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aged 63, Anne, widow of Henry Christian Sannemann, esq. 10th Royal Hussars.

Nov. 17. At Weymouth, aged 61, Penelope, wife of William Turton, esq.

Nov. 26. At Weymouth, aged 29, Julia, wife of Edward B. Washbourne, esq. Nov. 27. At Lyme Regis, aged 22, Emma, dau. of John Hussey, esq.

Dec. 3. At Weymouth, aged 84, Hester, relict of Charles Andrews, esq. formerly Capt. in the Dorsetshire Militia, and Master of the Ceremonies.

Dec. 5. At Weymouth, aged 58, Margaret, widow of the Rev. George Chamberlaine, Rector of Wyke Regis.

ESSEX.-Dec. 5. Aged 28, George, the younger son of the late Edward Withers, esq. of High Beech.

Dec. 7. At Snaresbrook, Clara, relict of Thomas Richards, esq. formerly of Warwick-sq.

Dec. 10. Aged 21, William Brocket Brocket, esq. son of Stanes Brocket Brocket, esq. of Spains Hall, Essex, and of Rye, in Sussex.

GLOUCESTER.-Nov. 17. At Clifton, aged 35, the Hon. Anna Caroline Cranstoun, younger dau. of the late, and sister to the present, Lord Cranstoun.

Nov. 21. At Clifton, aged 61, SusanElizabeth, youngest dau. of the late I. L. Cox, esq. of Barbados.

Nov. 24. At Gloucester Spa, EleanorJuliana, second dau. of the late Gen. W. T. Dilkes, of the Scots Fusilier Guards.

Nov. 28. At Cheltenham, aged 52, Charles Morgan, esq. Assistant Commissary-general.

Nov. 29. At Fairford, aged 75, Miss Martha Carter.

Lately. At Mitton Farm, near Tewkesbury, aged 66, Mr. Aaron Pike, an eminent agriculturist, and for many years a very successful competitor for prizes, with various descriptions of excellent live stock, at provincial and metropolitan cattle shows.

At Cheltenham, aged 54, Mary, relict of J. Roughton, esq.

Dec. 2. At Clifton, aged 20, Katharine-Martha, third dau. of Edmund Gilling Hallewell, esq. of Hill House, near Stroud.

Dec. 3. At Bristol Hotwells, James Bowyer, gent. late of Kempsey House, Worc. formerly a Capt. in the Worcester Militia, and one of her Majesty's Deputy Lieutenants for that county.

Dec. 6. At Cheltenham, Rebecca, wife of Thomas Roblin, M.D. Clifton.

HANTS.-Nov. 14. At Stourfield, near Christchurch, aged 28, Robert Pauncefote, esq. barrister-at-law (eldest son of the late Robt. Pauncefote, esq.), of Preston Court, Gloucestershire.

Nov. 16. At Southsea, aged 21, Frances

Elizabeth, dau. of Edward Horwood, of Aston Clinton, Bucks.

At Green-road, Southsea, aged 43, Sarah Thorowgood, wife of Thomas Dale Gulliver, esq. R.N.

Nov. 18. At Southampton, aged 40, Elizabeth Jane, eldest dau. of Isaac Horlock, esq. of Blandford.

At Cowes, aged 48, Charity Elizabeth, dau. of the late William Saunders, M.D. Nov. 26. At Ryde, aged 64, Lucy, relict of David Perkins, esq. of Ryde.

Dec. 1. At Herriard House, aged 77, George Purefoy Jervoise, esq. of Herriard


Dec. 9. At Winckton, Juliana, wife of Capt. Penruddocke, late of Scotch Fusilier Guards. She was the 4th daughter of George Lowther, esq. of Kilbrice, co. Meath, and Tilshead, Wilts; was married in 1803, and had a numerous family.

Dec. 14. At Ventnor, Frances-Mary, wife of Charles Meredith, esq. Westbourne Vale House, Bayswater.

HERTS.-Nov. 20. At Gravely Hall, near Stevenage, aged 60, Miss Frances Titmuss.

Nov. 21. At the Rectory, Hertford, aged 27, Anne Louisa Catharine, dau. of J. B. Collings, esq. formerly of Malta, and wife of the Rev. H. F. Skrimshire, M.A. Rector of St. Andrew's, Hertford.

Nov. 27. At Totteridge, Sibylla, widow of the Rev. Abel Lendon, A.M.

Dec. 4. At the Priory, Ware, aged 70, Miss Maria Hadsley.

Dec. 6. At Bayford House, aged 88, Sophia, relict of William Baker, esq. of Bayfordbury.

KENT.-Nov. 9. Aged 63, Robt. Willis Hall, esq. of Ravensbourne Park, Lewisham, formerly of Mile End.

Nov. 11. In Lewisham, aged 51, Lewis Charles Miles, esq.

Nov. 12. At Tunbridge Wells, aged 42, Henry Lloyd, esq. of Hastings, and formerly of the East India House.

Mary, youngest dau. of the late William Finch, esq. of Tenterden, and neice of the late Sir John Pinhorn.

Nov. 22. At Chatham, aged 64, Comm. George Elrington, R.N.

Nov. 26. At Folkestone, aged 59, Maria, fourth dau. of the late Lieut.-Col. John Jones, of East Wickham House.

Dec. 2. At Stouting, aged 87, Benjamin Andrews, esq.

At Lewisham, aged 82, Richard Smith, esq. formerly Clerk of the Cheque of Greenwich Hospital.

At Broadstairs, Rob. C. Wood, esq. who was appointed one of the pages of the presence to her Majesty in 1840. He was first seen by the Queen when Princess, asleep on the sands at Ramsgate. The

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4- Samart, aged 3. Miss Humporn Court, apei ši), A: Educazzo, aged 73, Joha Det. 23. At Chepstow, apore `8 Azza-Maria, rebbet of S. Pope, Aarvis.—1atry. At the residence bas saw the Rev. Arthur LangWe Rector of Hempstead, aged 93, Robert v. —Nov. 2. At the par

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A Banwell, aged $7. John Sotac in greatura averer. He had MaLİ" servei are generations in the MY M. Emers, of the Grange, Farvel, baring heen in their employ some res. Ten years since he obmed de rest premam given by the Bestu ameitars. Society, for good conmart and athough he himself served aree petersbuds, he also Zved to witness arte generations of as own family in the sume empire at one time.

Dee 2 At Bath, aged 52, James Lami, esą, of Twickenham Common. Dee. 4. A: Bath, aged 73, Lady Watsen, rict of Sir Wn. Watson, Knt. Die. 3. Aged 96. John Palmer, esq. of Bath

Dec. 9. At Bath, Ana, relict of Samwei Harris, formerly of Stone Easton. STAFFORD.-Dec. 3. At Mrs. Dickinson's, Stafford, aged 39, Richard Ford, esq. soliciter, formerly of Shrewsbury, but lately of Great Ormond-st.

Dec. 13. At Sandon Hall, aged 16, Charlotte-Mary, second daughter of the Hon. Granville Dudley Ryder, granddaughter of the Earl of Harrowby, and niece to the Duke of Beaufort. She died

from injuries occasioned by her frock catching fire.

SUFFOLK.-Nov. 15. At Ipswich, aged 69, Mr. Postle Jackson, Printer and Proprietor of the "Ipswich Journal."

Nov. 23. At Ipswich, Miss S. Patteson, eldest dau. of the late Rev. H. Patteson, and sister of the Honble. Mr. Justice Patteson, of Feniton Court.

SURREY.-Nov. 12. At Elm Bank, Letherhead, aged 70, Charlotte, relict of William Stanley Clarke, esq.

Nov. 19. Aged 21, Eliza, eldest dau. of the late Edward Rayne, esq. of West Barns Park, Surrey.

Nov. 22. At Richmond, aged 39, Mr. George, a classical master, leaving a widow and six children unprovided for.

Nov. 25. At Richmond, aged 48, Frances, relict of David Howell, esq. of Ethy, Cornwall.

Nov. 26. At New Cross, William Holcombe, esq.

Nov. 28. Aged 57, Thomas Russell, esq. of New-lane, Croydon.

Nov. 29. Aged 76, Joseph Pomroy, esq. of Gainsford-st. Horsleydown, and of Bexley Heath, Kent.

Nov. 29. At Luddington House, aged 84, Mrs. Maitland, widow of David Maitland, esq. of Barcaple, Kirkcudbrightshire. Dec. 9. At Croydon, aged 83, Mrs. Jane Capon, late of Great Yarmouth.

SUSSEX-Nov. 13. Cordelia, relict of the Rev. Charles John Paterson, Vicar of West Hoathly, and third dau. of the late Edward Cranston, esq. of East Court.

Nov. 14. At Brighton, aged 70, Mrs. Harmer, widow of Richard Harmer, esq. of York Terrace, Regent's Park.

Nov. 15. At Brighton, Susan-Rawson, wife of James Ashwell, esq. of Tunbridge Wells.

Nov. 16. At Storrington, aged 45, Capt. C. Dennett, of the H.E.I.C's M.S. Nov. 22. At Brighton, aged 59, Thomas Rickard, esq.

Nov. 28. At St. Leonard's on the Sea, Charlotte, wife of Robert Grant, esq. of Monymusk, Aberdeenshire, and youngest dau. of the late William Walter Yea, esq. of Pyrland Hall, Somerset.

Nov. 29. At Angmering, Maria Adriana, wife of the Rev. Henry Reeks, Rector of that parish.

Dec. 1. At Hastings, aged 74, Mary, widow of Henry Crowhurst Roods, esq. of Westham, Sussex.

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Dec. 10. At Brighton, aged 21, Frances Ellen, youngest surviving daughter of Richard Paterson, esq., of Blackheath, and Tilney-st.

WARWICK.-Nov. 16. Eleanor, wife of William Spurrier, esq., of Heath-green House, near Birmingham.

Nov. 21. At Frankton, Frances Horatia, second dau. of the late Rev. Charles Powlett, Rector of High Roding, Essex.

Nov. 25. At Camden, near Birmingham, aged 29, the wife of Thomas James, Esq., solicitor, of Birmingham, and dau. of Mr. Pinsent, of Newton Abbott, Devon. Nov. 26. At Arden House, Henley-inArden, Miss Homer, aged 53.

Nov. 29. At Edgbaston, aged 71, Samuel Martin, esq.

Nov. At Leamington, aged 75, William Prichard, esq., late Member of the Madras Medical Board.

Dec. 5. At Whitley Abbey, aged 93, the Right Hon. Jane dowager Viscountess Hood, great-grandmother of the present Viscount. Her ladyship was the only daughter and heiress of Francis Wheeler, esq. of Whitley Court, and was married, in 1777, to Henry second Viscount Hood, who died in 1836. Her ladyship had eight children, of whom the only survivors are the Hon. Selina, wife of Adm. Sir Francis Mason, K.C.B. and the Rt. Hon. Lord Bridport.

WILTS.-Nov. 25. At Clyffe Hall, aged 40, the Hon. Samuel Hay, Equerry to her Majesty the Queen Dowager; brother of the late Earl of Errol. He married, in 1832, Louisa, only child of the Hon. Capt. Duncombe Bouverie, and leaves no issue.

WORCESTER.-Nov. 20. At Great Malvern, aged 70, Elizabeth, widow of Capt. John Chambers, of the 10th Hussars.

Lately. At Henwick-house, near Worcester, Emma, wife of the Rev. A. Phillips, D.D.

At an advanced age, Edward Cresswell, esq. of the Priory House, Dudley.

YORK.-Nov. 15. At Lartington Hall, aged 69, Elizabeth, relict of Henry Witham, esq. She was the daughter of Thomas Witham, esq., of Headlam, co. Durham, by Mary, daughter of James Thornton, esq. of Nether Whitton, Northumberland; was married to Henry Silvertop, esq. who on the death of her uncle, William Witham, esq. in 1802 assumed that name; and died in 1844, having had issue the present Henry Witham, esq. of Lartington, and many other children.

Nov. 18. Aged 9, Claude-Alexander, second son of Joshua S. Crompton, esq., Sion Hill, near Thirsk.

Nov. 18. Aged 75, John Milligan, esq. of Bradford.

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Sgt. 24. Of fever, at Neemuch, in the Semen Presidency, Julius A. Mackeson, Lein Bd Reg. Native Inf. youngest son of the late W. Muckeson, esq. of Hythe.

Cer 11. Suddenly, at Barrackpore, Le Sumpei T. A. Goad, 20th Bengal Now he His brother officers, as a tribum of their regard, have erected a tomb

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£3.R.?ad.—Arg. 24. Off the Cape of Shot Erge on board the Maryanne InCIRMER for Madras, Henry-Clare Cardew, Liem. of H. M. 94th Infantry, son of the Rev. J. H. Cardew, Rector of Cray Madet, Somersetshire.

Sent 5
John Robert Pringle, esq. of the Civil
On the passage from India,
Service. Madras, aged 30, youngest son
of Sir John Pringle. Bart. of Strihill, Rox-
He was appointed a writer

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S. 15. At St. Helena, Dr. Henry Sounman, eidest son of Saul Solomon, esq. Sept. 2. At Sierra Leone, Isabelle, siswet 3. W. Nico esq. of the Civil Serv. Dec. 24. At Sierra Leone, aged 23, mox Lenza es of her Majesty's Crasse Court.

2 4: Mistles, William Es-
zna be, est, of the East India Company's
Cry Service. Babay. He was appointed
A Madeira, aged 55, Joseph
es of Boccia, near Liverpool.
At Copenhagen, aged 40,
pech. Contess Danneskiold
ase, in of the Marquess of Ailes-
She was named in 1833.


8. In Mecklenburg, at Quassell,
the set of her son-in-law, Mr. Von
Poker, Mx Canning, widow of Henry
Camt.ing esp. Chargé d'Affaires and Con-
su. Setters at Hamburg.

Treer Canuca Mackay-Hugh-Baillie,
At Lynally, near Toronto,
second sent of the late Lieut.-Col. D. Ca-
mere CB Highlanders.

At the Hotel Bristol, at Paris, aged 68,
John Brenchley, esq. of Wanlass How,
Westmoresand, and formerly of Maid-
stone, of which he was a native. His
body was brought to that town and depo-
sted in the parish church of Maidstone.
Nr. 16.
Cole, only son of the late Henry William
At Brunswick, Capt. H. L.
Cole, esq. formerly of Brunswick.

Nov. 17. At Paris, Souleyman, who was interpreter to Napoleon when in Egypt.

Nov. 20. At Frankfort, aged 70, his Royal Highness William II. Elector of Hesse. He succeeded to the electorate on the 27th February, 1821. He is succeeded by his son Prince Frederick William, born in 1802, and who, since 1831, shared the reigns of government with his father. The Elector was one of the richest sovereigns of Europe, and leaves, it is

said, a fortune of upwards of 100,000,000f. He has appointed the Emperor of Austria his principal executor.

Nov. 22. At Brussels, aged 39, Richard son of Robert Haymes, esq. of Great Glenn, Leicestershire.

At Bruges, Elizabeth, wife of the Rev. Robert Cox Clifton, formerly Rector of St. Nicholas, Worcester.

Nov. 28. At Berne, Switzerland, aged 45, Lincoln, eldest son of the late N, P. Phené, esq. of Melksham.

(From the Returns issued by the Registrar General.)

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*The following Superintendent Registrars' districts are included in the returns: viz. Kensington; Chelsea; St. George, Hanover-square; Westminster; St. Martin-inthe-Fields; St. James; St. Marylebone; St. Pancras; Islington; Hackney; part of Edmonton, viz. Hampstead sub-dist.; St. Giles and St. George; Strand; Holborn ; Clerkenwell; St. Luke; East London; West London; City of London; Shoreditch; Bethnal Green; Whitechapel; St. George-in-the-East; Stepney; Poplar; St. Saviour; St. Olave; Bermondsey; St. George, Southwark; Newington; Lambeth ; Wandsworth and Clapham; Camberwell; Rotherhithe; Greenwich; Lewisham.

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Sussex Pockets, 21. 48. to 31. 38.-Kent Pockets, 21. 68. to 57. 28.

PRICE OF HAY AND STRAW AT SMITHFIELD, DEC. 24. Hay, 27. 108. to 37. 128.—Straw, 17. 58. to 17. 10s.-Clover, 31. 10s. to 47. 128. SMITHFIELD, DEC. 24. To sink the Offal-perstone of 8lbs. Beef.................. .38. 4d. to 4s. 8d. Head of Cattle at Market, DEC. 20. Mutton................................. Beasts 2861 Calves 159 Sheepand Lambs 17,650 Pigs 330


..3s. 2d. to 4s. .........3s. 8d. to 4s.



..........38. 8d. to 5s. 2d.


Walls Ends, from 20s. 9d. to 23s. 6d. per ton. Other sorts from 18s. 6d. to 21s. Od. TALLOW, per cwt.-Town Tallow, 49s. 6d.

Yellow Russia, 48s. Od.

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