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hath quitted their works upon the hills and likewise 2 fforts lately built upon the river and are lately retired into ye Town Castle. It is sd our Grand field gone

to Ks.sale to bombard y place. its sd y' ye 26th. past y* Glascow an vniv'sity were examined before the Coniittee & 2 was deprived, D'. Keel is made principall of Edenburgh Colledge Drs. Camball and Law professors of philosophy and M'. Gregory profess' of ye Mathematicks has a week given him to consider about taking the Oath and subscribe ye Confession, it is sa y' ye Highland Rebells are marched to the Isle of Mull to prevent yo landing of Argile's forces.-A Dutch Caper hath brought into plymouth a ffr: prize, & 40 saile of Shipps were seen supposed to be ye Straight ffileet. S' Jonathan Cook an E. an India Merchant hath given 500€ to be distributed amongst ye Irish refuges.—This day a proclamačon was published for a Genl. thanksgiving throughout all England and Wales on Sunday ye 19th for his Maj'ys good success in Ireland and ye ffast to be discontinued, Afform of prayer made for y' purpose.—Last night ye Ks received an Express from ye E. of Marlborough yê he had taken Cork after a seige of 4 days and the Garrison consisting of 4000 men were made prisoners of War, amongst whom was ye E. of Clancarty E. of Tirone Coll Killaleer &c. ye Castle wth all its forces was delivrd:

up immediately in this action ye D. of Grafton who led on ye Granadeers was mortally wounded, and after his Lodp. made Coll Holme Gov': of ye Town and was marching wth his forces ag' Kinsale the Irish has lost between 2 and 300.-The ffr: K. is sending Envoys to sevrll Courts of Christendome to make intercession wtb ye confederates for a Cessaition of Armes.

pray yu send M?. Edmund i Iustin's History if yu have and by yu

I am y humble servant

To Tho: Parker Esq'.
at Brousholm


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London 19th March 92/3 GREAT preparacons are made for ye Kings departure on friday next his Majte: being resolved this Campaigne to lead the Army up in his owne pson.

14520016 is brought into ye Exchequer upon surviv'ship. Our feet this sumer will consist of 50 English and Duth capital ships besides Cruses and ye straits squadron. All ye Officers of ye Kings Army are ordered to compleate their Companies forthwith upon paine of Death.

They say the Discent is to be composed of 1600 out of England 10,000 from flanders 4000 from Scotland, 6000 from Ireland, and his Maj'ie, will come from filandos. and head ye Discent in pson.

Yesterday here arrived a pson from Dunkirke who was prisoner there for 2 months taken by Captin Bart. he says there are now in that Port 120 Saile of which 62 are Daynes and sweedes 12 portiguesses, and there has been brought in as prizes 36 Vessels of English, adding that there were two of yo Vessels who have brought thither Lead and Powder, have taken their Cockett for Ostend, and 9 Engl: Colliers were brought in there, he says further the Garrison consists of 7564 Men. ye begin to demolish Dixmond and ffurness.

We have advice from Scotland that one of ye Kings ffrigots has taken a ffrench man of war of .... Guns

A new Sect is said lately to be started up here, which is called ye freo seekers, one of ye cheif promoters p'tends some Revelačon in Scripture beyond ye Quaker.

They write from Edenburg, that a pson is to be Executed at ye Markett Crosse for forceing a Girl of 12 years old who dyed soone after,

A Camp will be formed on Honseley Heath this summer.

Yesterday 2 Bakers of this Citty were seized and committed to prison for sending Corne into France.

A woman Clipper and her two servants were this week seized in ye Citty and Committed much Clippings being found in her custody and a great quantity of stolen plaite.

Messina ffebruary ye 3. A List of ye places that have been destroyed with the number of .. have perrished in the terrible Earth Quakes, according to ye Relacons ye

are hitherto come from ye sevrall places of this Island.
Calatgirone. abt a 4th of yo Citty ruined 1500 psons killed.
Luochuela. quite destroyed wth most of ye Inhabitants number not known.
Mineo, a Royall Citty most of it fallen and 3000 psons killed.
Militello. quite destroyed with many of ye Inhabitants ye number not yet

* known.
Palaonia. very much shattered but few psons killed.

psons who Scordia. ye Palace fallen downe and 20 psons

Sentini. quite ruined and 3000 killed.
Augusta. quite destroyed and 5000 killed.
Siragosa. quite destroyed and 6000 killed.
Nolo. quite ruined and 3000 killed.
Specasurno. quite ruined and 7000 Killed
Seichilo. quite ruined and 8000 killed.
Santa Crose. destroyed and 100 killed.
Modica. quite destroyed and 1000 killed.
Ragusa, quite ruined and 7000 killed.
Cefomaro. destroyed and 200 killed.
Biscuti. destroyed and 100 killed.
Chiuramont. quite destroyed and 300 killed.
Monterusso. destroyed and 200 Killed.
Giamontana. destroyed and 300 killed.
Buchin. destroyed and 160 killed.
Patuzzulo. quite ruined and 1000 killed.
Scodia. destroyed and 100 killed,
Pasceni. quite ruined and 600 killed.
ffurla. quite ruined and 800 killed.
Seiorta. quite ruined and 2000 killed.
Vizzini. quite ruined and 3000 killed.
Licodia. destroyed and 400 killed.
Calania. wholely destroyed and 1800 killed.
Iaci. much ruined and 1800 killed.

London June ye 16th. 92) S. Tho: Lane & S. Co. Tho: Cook are to be Shirives for ye next year.

The E: of Marleborow & others are admitted to bayle.

The E: of Yarmouth bayled by E: of Kent Ailsbury &c. there are also bayld Barnard Howard Esq". Sr. Ro: Thurrold, Coll Powell, Coll. Willms, Capt". Brereton, Coll. Hales, Edward Ridley, Esq', Majo". Hastings, Ro: fferguson, Ro: Paston Esq'. &c. The E: of Sailsbury & Coll. Langston diờ not desire bayle.

Paris ye 15th. K. James designes being frustrated would spend his dayes in peace wth. Christendom.

Port la Hogue is ordered by je Marine Officers to be made as defensible as Dunkirk & to yt end Marq. de

has remitted a great Sume of money.

The Turks are for treating wth. ye Empe'. for a peace.

Tuesday Adm'll Russell wth. ye fleet sett Sail, ye Clowsley Gally took a ffa' Advice boat of 6 Guns going to S. Malloes wth. news of ye English fleet.

They write from Bristoll yî ye fff privateers have taken 3 Ketches & 6 or 7 Mercht. Ships.

30,000€ more was sent to Portsmouth to hasten ye navall p'parations, our fleet are sailing for S! Malloes to burn all ye ffs Shipps und. Vice Adm'll Renault.

The Indian prince is arrived here & shown for a rarity.
3000 men was killed in storming ye ffort.

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London June ye 18th: 92 INFORMACons are drawing up agt: m' Planet & m' Young a Clergy for falsly accusing ye Bop of Rochester

This morning came in a Holland Maile wth advice from ye Confed'ate Camp -yt most of ye Army has passed ye Sambre & had intercepted 400 ffp wagons going wth pvisions to ye ff" Camp & had seized most of ye enemyes baggage &c in a wood, & yt ye Garrison of Charleroy had taken 150 wagons & 200 Oxen, killing 60 of ye Convoy & takeing 80 prison".

On ye 20th: ye besieged made a vigo'ous Sally & after a sharp Conflict regained ye divells house forceing ye enemy from a battery.

The Enemy bas made 3 brisk Attacks on ye out works of ffort Will, in one they lost 4 Majors: 20 Capts. 2 Cornetts, in a 2d 2 Coll's 16 Capts. besides a great number of Subaltern officers. in ye 3d they made a vigo'ous assault on ye Counterscarp in wch. were imploy'd all ye Gent de Arms wih. Educers of Gent Voluntiers & after a sharp resistance possessed ymselves of it, whereupon ye besieged sprung a Myne & blew up 700 of ym & at ye same tyme makeing a Sally beat ym of wth. ye losse of 200 of ym. after yt Coll. Leghorne wth. a pty of 500 men from ye Castle cutt ye throats of 900 horses feeding in a meadow in sight of ye Enemy.


fforrage for horses is very scarce in ye ffr* Camp. the D: of Luxemburg lost 900 men in attempting to raise ye Siege, K. Wom lyes át ye head of ye river Maheme to intercept ye Enemyes pvisions. The Gov'nor declares he will hold it out till he hath but 100 men left, he hath blown up ye divells house

The principall causes of the encrease of Papists. 1. The want of the due execution of the laws against Iesuits seminaries reli

gious preists & other recusants partly occasioned by the contriuence of the State, partly by some defect in the laws themselues & partly by the

manifold abuses. 2. The interposinge of forraigne princes by there Embassadors & agents in

fauour of ym. 3. There great concorse in the Citty and there frequent conventicles & con

federacies there. 4. There open and vsuall resorts to the houses & chappels of forraigne Em

bassadors. 5. The education of there children in seminaries & other places of there re

ligion in forraine parts weh. haue beene greatly multiplied & enlarged for

the entertaininge of English. 6. That in some places of your realme your people are not suficiently in

structed in the knowledge of true relligion. 7. The licencious pmittinge of popisshe books and their dispersinge," the im

ploint of evill affected in Religion in placs of gov'nm' who do shel or may countenance the popisshe pties.


The Remedies against theise. That the youth of this Realme be carefullie educated by able & Religious schole mastre yt they be inioyned dilligently to Catechise and instruct their scholl's. in the grounds of true Religion. and wheras itt doth plainly appeare that sundry popisshe scholem". dissemblinge their Religion have craftily crept in and obteyned placs of teachinge in div"se Countries and therby infected & puerted their schollers and so fitted them to be transported to their popisshe seminaries beiond sees yt therefore there may be great care in the choice and admittance of scholem" yt the ordinaries may diligently enquịre of their demeano's, and pceed to the removinge of such as shalbe any War's suspected

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