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No. 1.

The Plumb Plan for the Control of | No. 13.
the Railroads. By Samuel 0. Dunn,

Proof of Suicide in Action on In-
surance Policy. By M. L. Hayward,


The Amendatory Power Under the
No. 2. Quantitiveness in Law. By Henry

Constitution, particularly With Ref-

C. Clark, 21.

erence to Amendment 18. By Fred B.

Liability for Obstructing the Nat-

Hart, 229.

ural Flow of Surface Waters. By | No. 14. Suits Against Railroads Under Fed.

Donald Mackay, 24.

eral Control. By Edgar Watkins,

No. 3. Is Congress Obstructing Reform in

Judicial Procedure? By A. H. Rob.

The Evolution of Property Rights.

bins, 40.

By George Wark, 248.

Change of Rates of Public Utility | No. 15. What is a Common Law Marriage?
Which Have Been Fixed by Franchise

By C. J. Ramage, 263.

Ordinance. By N. C. Collier, 42.

Two Words in the 18th Awend-

ment Which Must be Defined -"Con.

No. 4. Odd Wills and Peculiar Testators.

current” and “Intoxicating.” 264.

By Fred H. Peterson, 59.

No. 16. Which Definition of "Concurrent

No. 5. Railroad Legislation as Developed

Power" Will the Supreme Court

Up to Date. By R. S. Lovett, 75.

Choose? By Wayne B. Wheeler, 283.

The Ejusdem Generis Principle of

No. 6. Right of State to Regulate Distri.

Interpretation. By Donald Mackay,
bution of Water Rights. By 0. L.


Waller, 103.

No. 17. The Record of the “Rainbow Divi.

No. 7. The Next Step in the National Con-

sion" in the War as Told by a Lawyer.

trol of Corporations. By James H.

By Noble B. Judah, 298.

Wilkerson, 113.

No. 18. The Welter of Reports and Court

Opinions. By W. W. Thornton, 316.

No. 8. The Distinction Between Collateral

No. 19. The Law's Delays and Proposed

and Direct Attack Upon a Judgment.

Remedies. By W. M. Cain, 333.

By James E. Hogue, 133.

Judge-Made Law. By Donald

No. 20. Preferential Rights of Sharehold.

ers. By Donald Mackay, 353.

Mackay, 139.

Judicial Discretion. By H. P.

No. 9. The Constitutionality of the Consti-

Burke, 355.

tution is Not a Justiciable Question.

No. 21. Applicability of the Interstate Com-

By Wayne B. Wheeler, 152.

merce Act to Telegraph Companies.

Has the Legislature Power to Re-

By W. M. Williams, 370.

strict the Sale of the State's Natural

22. Legislative Definition of Constitu.

Products Into Other States? By Fred

tional Terms.--"Intoxicating Liquors.”

O. Blue, 154.

By W. W. Thornton, 389.

No. 10. Non-Par Stock. By James A. Allen, No. 23. Facts and Fiction About the Con.


stitution. By Noel Sargent, 407.

No 11. Proximate Cause and Legal Liabil. | No. 24. The Early Administration of Equity

ity. By Albert Levitt, 188.

in This Country. By Harrington Put.

nam, 423.

Is a Covenant Against Assignment | No. 25. What is a Highway--A Discussion
of Lease Without Landlord's Consent

of English Decisions. By Donald

Extinguished by Consent Once Given?

Mackay, 442.

By George Urquhart, 213.

Sufficiency of Service of Notice to
Unpublished Law. By George Pal-

Vacate by Landlord. By C. P. Berry

mer Garrett, 213.


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This list includes only those cases commented upon editorially or in our Notes of Important
Decisions, or in full annotated. The abbreviation Ed., indicates editorially-R. D., cases com.
mented upon in our Notes of Important Decisions, and ann. case, annotated case.

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Evans v. National Bank of Georgia (U. S. S.

C.), National Bank May Discount Notes at
Larger Rate of Interest Than May State
Banks, R. D. 112.

Boyd v. Crowe Coal & Mining Co. (Kan.),

Awards in Workmen's Compensation Cases

of Sums Payable in Monthly Installments,

R. D. 39.

Bristow Cotton Oil Co. (Okla.), Does Loss of

Hand Result from Loss of Fingers Under

Workmen's Compensation Law, R. D. 387.

Canadian Northern Ry. Co. v. Eggen (U. S.

S. C.), Are Non-Residents Entitled to Ex-
actly the Same Access to Courts as Are

Residents, R. D. 441.
Chicago, R. L. & Pac. Ry. Co. v. Cole (U. S. S.

C.), Making the Jury Judge of the Law and
the Fact in Respect to the Defense of Con-
tributory Negligence is Constitutional, Ed.

Fisher v. McNeely (Wash.), Suits Against Ex-

ecutors for Their Negligence in Handling

Decedent's Property, R. D. 387.
Fleming v. Fleming (Iowa), The Right to En-

force Agreements Testamentary in Char.

acter, R. D. 280.
Folmar Mercantile Co. v. Town of Luverne

(Ala.), Right of Private Individual to
Abate a Public Nuisance. Ed. 111.

Foulke v. New York Consolidated Railway Co. | King v. City of Owensboro (Ky.), Criminal
(N, Y.), Is a Street Car Passenger Guilty

Law-Coercion of Husband, ann. case, 287.
of Larceny for Refusing to Give Up to the
Railroad Company a Package Found on the

| Kornegay v. Price (N. C.), Right of Husband
Car, R. D. 332.

to Acquire Property by Adverse Possession

as Against His Wife, R. D. 57.
Granger v. Luther (S. D.), Constitutionality of

Kuhn v. Ohio Loan & Trust Co. (Ohio), Mort-
Moratorium Laws, R. D. 405.

gages-Future Advances, ann. case, 411.

Griffin v. Hustis (Mass.), Negligence-Imput Leland v. Order of United Commercial Travelers

ability, ann. case, 160.

(Mass.), Accident Accelerating Death Not

Sole Proximate Cause Thereof, R. D. 133.

Hamilton v. Kentucky Distilleries & Warehouse

Co. (U. S. S. C.), Constitutionality of War | Lemmon v. McElroy (S. C.), Does the Term

Time Prohibition, R. D. 2.

"Family" in a Will Include a Wife, R. D.


Hammerschlag Mfg. Co. v. Importers and Trad-

ers National Bank (U. S. C. C. A.). Liabil- | Los Angeles Inv. Co. v. Gary et ux. (Cal.). Deeds
ity of Bank for Failing to Detect Forgeries

-Condition Subsequent, ann. case, 232.
When Depositor Does Not Verify Bank

Louisville & Nashville Ry Co. v. Harper (Ala.),

Statement, Ed. 313.

Carriers of Passengers-Ejection, ann. case,


Hancock v. Davis, et al. (N. C.), Husband and

Wife--Adverse Possession, ann. case, 342. | Louisville & Nashville Ry, Co. v. Tally (Ala.),
Henderson et al. v. Fielder (Ky.), Statute of

Is the Judgment of a Federal Court a Do-
Limitations--Disability of Infancy, ann.

mestic Judgment, R. D. 152.

case, 12.

Maguire v. Trefry (U. S. S. C.), Constitutionality

Hoefeld v. Ozello (Ill.), Is a Lease to Saloon

of Tax on Incomes from Securities Held in
Keeper Void Which Provides for Termina-

Trust Outside the State, Ed. 439.
tion if Sunday Laws are Enforced, R. D.

Mauney v. Millar (Ark.), Libel and Slander-

Privilege, ann. case, 447.
Holland v. Tjosevig (Wash.), Bills and Notes |

Maxwell v. Springfield Fire Ins. Co. (Ind.), Mak-

-Statute of Limitations, ann. case, 215.

ing a Contract for Insurance Companies in

Howell v. Howell et al. (Tenn.), Fraudulent

the Interest of the Insured, R. D. 225.

Conveyances—Bulk Sales Act, ann, case, 27.

| McAleenan V. Massachusetts Bonding Company
Ingersoll & Bro, v. Hahne & Co. (N. J.), Pro-

(N. Y.), Insurance-Failure to Take Appeal,
tecting Trade Name and Good Will in Pre-

ann. case, 306.

vention of Price Cutting in Resales, R. D. McCarton v. Belfast Harbour Commissioners


(English), The ('se of Precedent and the

Need for Codification, Ed. 386.
Ingersoll & Bro. v. Hahne & Co. (N. J.), Re-
strictions Upon Resale of an Article to

Mogle v. A. W. Scott et al. (Minn.), Master and

Prevent Price Cutting, R. D. 282.

Servant-Limiting Agency, ann. case, 103.

In re Dressler Producing Corporation (U. S. C.

Mueller v. Klingman (Ind.), Assault and In-

C. A.), Is an Order of a Court of Bank-

jury Inflicted by Fellow Workman in a

ruptcy, Denying a Motion to Dismiss a Pe-

Quarrel Within Workmen's Compensation

tition Reviewable by an Appeal or a Peti-

Act, R. D. 151.

tion to Revise, R. D. 296.

Muller v. Weiss (N. J.), Specific Performance

In re Grilli (N. Y.), Are Women by Reason of

Where There Has Been Material Misrepre-
- Being Voters Entitled to Sit on the Jury,

sentation, R. D. 352.

Ed. 205.

National Surety Co. v. City of Atlanta (Ga.),

Jackson v. City of Columbia et al. (Kan.), Re-

Contracts--Mutuality, ann. case, 323.

plevin-Contraband Property, ann. case,


New York Life Ins. Co. v. Dunn et al. (Cal.),

Benefit Society-Change of Beneficiary, ann.

Johnston v Metropolitan Life Ins. Co. (W.

case, 431.

Va.), Right of Administrator to Recover

Insurance for Death of Decedent Where Nolfe v. Byrne (Tenn.), Right of Heirs to Land

Death was Procured by One Who is the Devised for Particular Charitable Purposes,

Decedent's Sole Distributee, R. D. 58.

Not Carried out by Trustee, R. D. 315.

Josevig-Kennecott Copper Co. v. Howarth Co. Ohio & Colorado Smelting Co, v. Public Utili-

(U. S. C. C. A.), Is Losing Party in a Case ties Commission (Col.), Right of Public

Estopped by Compliance With Judgment, Service Commissions to Set Aside Existing

R. D. 226.

Contract Rates for Service, Ed. 331.

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