Kentucky's Governors

Lowell Hayes Harrison
University Press of Kentucky, 2004 - 294 頁
Compiled and edited by Lowell H. Harrison, the essays in Kentucky's Governors profile every chief executive of the Bluegrass State from eighteenth-century governor Isaac Shelby to Ernie Fletcher.

First published in 1985, this edition of Kentucky's Governors is expanded and revised to include governors Wilkinson, Jones, Patton, and Fletcher, as well as new information on respected figures such as Louie B. Nunn.

An introduction by Kentucky's historian laureate, Thomas D. Clark, provides key insights into successive governors' evolving constitutional powers and their changing roles in political debates and policy formation. Following Clark's overview, each chapter presents significant biographical information while detailing the campaign, election, achievements, strengths, and weaknesses of each governor.

To aid in further research, each contributor lists several suggested sources, both primary and secondary, for additional investigation into the lives and careers of Kentucky's leaders. A thorough index is also included to facilitate reference within this updated and revised edition.

The profiles in Kentucky's Governors give insights into each leader's engagements with economic development, education, agriculture, and taxes, issues that have helped define two hundred years of history in the Bluegrass State.


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ISAAC SHELBY 1792179618121816 Paul W Beasley
JAMES GARRARD 17961804 H E Everman
CHARLES SCOTT 18081812 Harry M Ward

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關於作者 (2004)

Lowell H. Harrison, professor emeritus of history at Western Kentucky University, is the author or coauthor of numerous books, including Lincoln of Kentucky and The Antislavery Movement in Kentucky.