A Decade of Italian Women, 第 2 卷

Chapman and Hall, 1859


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第 427 頁 - Qui estre deust sa joye et son appuy; Ennuy plus grief que s'il venoit d'aultruy Et plus à craindre. Elle ne voit ceulx à qui se veult plaindre; Son œil rayant si loing ne peut attaindre, Et puis les monts, pour ce bien luy estaindre, Sont entre deux.
第 355 頁 - Peter were strung to her girdle ; and the only function in which she probably never interfered, was blessing the people. ' One day a large medal was conveyed into the Pope's hands, on the obverse of which was represented Olympia, with the pontifical tiara on her head, and the keys in her hand : while the reverse showed Innocent in a coif, with a spindle and distaff in his hands. Another day a report was brought to him from England that a play had been represented before Cromwell, called "The Marriage...
第 353 頁 - His invaluable sister-in-law did all. He was absolutely a puppet in her hands. The keys of St. Peter were strung to her girdle ; and the only function in which she probably never interfered, was blessing the people...
第 196 頁 - Grunthleri medici conjugis, beatissimae foeminee, cujus ingenium ac singularis utrisque linguae cognitio, in moribus autem probatus, summumque pietatis Studium, supra communem modum semper existimata sunt. Quod de ejus vita hominum judicium, beata mors, sanctissime ас расаtissime ab ea obitu, divino quoque confirmavit testimonio. Obiit, mutato solo, a salute DLV supra mille, suce eetatit xxii. Hie cum marito et Emilio fratre sepulta.
第 353 頁 - ... Donna Olympia took up her residence at the Vatican, and employed the eleven years of her brotherin-law's life in the sale of benefices, appointments, and offices of every description, for which she did not hesitate to drive the hardest bargains possible.
第 84 頁 - Teutonic imagination, the picture thus far realised of our Olympia, seems to present an altogether scenic personage, prepared for purposes of representation, slender, graceful figure, draped in long white muslin robes, with beautifully eloquent upraised arm, " Andres athenaioi " on her lovely lips, and background of gleaming marble porticoes, and grey-green olive groves behind, — the cloudless blue above, and bluer Egean in the distance ! A truly charming picture ! And yet this nineteenth century...
第 37 頁 - ... Italy so thronged with men of learning and genius. For such, come from what nation they might, there was always a warm welcome, and assistance if they needed it. Then, again, the Court of Ferrara was a noted resort of noble knights who had differences touching their honour to put to the arbitrament of the sword. For the sport-loving Duke was always ready to afford a tilting-ground and the countenance of his august presence to champions in need of such accommodation. Many, accordingly, were the...
第 175 頁 - ... of everything, and took Griinthler prisoner. Escaping from their hands, he was a second time seized before they could reach the gate. " Then, I can tell you, I knew what agony of mind is, if ever I knew it ; then I prayed with ardour, if ever I did so. In my sore distress I cried aloud 'Help me! help me, oh Lord, for Christ His sake !' Nor did I cease my cry until He helped me, and set my husband free.
第 82 頁 - Academies/ of the most finished and ' finishing' category, picture to themselves a young lady of sixteen called on to lecture before an audience, composed of all the court-circle and most learned Dons of Ferrara, on the Paradoxes of Cicero ! — improvising her declamation, too, in Latin and Greek, if we may believe her friend Curio, writing many years afterwards, with the enthusiastic admiration of these exhibitions still strong within him.
第 175 頁 - Lord, if thou wilt, that I live, command thy angels that they carry me, for carry myself I cannot ! ' ' At length they reached the gate, and escaped from the horrors of the town.