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His Maties: answer. Itt is well allowed of and for the bett'. pformance L ́res shalbe written to the 2 Archbps and from them Lres to all ordinaries to see this don and they to give accompt to the Archbp respectively and the Archbp to his Matie: of theire pceedings thearin. 2. That the Antient discipline of the two vniu'sities be restored being the

famous nurseries of Literature & Vertue.

This is approved by his Matie, and the Channcelo' of eache yniu sitie shall be required to make due execution of it. 3. That speciall care be hądd to enlarge the preaching of the woord of

god throughout all pties of your Mts. dominions as being the most powerfull meanes for the planting of true Religion & rooting out the contrarie, to wch end amongest other things may it please your good Muie to advise the Bushopps by fatherlie treatment & tender vsage to reduce the peaceable & orderlie service of the Churche such able ministers as have bene formerlie selected that theare may be a pfitable vse of theire ministerie in theise needfull dangerous times, and that non residence pluralities and comendứms may be moderated. and heare we cannot forbear but humblie thanke your Mtie: for diminishing the nomber of your owne Chaplines nothinge doubting yo' princely care for the well bestowing of your Benefices both to the comfort of vs your people and for the encouragment of your vnivrsities being full of

graue & able ministers vnfurnished of Livings.

That his Mte. likes well so as it be applied onelie to such ministers as are peaceable & conformable to the Church government for pluralities non residence & Comendums theise are now so moderated the Archbp: affirme theare are now no dispensacons for pluralities granted nor no man now hath above 2 benefices & those not aboue 30 miles distant and for avoideing non residence the Canon in that case pvided shall be dulie put in exech. for Comendums they shall be sparinglie graunted onelie wheare exilitie & smalnes of the Bushopricke requires it. Also his Matie: will cause that the Benefices belonging to him shall be well bestowed, & for the better progating of Religion his Matie recommends to the houses of Pliament that care may be taken and pvision made that every pishe shall allowe competent manteinannce for an able preaching minister and that the ouners psonage impropriate shall allowe to the Vicars Curate & Ministers belonging to theire psonages sufficient Stipends & allowances for preaching Ministers.

4. That theare may be strict pvision against the Transporting of English

Children to the Seminaries beyond Seas and for recalling them which
are theare alreadie placed and for the punishing of such of your Subiects
as are manteiners of those Seminaries or of the Schollers theare con-
sidering, that besides the seducing of your people great Sumes of
money are yearlie expended vpou them to the Impoverishing of this


The Law in this case shall be put in exec" & farther theare shalbe Lires written to the Lo: Treasurer as also to the Lo: Admirall that all the ports of the realme & the Creekes and members therof be strictlie kept and strict searches made to this end, and pclamačon shalbe to recall both the Children of Noble men and other men and they to retourne by a day. Also the manteiners of Seminaries or schollers theare shalbe punished according to Lawe. 5. That no popishe Recusant be suffered to come into the Court vnlesse

your Matie: be pleased vpon speciall occasion to call ym agreable to the

Statute of the 3d of Iacobi C. 5.

Yf his Matie. shall finde or be enformed of anie concourse of Recusants
to the Court the Law shalbe strictlie followed, and his Matie is pleased that
by pclamačon the British and Irish subiects shalbe put in the same case.
6. And wheras your Matie by preventing of manie apparant mischeyfes

both to your Matie: & State haue in yot princlie wisdome taken order
that none of your Subiects naturall not pfessing the true Religion
by Law established be admitted to the Service of your Royall Matie:
wee giue your Matie: most humble Thanks and desire that


order thearin may be constantlie observed.

As his Matie hath pvided in the treatie wth Fraunce so his purpose is to keepe it that none of his Subiects shall be admitted into his service, or into the service of his most Royall Consorte the Queene that are popishe Re


7. That all the Lawes now standing in force againste the Tesuites Semãnie

Preists and others haueing taken orders by authoritie from the See
of Rome be in due execučon. And to the intent they may be
p'tended to be surprised that a speedie & certaine daye may be

fixed by your Matics. Pclamačon for theire dep'ture out of this Realme
and other your Maties: dominions and not to retourne vpon severest
penalties now of the Lawes in force against them and all your Maties:
Subiects hearby admonished not to receyue, entertaine comfort, or

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releyue anie of them vpon the penalties wch may be lawfullie inflicted and that all such Preistes Iesuites & popishe Recusants consorted wch are or shalbe Imprisoned for Recusancye or anie other such like cause may be strictlie restrained that none shall haue conference wth. them thearby to avoide the contagion of theire corrupt religioñ and that no man wch shalbe Iustlie suspected of Poperie be suffered to be

keeps of yor Maties. Prisons.

The Law in this case pvided shalbe put in execučon & a Pclamačon shalbe to that effect desired & such restraint shall be made as is desired, and no man that is Iustlie suspected of Poperie shalbe suffered to be keep of anie of his Maties: Prisons so published by Pclamačon. 8. That yo'. Matie, would be pleased to take such order as to your princlyé

wisdome shalbe thought expedient that no naturall borne subjects or straunge Bushopp or anie other by authoritie deryued from the See of Rome conferr Ecclesiasticall orders or exersise Ecclesiasticall function whatsoever towards or vpon anie of your naturall Subiects wthin

anie of your dominions.

This is fitt to be ordered as it is desired and it shalbe so published by Pclamačon. • 9. That your Maties: learned councell may receyue order & comandment to consider of all former grauntes of Recusants landes that such may

be avoyded as are made to the Recusaunts vse or truste or of wch the Re

cusaunts receive benefitts wch are either voide or voidable by Lawe.

The King will giue order to his learned councell to consider of the graunts & will accordinglie as is desired. · 10. That your Matie be likewise pleased straightlie to comand all Iudges

& místers of Iustice both Ecclesiasticall & Temporall yt the Lawes of this realme against Popishe recusaunts be dulie executed & namelie that the censure of excomunicačon be declared & certified against them and they be not absolued but vpon publiq satisfaction by yeild:

ing to conformitie

His Matie: leaues the Lawes to theire course & will giue order in the point of execuçon as is desired. 11. That your Matie: be also pleased to remoove all places of authoritie &

government from all such psons as are either Popishe Recusaunts

or lustlie suspected. The Lawes & Acts of Statutes in this case pvided shalbe followed- & put in execučon.


12. That' present order be taken for disarminge all popishe Recusants,

convicted or Iustlię suspected accordinge to the Lawes in that behalfe & the order taken by his late Mats. privie councell vpon reason

of State. For this the Lawes in force shalbe forwth. exec. 13. That your Matie. be also pleased in regard of the great resorte of Re

cusants to & about London to comaund that forthwt. in paine of your indignačon & severe exec" of the Lawes they retire themselves to theire severall countries, theare to remaine confined wthin fyue miles

of theire dwelling places. The Kinge giues assent and will se yt observed wch: haith beene observed

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by him.

14. And whereas yo? Matie hath comanded & taken order yt none of yor

naturall subiects goe to the hearing of Masse or other suspicious service at the Chappells of forraine Embassadors or at any other place whatsoeu". Wee giue yoMatie: most humble thancks and desire yo" comandem'. & order herein maide bee constantly obserued & yt the

offenders herein maie be punished accordinge to the Law. This shall be done as is desired. 15. That such insolences as any popishlie affected haue latelie committed or

hereafter shall committ to the dishono'. of our Religion or to the wronge of the true proffessors. hereof be exemplarie punished.

16. That the Stat. of 10 Eliz: for the paieing of xijd euerie Sundaie by such

as shalbe absent from devine seruice in the Churche wthout lawfull excuse maie be put in due execučon the rather for yt the penaltie is

giuen by the lawe to the pore & therefore not to be dispensed wth. It is fitt this Statute be executed and the penaltie shall not be dispensed


Lastlie yî your Matie: bee pleased to extend yo'. princelie care alsoe ou the

Kingdome of Ireland that the lyke courses maie be there taken for the

restoreinge & establishing of true Religion.

His Maties: cares are & shalbe extended ou' ye Kingdome of Ireland & will doe all yt a religious King should doe for the restraininge & establishing of true Religion here & elsewhere. And thus most gratious souaigne accordinge to o?. duetie and zeale to

god & religion to yo' Matie & yor safetie the Churche & Comonwealth

& theire peace & prosperitie wee haue made a plaine & faithfull declaracon of the púte estate the causes & remedies of this encreasinge disease of Poperie humblie offeringe the same to yo". Matics princelie

care & wisdome. The answere of yo". fath'. or late Souaigne of famous memorie vpon the

lyke petition did giue vs comfort & expectačon in theise things but yor Maties, manie gračous promisses made in yt kinde (wch. wth muche ioye and thankfulnes wee doe remember) doth give vs confident assurance of the continuall pformance hereof in wch comfort and confidence reposinge out selves weë most humblie praie for yor Maties, longe

continuance in all princelie felicitie.

His Matie. ffurther declares y hee is not drawne to assent here ynto at the importunitie of any or for anie pticuler end soe much as out of conscience & zeale to religion & yt it was the last legacie & iniunction the late K: his fath". left him, yt when hee was married, hee should declare to the world yt hee had married the pson, not the religion of his Q.


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A Game at Pickquett. I am like to have a good bargain on't, I haue throwne out all my best Cards, & gott in none but wretched ones, soe I may very well be capotted.

Now you haue gotte a new packe, I am contented to play, but

you knew every card of the old ones, & you made your game as you listed,

. I tooke but a few, but the made me a great game, for I haue left all the little ones behind me. :: If your highnesse had those my Lord Lawrence left, you would have a better game, then you now haue, I wish you would looke vpon them, but that I heare you can hardly tell what you will play, well, I am for the litle ones, if there be enough of them, for two. Quiņt Minors will winne the game, before you begin or come to reckon the fourteenth by Knaues.

Tis fit you should play at some common game, where all the small cards are In, & where the ace goes but for one, I was too long at that sport, & left it off because I could


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