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make nothing of it, but here whosoever gets one good card, is like to make a good hand on't. I have got a good teirce already.

I somthing scrupled, whether play was lawfull or noe, & soe saťd out the last game, wch had like to haue vndone me, for the future I shall play at whatsoever game yr highnes pleaseth, especially since you play soe well now you lose.

I am nothing but a ruffe, yet I shall doe well, I got a card of the right suit, & besids I had good luck in pting wth my spade for a club seeing that proves trumps.

I sit here & hold the cards, but I know noe more how to play then the post.

I am more dilligent at this game then ever I was at any, but I got more at the last when I playd at Cent, for I had an hundred, and all made, all that I desire now, is that I may save my selfe, & to helpe my kindred to something by betting on my hand whilst my lucke lasts.

I must needs loose, for I have throwne out the card ył. made me wynn the last game.

A pox on't, I left Pickadilly, & the three Kings to come to play here, & I thinke I shall play all my life & get nothing.

If I goe into ffrance, I must practice another game, but doe wt I can I shall be over-reached at hoo Mazarine.

I was Piqu’d at Whitehall, & I thought to come & save my selfe at the Cavaliers post, but I doubt I shall be deceived.

I had rather play at another game, where more may play, but I thanke the Lord I can frame myselfe to any sport soe as my Lord Protector make one at it.

You play not as they doe in Holland, where I learned this game, for you make lyfting here, but there they deale by turnes.

All that I am, I had in my rise, I was the pittyfullest game in the world before:

I am pretty well, though I have changed my suit, I went in with all & had another as good in the stocke.


Vyscount Lisle.







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St. John..

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They make me play at a game I never saw before in my life, I must needs loose.

I shall be but a kind of a stander by at this time, soe I shall have time enough to teach you the game against the next, when you may play by y'selfe.

My Lord it will not be soe well for me to play, but Ile stand behind y' chair, & make & shuffle y' cards wth: wch: you are to play the next game.

My Lord I shall not play neither, but I will goe ys halfe you will keep my counsell.

You play soe rash that I will not bet a farthing on y head,

I am but a stander by, but I observe that the small cards wch are put out & not play'd with are very clean, but the rest of the packe are filthy foule already.

I dispatched out one King & went in for another, but I have mist him yett, but he hath not a card of his suit wth him soe that I shall snapp him when he coms into my hands.

May we not play levell coyle, I have not patience to stay till another match be made, & had as liue be hanged as sit out.

I will not play, for (besides that I have not this game) I am soe doz’d with the spleen, that I should thinke of something else all the while I were playing, & to take in all the small cards, for I am all day dreaming of another game.

My Lord you have hang’d my King, & I have noe other way left but to play into y' hands.

I shall be contented to play any game, but I would be vnwilling to play for a dead horse, yet I care not, if I keep stakes.

My Lord give me leave to speake agst: y' game that soe I may be thought not to bett, & then I shall be able to giue you such advice, as may helpe y play.

I haue the lucke on't, I wynue as well at this game as at the last when I playd at Loadam. I had all the smal cards then, & now at Pickquet I have all the great ones.

I doe not like the game soe well, as to leave ye match I Ś haue made my selfe, yet I doe not greatly care, if I venture



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Sr. Gilbert



game for

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a little vpon y' head, & try if I can get a stocke, to set vp

my youngest son for a gamester. Barners.

May not I talke as much as I will in y' play as long as I am resolued never to bette, nor play wth. yu: at this

a farthing Vane.

One had better sometimes play with a good Gamester then with a bungler, for one knows not where to haue him, if Cromwell had discarded as he should haue done, I had wonne my stake, as it is, I shall saue my selfe, wch. I feare he will hardly doe, though he mingle the cards well, w": he deales himselfe, & hath excellent luck in cutting wo: ano

ther deals, Rich.

I play a thousand times better now when I haue a bad

game, then I did when I had a good one. Harrison.. I playd the owle, & went in for a fifth King, when there

was but four in the packe. Lenthall. . My Lord I lost dealing twice together, because you in

terrupted me. Lawson.

My Lord this game was not dealt you, You tooke it, Ile

throw vp my cards. S: Geo: Askew. . They will not let me play, they thinke I play too well for

them. R. Cromwell. I play my game in the Country. H. Cromwell. I play my fathers cards here, but I feare I discard a wrong

suit, those I keep are leading cards at another game, but

nothing worth at this. Claypoole. I haue but one Court card, & she lyes bare, soe that shee'le

be snapt quickly. Ludlow.

If I play, Ile push, I care not we. I fling out, Kings,

Queens, or Knaues. Noell. .

Ile make my fortune by lending the Gamesters money. Harvey.

They caught me playing false, & would let me play noe

longer, though I were on my Lords side. Tichburne. I had reason soe much to desire to play at Councell

Pickquet, since I am now soe like to loose soe much by ano

ther's ill play. Maynard. I will not play, but Ile take odds, that soe I may bett on both sides.



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Newdigate. I lost by play, but haue got by leauing off.

There's such cheating, Ile play noe longer.
Purefoy. Ile play a smal game ere Ile sit out, for I was never fit to

worke. Pryde.

Baxter, Reynold & I, am at the old Christmas game wth

honours. Exchequer. Sure I must wynne at last, yet at p'sent I haue ill lucke,

for I haue three Knaues in & had cast out the fourth. Upper Bench.

Sure you are little better then a cheate, for I threw out

one of them, & you haue taken him into your hands. Comon Pleas. You serued me the same trick, but the last terme, and

tooke in one of them whom I discarded, but you had best leaue your cheating & wrangling all of you, least you be found what you are, & forbid to keep Christmas here any more, & then wee shall be forced to set vp our misrule in the Countryes where there is but small game & where the

box will be but poorly paid. Chancery. If I had not beene for the Queene, I had cast out a

Knaue wch. now proves the best of my game.

I am Blancke.
Trusty's for
Delinque Lands.

I owe you for the last game Gentlemen, double or quit. Com": for

I haue taken more then I should, soe that I must reckon Customs. nothing Com". for Ercise. Gentlemen

Gentlemen pay the Box. Presbiterians. I lost the last game for want of a King, and now haue got

one that doth me noe good in the world. Anabaptist. I had a good hand, but I playd the foole, & threw it out,

soe that now all my hopes depend vpon one card. Independent I haue none but smal cards, & they of severall suits, soe

that I shall make little of this bout. National


I went in for those cards, the Bishop & Danes parted Ministers. with the last game, though I have mist them, yet if my

Tens be good, I can make a shift till another dealing. Cavalier Divine.

I was Piqu’d the last time, & now am re-piqu’d. Papist.

If you all complaine, I hope I shall win at last. Treoor. Shant I play, my Lord Protector hath given me a Stocke,


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ST: Io: Trevor.

and Ile packe the cards with all the Cavalier gamesters in towne.

Well said Jacke, thou art none of my Sonne, if thou beest not in at all gams, & canst carry a trump in thy Pocket.

Queres concerninge the subscription to the engagem. with desyre of satisfaccion. 1. WHETHER Yt the words (true & faithfull) were onlie vnderstood in a nega

tive sence, ye were lawfull to subscribe, viz: that wee would act nothinge

against them. 2. Whether theise words must not of necessity bee understood in a positive

sence that wee will act for them as when we sai A true & faithfull freind

seruant or subiect. 3. Whether there bee sure a Commonwealth of England in the sence of the

engagem' viz: encludinge Monarchichall & Aristrocaticall goứnm'. 4. Whether yt a small pte of people doe by fraude or force thrust oute law

full governours & government & assume to themselves supreame authoritie without the appointmt. or approbačon of the people yea against their wills can this bee accounted a Commonwealth soe much as in facto

though the vsurpinge partie call yt soe. 5. Whether in facto a Commonwealth as it is distinguished from other go

vernmts, bee sett vpp in England & can bee saied to bee established & how & in what sence & vpon what foundačon it is saied to bee esta

blished. 6. Whether by a Commonwealth to which wee must bee true & faithfull is

meant the rulinge partie as the p'sent house of Commons the Councell of

State or the multitude of the people. 7. Whether may not a man bee true & faithfull to ye Commonwealth of Eng

land in ye truest and properest sence of the words & yet oppose y' as y is nowe established in ye hands of a partie overawinge & oppressinge the

Commonwealth. 8. Whether wee doe thinke in our Consciences that neither the King's familie

nor the Lords are iniured by this seclusion menčoned in the engagm!. & yf wee doe thinke they are iniured wee may subscribe to continue & confirme that Iniurye.'

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