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He astonished the doctor's in the temple

with His 174 questions

and answers.

Having come to manhood, He was

baptized 177 (leaf 201, bk.]

in Jordau.


To this joy belong all the joys she had

from the 183 time of

Christ's birth until His death.


Many man wondrede on hym þere,
For to alle clerkes þat þer were
He zaf answere and tale.

Alyue uertu was hys childe-hode,
And so he com to hys man hode;

Ine flom iordanes syche
He was ycrystned, be heuene onleake,
pe fader of heuene doun to hym spake,
He gost com coluere ylyche.

To þyssere ioye longye scholle
Alle be ioyen þat hyre folle

Of hyre chylde god,
Fram þan tyme he was y bore
For al mankende þat was for-lore,
For[t] he deyde one be roude.

(32. iii.)
E brydde ioye þat com of cryste (124)

Hadde oure leuedy of hys opryste
Fram deapes harde bende,
Out of pe sepulcre per he laye,
Ase hyt fel pane prydde daye
After hys lyues ende.

Wet ioye of hym myzte be more
After suiche sorzynge and swyche sore,

Ase hye yseye hine feye,
þanne isize hyne come to lyue azen,
And euereft more alyue to ben,
And neuere eft to deyze ?

bat he was lyf and strengpe and myzte,
And þat he kedde on Estre nyztte,

Al ine pe dawyynge :


The third joy of Our Lady sprang from

Christ's 189 Resurrection,




whereby He showed that He was lite,

and strength, 201 and might.

175. Alyue, read Al yne ? cp. p. 123, 1. 253, Al ine ioye was hyre monde. --chylde-hode, MS. -hope, the þ not quite distinct.

183. Read Of hyre chyld be gode ? cp. p. 126, 1. 348, iesus pe gode.
186. Fort, until (Mätzner), MS. For.
197. Omit And ?

from heaven in white garments

that He was risen.

Then it

what the angel had


that God is with thee.'

was so much

The earth

Al þa[t] was an erthe schok', quaked,

And heuene aboue vnder-toke
Hys holy vppe-rysynge.


(35) and angels

par doun come aungeles whyte ine wede,

And þat he was aryse hy sede, [leaf 202] And hare sawe was trewe ;

207 proclaimed

hat he ne laye nauzt vnder molde
For to a-saye, ho so wolde,
hane stone hye ouer-brewe.

210 (36) þaz þat he ine hys manhop deyde, proved true

Dominus tecum þat a seyde, said to her, po pe aungel here by-redde,

213 (Hat hys to seggene “god es myztte"), · (125) Ine ryzte soße hyt moste sitte Het god-hop wel hyt kedde.


(37) This joy of Nedde oure leuedy þyse blysse a-lone, Our Lady's

Ac al hyre frendes in hyre mone, the greater So meche was here be more;

219 For more hijs blysse god and clene Amongs frendes to habbe ymene, After sorzynge

222 (38) O þat hy were blyþe, po hye (here) sezen So glorious alyue, wyþ here ezen, het hy yseye er ine paygne !

225 Furste a schewed hym wyþ a fayre chaunce to Mary

To here het hys ensample of repentaunce,
Marye magdaleyne.


(39) and after, to And so hyseye hyne peter, and sepenes hy alle, apostles.

And þer thomas of ynde, a k[n]owes yfalle,
Groped hys holy wounde;

231 214. MS. godes myztte ; myztte mytte, myd be. 215. sitte ; Mätzner fitte, i. e. fizte, fight. 223. here MS.; Wr. were (omitted by Matzner). --sezen, MS. sizen. 229. hyseye = yseye

ysez, saw; MS. hygeye, Mätzner hygcde, hied. sepenes, first e resembling 0; Wr. sothenes, Mätzner sothes.

230. k[n]owes, corrected by Mätzner. 231. Groped, MS. Croped ;-cp. l. 240.

as she shared
it with alt
her friends.

and sore.

He showed himself first

all the

Thomas, having touched His

wound, 234 cried :-My

Lord, I have found Thee!'

But Our Lord
answered :-
• Blessed are

those that 237 [leaf 202, bk.]

believe in Me, and do not see Me.'


To this joy are to be referred all

her joys 243 from Christ's

Resurrection until His Ascension.


Dare he fond flescħ and blod myd be bones,
An nou he

gan to crye loude for þe nones : “My lord ich abbe y-founde."

(40) Houre lord hym answerde in pet cas : " pou leuedest, for pou seze me, thomas,

pat þou me haddest y-founde; Ac, thomas, ich pe telle, yblessed hy beb, bo pat on me by-leuep and nauzt me sep, Ne gropyep none wounde.”

(41) To byssere ioyen scholle by yleyd (126) Alle be ioyen þat moze be yseyd,

Ine wyttes oper in mende, Fram crystes resurreccioun, Wat comeb hys ascensioun At fourty dazen ende.

(42. iv.) Ε

þat fel opon be holy boresday,
Opone a mounteyne heze ;
Hi sez ihesus, and opre some,
Of flescħ and blod of hyre ynome,
Op in-to heuene steze.

Al ine ioye was hyre mende,
bo hy seze here and oure kende,

Thesus, hyre leue sone,
In-to be blysse of heuene sty,
To agredy worby scholde hy be
At hyre assumpcioun[e].

And zet ne were hyt nozt y-no3
One to agredy hyre loo3

And hez ine heuene blysse,

þE fere.ioye telle ich may,

The fourth joy she felt on Holy

Thursday 249 upon a

inountain, when she saw Jesus ascend into heaven,



there to pre

pare her own 258 assumption,


246. dazen, MS. sazen (Wr. corr.). 247. Þe fer þe in MS. 249. mounteyne, MS. mounte yne. 250. Hi (not he) in MS. 254. þo, MS. So.

257. See note. 261. And (= an) he3.

and also our places,

own fault if after death we do not

get there with Him.


He will come

on Dooms

reward inen

their deeds.

In order to become Christ's com

Ac oure also, hyt nis non oper,
For he hys oure kende broper,
hat leue we to wysse.


(45) it being our Ine hym ne schal hyt nauzt langt be

þat we to hym ne scholle te, [leaf 203] Wanne we scholle wende hennes ;

267 Ac schel on ous, þat bep onkende,

Ne drazep nauzt hys loue to mende,
And wreþep hyne wyþ sennes.

270 (46) And zet he hys milde and sparyep some, down again

And ase he wente op, he wole come day, A domesday wel bryzte,

273 to judge and For te trye manne dede, according to And after dede ziue mede And iugement to ryztte.

276 (47) Betere red nys per non here

For to be crystes yuere, panions in heaven, And hyz ine heuene blysse,

279 sin,

Bote felpe of senne to by-vly,

And bydde god and oure leuedy the help of pat hy ous helpe and wysse.

282 Our Lady,

For hyre poer nys nouzt y-lessed,

Ac toup alle oþren hys y-blessed,
Sope wyf and mayde;

285 as the Gospel Ase pat godspel tellep ous,

Benedicta tu in mulieribus,
Elizabeth hyt sayde.


(49) All'her joys

Al here ioyen a lok-sounday, sunday,

And alle pe bät me aspye may,
pat hyre and erbe felle,

291 Al fram crystes ascencioun, assumption

Al wat com þe hyre assumpcioun, belong to To þyssere loungy schelle.

let us avoid

and crave

God and

who is so

tells us,

Blessed among women.'

on Whit

and from the time of Christ's Resurrection until her

294 265. schal, MS. schalt (Mätzner corr.). 274. trye, MS. crye. 280. felbe (not folbe) in MS. 291. and


= an,

[ocr errors]



(50. v.) E


Of the fifth

joy of Our Not er[b]lych man hou hyt may by,

Lady man

knows no Ne per-of (may] more aspye,

297 [leaf 203, bk.]

more than Bote þat þe gloriouse beerde

that the glori

ous bride Out of þyse world (þe) gloriouse ferde,


departed Wyp greate melodye.

300 from this

world, (51) One-coup to þe, man, hys þes figure, For þe offyce of hyre sepulture Was al an heuene gyse;

303 in heavenly And toller hys man to heuene speche þanne be a best, þaz man hym teche Reyson and mannes wyse.

306 (52) per-fore nys per-of naut y-wryte, For man ne mot nouzt her y-wyte Wat hys so hez a steuene;

309 Ac holy cherche der wel by-knowe þat hy ne polede none deapes þrowe, Hat loweþ þat lyf of heuene.

312 (53) Hyt hys y-wryte þat angeles brytte

that angels To holy manne deabe alyzte

holy men [Het] her an erbe leye;

315 dying on

earth; In holy bokt hys hyt inome bat god hym self a wolde come, Wanne hy scholde deye.

318 (54) boer-bye we mowe wel y-wyte, ba3 per be nauzt of y-wryte, hat cryst hym self was pere ;


with the Myd hym of heuene pe ferede,


heavenly be eadi leuedy for to lede, Most here no fend offere.


Lady away,

It is written

descended to


and it may be assumed that Christ Himself,

host, came down to lead the blessed

299. (þe) omitted by Mätzner.
311. þrowe, MS. þroze.
312. loweb = lozeß, MS. lower, Mätzner lowerth.
320. be MS. (Wr. he, Mätzner corr.).

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