

* * * * * * * apparently in good health who complains that his

W ITH Eugene Christian's Little Lessons in night's sleep benefits him but little, inasmuch as he

W Corrective Eating at hand it is just as though awakens in the morning as “tired as when he went to bed,” is so familiar to us all as to occasion little if

you were in personal contact with the great any interest. The sufferer attributes his unrefresh

food specialist, because every possible point is so ing sleep to overwork-lack of exercise-or“ nerv

thoroughly covered that you can scarcely think of ousness.” This condition is often called by a high

a question which isn't answered. You can start sounding name, “Neurasthenia," and the patient

eating the very things that will produce the ingiven a prescription for a drug for his poor stomach

creased physical and mental energy you are seeking to struggle with. A large percentage of these cases

the day you receive the lessons, and you will find

that you secrire results with the first meal. This, of are victims of food poisons—the direct result of

course, does not mean that complicated illnesses can incorrect eating.

be removed at one meal, but it does mean that real Another large group of unfortunates are those

results can nearly always be seen in 48 hours or less. who suffer freqnent attacks of so-called bilious headaches-attacks which are painful and distress

If you would like to examine these 24 Little ing beyond words. In many cases they are caused by

Lessons in Corrective Eating, simply write the Cor a laboring overworked liver and a poisoned intesti

rective Eating Society, Department 155, 443 Fourth

Avenue, New York City. It is not necessary to dal tract-the result of faulty food combinations.

enclose any money with your request. Merely ask The victim of chronic stomach hyperacidity is

them to send the lessons on five days' trial with the surely an object of pity. This condition breeds pes

understanding that you will either return them simism, and no wonder! With the physical and

within that time or remit $3.00, the small fee asked. mental suffering it entails-plus the recurring disappointments experienced by many in search of a

The reason why the Society is willing to send cure-pessimism on the part of the sufferer surely

the lessons on free examination, without money in is excusable.

advance, is becanse they want to remove every

obstacle to putting this knowledge in the hands of In most cases both the doctor and the patient

the many interested people as soon as possible, direct most of their attention to the stomach. The

knowing full well that a test of some of the menus stomach in many cases is doing the best possible.

in the lessons themselves is more convincing than Incorrect eating resulting in stomach abuse, is the

anything that can possibly be said about them. first cause. The cure can be found in correct eating-proper stomach use. Though many régimes of

Send no money. Merely mail the coupon below special diet have been tried in vain, I have known

or write a letter and the Little Lessons will reach mastery and application of the principles of correct you by return mail. eating to effect a cure. The self-healing and self-: restoring powers of the human machine, when structurally correct, are almost limitless.

Corrective Eating Society, Inc.,

. It is possible, by means of properly combining Dept. 155, 443 Fourth Ave., New York City the food we eat, for us actually to eat our way to

You may send me prepaid a copy of Corrective Eating in 24
health. We need not go on a meagre diet, nor de Lessons. I will either remail them to you within five days
prive ourselves of the food we like. We can still go after receipt or send you $3.
on eating the usual foods, but we must know how
to properly combine them.

O f those who have successfully specialized in Name ....................... Address....
dietetics, none rank higher than Eugene Christian.
After much painstaking experimentation with food
chemistry, plus a wide knowledge gained in the field City......................... State...

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DIRECTORY Many of the best private schools, colleges, correspondence schools, and camps are advertised in these columns. Each one issues descriptive literature which will be sent to Outlook readers upon application

ETHICAL Normal Departments
CULTURE Kindergarten, Primary and Manual Training

Offer many advantages in the prepara

tion of teachers. Observation and pracCentral Park West tice teaching. Students are allowed the and 63rd Street freedom of the school. For information New York City address FRANKLIN C. LEWIS, Supt.





MASSACHUSETTS The Pratt Teachers Agency


ELM HILL A Private Home and School for 70 Fifth Avenue, New York

Deficient Children and Youth. Recommends teachers to colleges, public and private schools.

Skillful and affectionate care. Invigorating air. 250-acre

farm. Home dairy. All modern conveniences. Personal Advises parents about schools. Wm. 0. Pratt. Mgr.

companionship. Health, happiness, efficiency. 70th year.



Teachers of the First Grade Exclusively. Open to graduates of secondary schools.
100 teachers wanted at once.

For circular apply to Miss C. M. Powell, Secretary,

1 Autumn Street, Boston, Mass, Aeolian Hall, New York Tel. Vanderbilt 3321

MASSACHUSETTS, Boston, 779 Beacon Street

Posse Normal School of Gymnastics

31st year. New building. Courses of one, two and three
years. The war has created great demand for our gradu-
ates. Courses in Medical Gymnastics and Playgrounds.
Apply to



Cornwall-on-Hudson, Box 16, New York

A School in the Heart of the Open

Country. For Boys from 9 to 19
Location: 50 miles from New York, 5 miles from
West Point, on a spur of Storm King Mountain, 910
feet above sea level. Healthful, invigorating, unusually
adapted to a sane and simple out-of-door life.
Work: Preparation for College or Business Life;
recent graduates in 12 leading colleges. Each boy
studied physically and mentally to increase individual
efficiency. Small Classes: A teacher for everv 6 boys.
Athletics: Two fields with excellent facilities for
all sports, under supervision; hiking, woods life, swim-
ming pool.

You are invited to come and see for

yourself. Catalog sent on application AL VAN É. DUERR, Headmaster



Vassar Preparatory School. Special 2-year course for High School graduates. Music, Art and

Domestic Science. Tennis, horseback riding. Military drill under a captain detailed from the Armory. Sleeping porches. Separate house for younger children. Address Ellen C. Bartlett, A.B., Prin., Box 809, Poughkeepsie, N. Y.

DEAN ACADEMY, Franklin, Mass.

53d Year
Young men and young women find here a homelike atmos-
phere, thorough and efficient training in every department
of a broad culture, a loyal and helpful school spirit. Liberal
endowment permits liberal terms, $325-$400 per year. Special
Course in Domestic Science.

For catalogue and information address
ARTHUR W. PEIRCE, Litt. D., Principal

Glendale College for Women (subur

Glendale, Ohio

U (suburban to Cincinnati) Fall semester begins Sept. 17, 1919. Unusual advantages offered High School graduates in secretarial, History of Art academic courses. Preparation for all colleges. Music, Ex pression, Household Science. Beautiful location. Acoessi bility to the city utilized for liberal culture.

23 Highland St., Natick, Mass. A College Pre-
paratory School for Girls. 17 miles from Boston.

Miss Conant, Miss Bigelow, Principals.

Oxford College for Women

The Burnham School Girls

Founded 1830. Standard college course with B. A. Degree.
Music courses with B. M. Degree. Normal courses in House
hold Economics, Public School Music and Art. Rates $375.
Write for "Seven Points." Address Oxford College, Box 62, Oxford, Ohio.


Founded by Mary A. Burnham in 1877

Opposite Smith College Campus

The Curtis School for Young Boys
Has grown forty-four years and is still under the active
direction of its founder.

GERALD B. CURTIS, Assistant Principal.




A Country School for Girls
FANNY E. DAVIES, LL.A., Principal,


Ambler, Pennsylvania

[blocks in formation]

Washington, Conn.

Boston representative,
MABEL E. BOWMAN, A.B., Vice-Principal, Cohagset, Mass.

A School for Girls. ANDOVER, MASS. Founded 1828.
23 miles from Boston. General course with Household
Science. College Preparation. Outdoor sports.

Address MISS BERTHA BAILEY, Principal.

18 Miles from Philadelphia SUMMER COURSE_Vegetable gardening, floriculture, fruit, canning and preserving. August 4th to 30th.

Vegetable and flower gardeng, greenhouses, orchards, ornamental trees and shrubs, demonstration kitchen, apiary, poultry plant, live stock. Lectures and outdoor practice. Two year diploma course beginning Jan., 1920. ELIZABETH LEIGHTON LEE, Director

[blocks in formation]


Dr. J. Fred Wolle, Conductor
“The best choir in the United States."-

Henry T. Finck in the N. Y. Evening Post. FRIDAY, JUNE 6 - 4 P.M. and 8 P.M.

SATURDAY, JUNE 7-2 P.M. and 4:30 P.M.

PRICES per SESSION, $1.10, $1.65, 82.20

COURSE SEATS, $4.40, $6.60, 88.50
For tickets and information address
. C. Huff Music Store, Bethlehem, Pa.

Packer Memorial Church

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[blocks in formation]

PENNSYLVANIA Ghe Baldwin School A Country School for Girls,

Brya Mawr, Penna. Preparation for Bryn Mawr, Mount Holyoke, Smith, Vassar and Wellesley colleges. Also strong general course. Within 26 years 272 students have entered Bryn Mawr College. Fireproof stone building. Abundant outdoor life and athletics. ELIZABETH FORREST JOHNSON, A.B., HEAD of the SCHOOL

WITZERLAND Les Fougères, Lausanne, Switzerland

This well-known school for girls, with commodious modern buildings and beautiful surroundings, under the experienced direction of M. and Mme. Chaubert, offers thorough training in languages and other studies, as well as excep. tional facilities for riding, lectures, eoncerts, the drama and Alpine excursions. Best American references on application to Mlle. Chaubert, who will sail with a party from New York in Angust. Temporary address :

43 Hillhouse Avenue, New Haven, Conn. LES ALIZIERS, Vevey, Switzerland Home school for girls. Charming site on the north shore of Lake Geneva. Girls received at any time in the year. Special advantages for the study of French. Address

M. et MME. CHAMOREL, Vevey, Switzerland.

[blocks in formation]


BISHOP HOPKINS HALL An endowed school for girls overlooking Lake Champlain. Well-equipped buildings. All outdoor sports. College preparatory and general courses. _Write for booklet. Miss Ellen Seton Ogden, Principal. The Rt. Rev. A. C. A. Hall, President and Chaplain. Box C, Burlington, Vermont.

OAHE, the Hill of Vision

On Granite Lake, New Hampshire

A distinctive small camp for fifty girls. W Dr. Charles A. Eastman (Oliyesa), Amherst, Mass. CAMP AREY for Girls

On Beautiful LAKE KEUKA, N. Y. It makes for a sound mind in a sound body. An athletics, dramatics, cercle français, etc. Seventh season. Mrs. André C. Fontaine, 334 New York Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y.


Live with a French Family on the Coast of Maine this summer. Art, Music, French, Dramatica, etc. Sea bathing, sailing, tennis, tramping. Illus trated catalog. 15th year of Commonwealth Art Col. ony, Boothbay Harbor, Maine. A. Randall, Director.

The President's Message................
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Making Use of Children ................
A School That Teaches Citizenship..... 142
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A New Income Tax..................
America's Young Veterans........
The Short Ballot.......
Edith Cavell ....................
The Red Cross for Peace...............
The Transatlantic Air Flights...........
Sorely Tried Poland.

By Vernon Kellogg
In the Grip of the Bolshevists..........

By Alessandro H. Carasso, Ph.D.
Current Events Illustrated .............. 151
Happiness (Poem)...................... 155

By Mary Washburn Baldwin
Sister Ohio: A Memory of the Civil War 155

By Lucy Seaman Bainbridge
A Late Confession. ............

By Elsie Singmaster
Weekly Outline Study of Current History 160

By J. Madison Gathany, A.M. The New Books........................ Your Investments in the Event of Death 165 Make the Earth Free to the User...... 167 By the way..



The Phillips Exeter Academy

Summer Session, Exeter, New Hampshire

July 8 to August 30 Address Chairman of Summer Session Faculty. NEW CIVILIZATION SUMMER SCHOOL JULIA SETON, M.D., Founder, SETON LODGE, Newburgh, N, Y. Season 1919-June 7th to Sept. 1st. This school is for teachers and students interested higher research. For catalog write JULIA SETON, M.D., Empire Hotel, New York City.



Miss Helen Williams, 245 E. Johnson St., Germantown, Phila., Pa. CAMP MINNEHAHA BAT CAVE,

Home_care, Camp fun. Gipsying, Mt. Climbing, Interpretive Dancing, Hand Craft, Nature Study, Camp Honors, Sewing, Domestic Science, Gardening, Competent Councilors. Address Camp Mother, Mrs. BELLE ABBOTT ROXBY. TRAINING SCHOOLS FOR NURSES St. John's Riverside Hospital Training

School for Nurses

YONKERS, NEW YORK Registered in New York ştato, offers a 3 years' course-a general training to refined, educated women. Requirements one year high school or its equivalent. Apply to the Directress of Nurses, Yonkers, New York.


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TRAINING SCHOOL FOR NURSES New Brunswick, N. J., offers a course in training to refined young women having had one year high school or its equivalent. Monthly allowance. Apply to SUPERINTENDENT.

Prospect Heights Hospital and Brooklyn Maternity

BY SUBSCRIPTION $4.00 A YEAR. Single copies 10 cents,

For foreign subscription to countries in the Postal Union, $5.56.

Address all communications to


15th SEASON YOUNGER BOYS EXCLUSIVELY Woodcraft, nature study,manual training all sports and swimming. H.O. LITTLE, Lincoln High School, Jersey City, N.J. Camp Chenango Cooperstown, N. Y.

on Otsego Lake. Por boys. Boating, Swimming, Mountain Climbing, Tennis, Baseball, Basket-ball. Best of food. Manual Training, Nature Study, Woodcraft, Farming, Character Building. Moderate Rates. NO EXTRAS! Tutoring. Write A. E. LOVELAND, Commercial High School, Brooklyn, New York. Dept. H.

Washington Avenue and St. Johns Place

Brooklyn, New York offers in its Training School an excellent opportunity to young women desiring to enter the nursing profession. The course is two years and six months. Pupils receive a monthly allowance. A class is now being formed. The School Bulletin will be mailed on application addressed to the SUPERINTENDENT.

• THE OUTLOOK COMPANY 381 Fourth Avenue

New York City

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