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presentlie receive into your charge and command, These are therefore to require you to take into your charge and command the said companie as Captaine, And to cause the same to bee only exercised in armes commanding all inferiour Officers and Souldiers of the said company to obey you as their Captaine for his Maties service according to this commission given you, And you likewise to obey observe and ffollow such orders and directions as you shall from time to time receiue from myselfe and the Superior Officers of the said Regiment, In wittnesse whereof I haue signed this Comission, & caused my Seale of Armes to be put thereunto att Yorke the 19th day of January in the twelfth yeare of his Maties Rayne, A° dm. 1660.



The Account of Edward Parker of Brousholme Esq". to the best of his know

ledge and remembrance of what pposition money & Crowne Rents hee hath paid, what Plate, horses, Armes, and houshoald goods hath beene taken from him by the souldiers and others; and what charges hee hath beene

at in free quarter in the late warrs since the yeare 1642: Paid when hee was taken Prisoner and carried to Bradford in

£ May 1643, for his freedome: & pposition money for wch hee

200 hath an Acquittance vnder one Rich: Powells hands the then

Taken by Henry Mitchell of Martol, Richard Hodgson of Grin-

dleton and diuers others the 19th of November 1642 in the
night tyme who were noe souldiers but p'tended to bee sent -
by Captan Lister of Arnolsbigginge, in Plate and houshould

goods as may appeare by pticulars to the value of Ite. taken the 7th of Aprill 1643 by souldiers vnder the comand

s of Collonell Briggs, when Edw. Parker one of the said E. P.s

13 06 08 sonnes of 7 yeares ould was taken prisoner & carried to ye Garrison at Thornton, one gray Mayre at

Ite. bills & bonds taken the same time whereby was due about
Ite. a sword belt books & houshould good to the value of
Ite. taken by Captan Radcliffes Souldiers in Aprill 1643 one

06 13 04 white Nagge worth Ite. taken by Collonell Briggs souldiers 10° May 1643 one bay? 21 02 06

Geldinge sadle and bridle, taken prisoner



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Ite. taken in December 1643 by Captan Currers 'souldiers one

10 00 00 Gray Nagge worth Ite. taken by Captan ffrench souldiers one dunn horse

-06 00 00 Ite. in free quarter to Captan Robinson & his Troope

03 06 08 Ite. in free quart' to Captan Turner and his souldiers

02 00 00 Ite. in free quarter to Collonell Briggs souldiers at serdall tymes 10 00 00 Ite. taken out of his barnes at Grindleton by ye Constables of the Towne & Leift. Collonell Currers souldiers for the Gar

12 00 00 rison át Thornton, ou" & besides his proportion wthin the

Townshippe Eigh quart" of oats to the value of
Ite. taken by souldiers vnder the Comand of Captan ffrench one

livery Cloke a light horse sadle and diuers houshould goods 07 00 00

to ye value Ite. to the Profitts of his land at Rayne taken by the garrison 204 00 00

at Thornton to the value of Ite. to Captan Savile for a light horse, Armes, Ryder & pay 29 00 00 Ite. to Leift. Collonell Currer for a light borse, Armes, and Rider 06 00 00 Ite. in freehould Rents and Copiehould Rents wthin the Manno"

of Slaidburne and Mann' of Barnolswick from the Yeare 1642 till the Yearé 1660 wch is 18 yearės 15ld 03s 10d per annu to 373 09 00 the seu'all Receiu' & purchasers of the comonwealth as they were then titled


THEIS are to will and require All Officers and Souldiers vnder the Comande of the King and Pliament, henceforthe to forbeare to pillage, plunder, or despoyle, any of the goods, or estate of Edward Parker of Broosholme Esq? or otherwaies to molest or trouble his p’son, vntill you haue speciall Conžission from Authoritie of some for the King and Parliament, As you will answere the Contrarie att yo' pills. Given vnder my hande this first Day of August 1644.


To all Collonells Maiors Captans Liefetenants and to all other Officers and

Souldiers in service for the Kinge and Pliament. WHEREAS Mr Parker of Brousholme hath now in his Custodie one blacke nağge wth. a white face, and a blacke mayre, wch. doe belonge vnto mee and

are lysted into my service, and readie to bee sent mee when I shall haue occasion to vse them, I doe therefore hereby desire and require you and evrie of you that you forbeare to take or meddle wth the said nagge or mayre, or anie wayes to trouble or molest the said Mr. Parker concerninge the same, as you will expecte the like Curtesie from mee. giuen vnder my hand the first daie of March 1644.


for mi Parker ma Ashtô m* Johnsõ f; m Drake, Justices of peace within

Stanecliff & Ewcrosse. You are desyred to make search with the best assistance you can pcure in the houses of all such as passe vnder the name of quakers Anabaptists & fifth monarchie men, as alsoe of such as have been convicted of anye notable disaffection to his matie or gouerneme since the Act of Obliuio you are to disarme them & deliuer the Armes that shall bee seised to the respective Constables whoe are required to bee Assistant to you & to deliuer them att ye Round Tower in Yorke & take a note of the receipt of them which they are to giue to yu next day : Pontefract Jan: 181 166.

Mar LANGDALE ffor Edw Parker Esqatt his house Brooseholme these



Let the bearer hereof my loving friend Mr. Tho: Parker haue a Barren Doe out of my Parke in Hornby, for the wch. this my hand shal be your warrant:

Giuen vnder my hand this two & twentith day of 7ber 1655 To wm. Capland keeper

MORLEY MONTEAGLE. of my parke at Hornby

23° Die instantis Septembris. 1652. This may certifye those whom itt may concerne, that Edward Parker of Brousholme Esq". an auncient inhabitant within the Chappelry of Whitewell, (belonging to my Cure.) and his bedfellow Mrs. Mary Parker and alsoe Thomas Parker gentl: Son & heyre apparant of the said Edward Parker, with others of and belonginge to the house and familye of Brousholme aforesaid, and likewise many other inhabitants of the said Chappelry did receiue the comunion or the Lords Supper vpon Easter-daie last, as vsually they had formlye done, and alsoe did attend vpon the administračon of other the or, dinance of Christ, then & there administred by

Yo humble Servant,

ROBERT MARSDEN pastor there.

George Duke Marguese and Earle of Buckingham, Earle of Coventry,

Baron of whaddon & Rosse, Knight of the Most Noble order of the Garter, One of his Majesties Most Honble. Privie Councell, & Ld Leivtenant of the West Ridinge of the County of Yorke & of ye Citty & County of ye Citty & Ancety of Yorke.

To Thomas Parker good Captaine. By Virtue of the power & Authority to me given by his Most Excellent Matie Charles ye second by the grace of god King of England Scottland ffrance & Ireland, Defender of the faith &c.—I Doe hereby Constitute & appoynt you Thomas Parker gen to bee Captaine of one Company of foote Consisting of 100 men to bee Raised within the wapentakes & Liberties of Staincliffe & Ewcrosse vnder the Comand of Coll. Ambrose Pudsey vnder my Comand as Lord Leivtenant of the West Riding of the County of Yorke for ye service of his Matie. you are therefore to take into your charge and Care ye said Company as Captaine thereof, And duly Exercise the officers and souldiers of the same in Armes. And alsoe to vse the best Care & endevour to keepe them in good order & discipline, Comanding them to obey you as theire Captaine. And you are likewise to observe and follow such orders and directions as you shall from time to time Receive from his Majesty or my selfe according to the Discipline of warr in persuance of the trust Reposed in you & your Duty to his Matie

Given under my hand & seale the Thirtieth day of October 166i In the Thirteenth yeare of his Maties. Reigne



My resolučons for Brousholme are active & vigorous but my Body is old & weake, yet if you please to vouchsafe mee a personal visit here, I can assure you I wil wajte on you home back agajne, and what entertajnment is wantinge by mee, or my bedfellow, will bee abundantly supplied by S. Martin Lister, for your health hath beene frequently begun by bima selfe and pledged by the most of our Country. Thus havinge nothinge but wel wishes to salute you and your Bedfellow with I hope you will doe mee the Justice to belejue I am.

your Lovinge Vncle & true servant Telford June 10th 1668.

WILL: PARKER. ffor his much Honored Nephew Thomas Parker

Esq* at his house

These present

Tregwitz Cornwall SWEET COZEN.

Bodmin 1674 I am very glad to hear so comfortably of you. I understand. you have beautified y". House, with rare perspectives, & your lot is fallen in a good ground. follow the advice of a learned Gamaliel, so to passe the waves of this troublesome world, that you may come to the land of everlasting rest, which is the daily prayer of

your affect: Uncle Jun 14.


Tregwitts in Cornewall Sr.

May 24. i68i I am a Relative to y' ffamily, and did not the greate distance of place between vs denye me ye hapiness of seeing you I had often wayted on you. However I cannot satisfye my selfe wthout saluting you wth these; and yt you may not mistake me, who I am, I thought it necessary to acquaint you y my Grandfather M*. Wm. Parker was yr Grandfather's second Brother a derivative from yr family, and therefore, Sr. it will be greate contentm* and satisfaction to me to heare from you by letter of y' welfare & had not a very greate indisposition of body seised me, wch I cannot yet shake of, I had vndertaken a Journey of soe many miles (wch. I conceive to be near 400 miles) to haue prsented you psonally my services. Sc. if these come fortunately to y handes I desire you to p'sent my humble service to yr Lady & to all my kindred wth. you, and you will doe me a favor if you will acquaint me what children you haue, their welfare & the welfare of y' Brothers

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