A Complete Edition of the Poets of Great Britain..: Chaucer. Surrey. Wyatt. Sackville

John & Arthur Arch, ... and for Bell & Bradfute & I. Mundell & Company, Edinburgh., 1793


讀者評論 - 撰寫評論





第 108 頁 - folk, thou falfe thefe. Now, Sires quod he, if it be you fo lefe To finden Deth, tourne up this croked way, For in that grove I left him by my fay Under a tree, and ther he wol abide, Ne for your
第 26 頁 - is and eterne ; Wei may men knowen, but it be a fool, That every part deriveth from his hool ; For Nature hath not taken his beginning Of no partie ne cantel of a thing, But of a thing that parfit is and
第 4 頁 - and that a grete was he ; Scint Julian he was in his contrée. His brede, his ale¡ was alway after on ; A better envyned man was no wher non. Withouten bake mete never was his hous Of
第 28 頁 - But all for nought, he herde not a word. An hole he fond ful low upon the bord, Ther as the cat was wont in for to crepe, And at that hole he loked in ful depe, And at the
第 503 頁 - Ne nevirmore myne eyin two ben drye ; And to your routhe and to your trouthe I crye, But wel away : to ferre ben they to fetche : Thus holdith me my Deftiny a wretche ; But me to rede out of this drede or gye Ne may my wit (fo
第 57 頁 - a piftel in his ere, And bad him to be glad, and have no fere. Whan they ben comen to the court, this knight Said he had hold his day as he had hight, And redy was his
第 158 頁 - And borwe gold be it a pound or two, Or ten or twelve, or many fommes mo, And make hem wenen at the lefte wey That of a pound we
第 73 頁 - indigne and unworthy Am I to thilke honour that ye me bede, But as ye wol yourfelf, right fo wol I : And here I fwere that never willingly In werk ne thought I n'ill you difobeie For to be ded, though me were loth to
第 15 頁 - And namely at the grete hart in May, That in his bed ther daweth him no day That he n'is clad, and redy for to ride With huntc and